Survivor: Samoa – Episode 19-5 Review

I’ve realized something. Galu camp is a stereotypical high school.

There’s no denying it.

There’s the pretty girls that sit around gossiping (Kelly, Monica & Laura). There’s the jocks sit that there and don’t say much of anything useful (Brett & John). There’s the all-out conniving jerks that will do anything to get ahead (Erik). There’s the “Brains” that you can’t help but root for (Dave). There’s the popular leader that everyone follows even if he’s doing something dumb (Russell S.). And then there’s the outcast that no one likes (Shambo). High school never ends does it?

After Yasmin was voted  off last episode, Shambo was left as the outcast of Galu. After being the only one to vote out Monica instead of Yasmin, it singled her out as the person who doesn’t really fit in. And it’s true, she doesn’t. But if Galu has to go to tribal council anytime soon, Shambo won’t make it much farther. If she can get to the merge, she’s pretty much golden.

As for conditions in the game, it looks harsh. Erik said he’s never seen anything as angry and fickle as the ocean, making it almost impossible to go out swimming or fishing. That’s devastating when the ocean is one of your biggest food sources. Then the 2 day straight rain storm made things even more difficult.

The reward challenge was the reciprocated “Gross Food” challenge. How the locals in Samoa eat all this food on a regular basis baffles me, but I guess they’re not forced to mix their giant clam, seaweed and sea slug guts with milk and water and then chug it as fast as you can. It probably makes it just a tad more utterly disgusting.

The most interesting thing of the challenge actually happened after it had finished. Ashley was the only one who couldn’t stomach the Samoan Smoothies, giving Galu yet another win. But when Russell S. had to decide who to send over to spy at Foa Foa’s camp (thus missing out on the reward of steak that they had just won), he chose Shambo. Big surprise, right? It was kind of disappointing because not only did Shambo completely destroy Jaison at chugging the  smoothies, there were three people from Galu (Kelly, Laura and John) that didn’t even have to drink a smoothie. Shouldn’t someone who didn’t participate in the challenge be the one who misses out on the reward? It makes me dislike Russell S. even more.

Russell S. used the excuse that “because she lost one of our chickens, she needed to suffer the consequences.” Come on now, that’s just a convenient excuse to cover your own butt. Russell S. is probably my least favorite person right now

So as the biggest shocker of the night, Foa Foa lost the immunity challenge as well as the reward. Back to tribal council they go. Ashley seems to be the obvious choice, but after Shambo shared the immunity idol clues with the entire Foa Foa tribe and Liz started to suspect that Russell had the idol, he got scared. And hey, I would too. If someone was getting suspicious of me and thought I had the idol, I would want them gone as fast as possible.

But somehow, everything changed. Liz’s strong performance in the immunity challenge (even though they lost) could have had something to do with it. But at the end of tribal council, Ashley was unanimously voted out of the game and became the fifth person voted out of Samoa. Even Natalie, her best friend in the game, voted her out. I’m still shocked Natalie voted against her. Maybe in the next episode we’ll find out why, but I’m guessing she was pressured by Russell.

In the scenes for next episode, it shows that there will be a medical emergency. In an interview with Probst, he said that for the first time on Survivor he was actually worried about losing a contestant forever. That’s pretty intense. Now I’m sure no one actually died, but whoever the person is is most likely medically evacuated. What that will mean for the game itself is still unclear. So I guess we’ll find out next week!

To everyone who reads the blogs, comment with your favorite and least favorite castaways at this point and why! I’m interested in seeing if anyone else likes and dislikes the same people I do.


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