A Modest Blog on Kaz and Suicide

17. Is Suicide more over than Kaz would be if given the exact same level of push?

“Its really hard to say if Suicide is more over than Kaz because they are in the damn Impact Zone all the time and you really can’t base anything off of that one crowd. Kaz was over at the house show I went to last Summer, but from what I hear Suicide is really over on the house show tours as well, so who knows?

Personally, I felt that Kaz was a fantastic wrestler but lacking in the charisma department. Suicide allows for him to do his thing in the ring while also covering up his weaknesses.” – G

Okay, so Kaz might or might not be over with the Suicide gimmick, as it’s hard to tell due to the Impact Zone. Kaz, without a totally consistent push was, however, over before he replaced Daniels as Suicide. Kaz lacked charisma, as G states, but the suggestion that Suicide is covering this is false. The full body suit hurts the conveyance of emotion, though the gimmick itself is meant to lead you to an emotional response.

“Suicide has run his course so I wouldn’t say he’s that over currently. The crowd really cooled to the character once Daniels moved out of the role, and they seem to side with his opponent any time he’s in there with anyone with any sort of charisma. The Suicide gimmick in many ways has hurt Kaz’s ability to connect to the crowd, and minimized the type of angles and feuds he could do. The only benefits have been that it has kept him from cutting many promos which was his biggest weakness as Kaz, gave him some sort of character (albeit a lame one), and TNA gave him a strong push in the X Division to try and fill a niche with little results. I think if he continued as Kaz, he would have suffered a fate similar to Daniels, the Machine Guns, Lethal, Homicide, and many others who have floundered for most of this year. All those guys are more charismatic, better talkers, better workers, better at connecting with the crowd, and/or more marketable than Kaz so he may have faired worse than some of those guys.” – Calvin

G and Calvin have quite different outlooks on the Suicide character being over, but that appears to be due to G looking at Suicide when he was fresh, while Calvin is commenting on the current outlook for the character. Since his overness is waning, there are two real options on what do to with Kaz.

First, in a vacuum, if you were told a wrestler was named Suicide, you’d assume he was a heel. With The Pope, Suicide’s frequent opponent, as a heel street preacher, Suicide could be “saved”, go heel and side with Pope. The problems with this are that is sets the very talented Kazarian as a lackey and that they’d be used as a tag team in the already crowded tag division. The plusses are that Kaz would get some of The Pope’s heat and they would be natural foils for the fun-loving Motor City Machine Guns, who would then be allowed to actually wrestle in what would certainly have the potential to be great matches.

The other option for Kaz is to drop the mask and become a regular X-Division wrestler. The danger here is that he, like Daniels, Lethal, Homicide, The Machine Guns and others, as Calvin mentions, would become lost in the shuffle. This is a problem with the X-Division, however, not Kaz. With no one allowed to really go out and put on great matches and have long programs with opponents, there is nothing but some flips to differentiate them with the rest of the card. When they become just some more wrestlers in their own division, the division and its wrestlers become pointless and are left with nothing to do. Hopefully, through longer, better matches, Kaz and the others will be able to get over again and something special and different that isn’t offered elsewhere in the North American wrestling scene.

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