Shane McMahon Leaving WWE: IWC Round-up

A round-up of what some top wrestling sites are saying about Shane McMahon’s resignation from WWE…

– Bryan Alvarez, F4W/ Nothing new to report on Shane McMahon. He’s not talking. Everyone in WWE was taken completely off guard and people who worked with him were said to be “shocked and devastated”. got the word out as quickly as possible this morning because they didn’t want the news to break on wrestling websites first. There are a lot of people in WWE nervous about what this means for the future.

Jim Ross: This comes as a major surprise to many including me. Shane is a proud, 4th generation wrestling person who has worked with WWE essentially his entire live starting on the ring crew. Shane has always been one of the shining stars within the WWE organization and it will be interesting to see what his next business endeavors entail. We’ll keep eveyone (sic) informed as information becomes available. However, we wish Shane and his family the best in what ever he chooses to do as I have always had a great repore (sic) with him and Shahe (sic) has earned the respect of all who have worked with him. Again, this is a major surprise from within the WWE orgnization. (sic)

– Mike Johnson, To say those working for World Wrestling Entertainment were shocked this morning when the announcement came that Shane McMahon was leaving the company at the beginning of the year would be a huge understatement. There was no notice to anyone, not even those working directly under McMahon, that this was brewing.

– Jason Powell, I’ve yet to hear from anyone who knows the story on why Shane has decided to leave the company. Vince has been tough on Shane over the years and it’s possible that played a part in his decision to walk away. It’s also possible that he simply wants to pursue other interests. Shane is obviously set for life financially and he’s never done anything outside the company. A new challenge might excite him.

Some are speculating that Shane will go on to help with his mother Linda’s senatorial bid, but no one really knows.’s Wade Keller thinks that one reason for the departure might be Shane wanting to get out from under his father’s shadow, or just not being interested in the wrestling business any more for now.

Also of note, the story was picked up by The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, Broadcasting & Cable and

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