The Office – Episode 6-06 Review

“Look at the facts: He seems like a mobster.”

On this weeks episode “Mafia,” Michael is convinced that an insurance salesman is part of the mob. Meanwhile, Kevin has stolen Jim’s office while he’s away on his honeymoon.

The office obsesses over Mr. Grotti (Mike Starr) possibly threatening Michael into buying insurance as Oscar does his best to maintain the “coalition of reason” while Pam and Jim are gone.

“Why would you buy an insurance policy?”
“It’s just the cost of a cup of coffee an hour.”

Dwight and Andy convince Michael to meet Grotti in a public place to decline his insurance offer. Despite Andy and Dwight’s pleas, Michael is intimidated into purchasing a policy on himself from Grotti.

While in Jim’s office, Kevin receives a call from Capital One about unusual charges made to recently Jim’s credit card. Kevin hastily uses documents on Jim’s desk to confirm his identity, causing a hold to be placed on Jim’s card since he apparently is not in Puerto Rico–where he and Pam are currently honeymooning.

Michael calls Jim to ask him for a way out of his insurance purchase, but Jim, annoyed after Oscar had called him for help earlier as well, pretends his phone is breaking up to get out of the conversation. Dwight and Andy decide to help Michael by convincing him Grotti is not part of the mafia, which boosts Michael into being confident in calling and aggressively canceling the policy.

“If there is one thing I hate more than the mafia it is a liar. I wish the mafia would go out and kill all the liars.”

Even after Dwight and Andy confess that they only lied about being certain that Grotti was not a mobster, Michael maintains his confidence, tough talking Erin into getting him a large coffee from a corner store (“Any larger…and I send it back”).

When Kevin calls Pam about the credit card situation, she hangs up on him before he can explain what’s happened, leaving him at ease with what he’s done.


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