Pulse Wrestling’s PPV Report: TNA Bound for Glory 2009

Pulse Wrestling’s PPV Report: TNA Bound for Glory 2009
Live from Irvine, California
Report done EXCLUSIVELY for Pulse Wrestling by Paul Marshall

We’re LIVE from Irvine, California! We have our pre-show match NOW!

The Motor City Machine Guns v. Lethal Consequences
Winning team participates in Ultimate X TONIGHT!

Pope D’Angelo Dinero won’t be at the show tonight due to a family emergency, so this match determines who gets in. Amateur wrestling to start then Lethal gets tagged in. Stalemate with him and Sabin in the opening minutes. Double team by the Guns and Shelley gets the legal tag. Lethal tags in Creed and Shelley almost gets pinned for two. Back and forth action and Creed takes control with a slam and the leg drop for two. Tag to Lethal and he comes off the top with a sledge. The Guns attempt a double team, but Creed cuts them off. Tag to Sabin and he cleans house. Knee lift to Lethal, but Creed comes in and he is legal.  Sabin pin attempt is for two. Shelley comes out of nowhere with a crossbody. Sabin in…SPRINGBOARD TORNADO DDT HITS ON LETHAL! Creed gets caught and Crossbody block from Shelley into a neckbreaker and that scores the pin!

Winners: The Motor City Machine Guns
Grade: C

We recap the rest of the feuds for Bound for Glory.

Dixie Carter is on the pre-show and she is pumped for the show.

The full card is shown as we end the pre-show. Full coverage of the PPV is upcoming!


We go through an awesome video montage leading us to what will go down tonight. TNA Bound For Glory…it’s LIVE and I have your coverage right here on Pulse Wrestling!

Zakk Wylde is here to perform the National Anthem.

TNA X Division Championship: Ultimate X
Participants: Chris Sabin, Alex Shelley, Suicide, Homicide, Daniels, & Amazing Red (w/Don West)

Balls to the wall to start, bear with me as this will be insane. We got pair offs with Suicide and Shelley, Homicide and Sabin, & Red and Daniels. Headscissors from Red to Daniels and he rolls out of the ring. Homicide dives through the ropes and he takes Daniels out. The crowd is eating this up. Red gets rolled by Suicide, who hits a plancha on Daniels. Sabin flies through the middle taking everyone out. Daniels is first up, but Red cuts him off. On the turnbuckle, RED TAKES DANIELS TO THE FLOOR WITH A HURRANCURANA! Spotfest almighty! Red is on the turnbuckle and Sabin catches him. Dropkick by Shelley and they double team Daniels. Homicide is on the wires and he is close to the belt! SUICIDE LEAPS ONTO HOMICIDE! Homicide lets loose and that is a hard landing! Shelley hits a double foot stomp on Daniel’s back and Homicide takes another bump. Daniels takes care of the Guns, but Shelley has Daniels in an Electric Chair…HIGH ANGLE MISSILE DROPKICK! Red goes up, but the Guns stop him cold. Stereo chops on Red and Red uses the Guns against each other. Suicide comes out of nowhere, but Homicide is there and Suicide cuts him off from the past. Pumphandle Slam on Suicide and Homicide hits a neckbreaker on Red. He goes up top and to the wires. Daniels cuts him off and he hits a DVD! He charges and Red cuts him off and he hits a spike headscissor DDT! To the wires Red goes and Suicide is causing a timely distraction. Red gets on the wires…SPRINGBOARD DROPKICK BY SUICIDE! Daniels takes Suicide down and he goes to the top. He is on the wire and so is Sabin! They kick each other and both fall down. ENZUGIRI BY SABIN! Springboard DDT on Daniels, but Suicide is here with the Suicide Solution, but Shelley cuts Suicide off. Gringo Killa by Homicide is countered and Red comes off the ropes dropping Daniels on his head. Bodies are everywhere. Red gets up again, but Suicide is close behind. OH GOD TOWER OF F*CKING DOOM! SUICIDE, RED, AND SABIN! Daniels gets caught by Suicide on the landing. Shelley gets caught by Homicide with a back suplex. Red spinkicks Homecide. Twisting moonsault connects as well as a standing SSP! Suicide has Sabin up top…TWISTING CORKSCREW SIDE SLAM! Daniels hits the BME and Sabin has to be dead. Daniels and Suicide are opposite the X and THEY GO TO THE TOP OF THE STRUCTURE! ELEVATION X BITCHES! Red joins the fray, but Daniels and Suicide meet at the middle of the structure. Suplex attempt by both men fail, thankfully. Slapfest by the two and Daniels drops down to the title belt…but Suicide is close behind. Slapfext continues and OH MY F*CKING GOD! DANIELS HAS A F*CKING BROKEN NECK OR SOMETHING! Red drops down to the belt and Shelley tries to fight him off to no avail! Red retains!

Winner: Amazing Red
Grade: A (Sure it was a spotfest, but it was a damned good one

I’ll get heat for giving this an A, but I occasionally enjoy a spotfest and the live crowd ate this up. It was balls to the wall and there was no restholds.

Lauren is with the Beautiful People. They play around with Lauren. They mock Taylor Wilde and Sarita a bit before saying that they’ll take home what is theirs. They’re hot, we get that.

While they dismantle the structure, JB is with the Knockouts Tag Champions. Wilde says that they’re ready at anytime. Sarita goes Spanish on us all. That wasn’t equal time.

We run down the card some more while they continue to dismantle the Ultimate X structure.

TNA Knockouts Tag Team Championships: The Beautiful People (w/Lacey Von Erich) v. Taylor Wilde & Sarita

The referee tries to throw Lacey Von Erich out, but she plays the slut part by making out with the referee. He grabs a chair and sits Erich down and this brings out Earl Hebner to eject Von Erich. She makes out with him as well, but he kicks her out anyways. Wilde takes advantage of the commotion and she tags in Sarita. Sky misses a dropkick, but Rayne comes in and she takes Sarita down. Mount me position gets a two count. Double team face drop by the Beautiful People only gets two. Sky sends Sarita in the corner. Sarita comes back with a chest-breaker and both knockouts are down. Dual tags and Wilde takes it to Rayne. Cover gets two. Sky gets in and she eats a missile dropkick by Sarita. Dropkick into a rollup gets the pin.

Winners: Taylor Wilde & Sarita
Grade: F (Very disjointed…best part of the match was Lacey Von Erich acting like a slut)

Lauren is with EY and Kevin Nash and she makes the point that it’s Eric Young v. Kevin Nash v. Hernandez. EY says that this is a summit and Kevin Nash is taking the bribe, saying that he’ll leave with the title and $60K. EY will leave unscathed.

TNA Legend’s Championship: Hernandez v. Eric Young v. Kevin Nash

Hernandez tries to eliminate the two-on-one and he hits a shoulderblock that takes EY off the top! Nash saves Young and he takes it to Hernandez on the outside. EY comes back and the two-on-one begins. In the ring, Hernandez has EY in the corner. Thrusts in the corner and Hernadez hits a one-armed backbreaker. Two count broken up by Nash. Nash prods along and he gangbangs Hernandez in the corner. EY takes him some as well before Big Sexy attempts a picture perfect foot choke. Elbow strikes by Nash in the corner. Hernandez tries to suplex EY, but Nash stops it and EY suplexes Hernandez instead. Nash extends the leg and he and EY double choke Hernandez in the corner. Hernandez fights back, but he runs into a double clothesline. EY tries to steal it, but Nash breaks it up and Nash shoots him a dirty look. Hernandez gets crushed in the corner as the Young-Nash summit seems to be working. Hernandez up top…Missile Dropkick to Nash! He rushes to EY, but he gets elevated out of the ring and on the apron. Hernandez gets back in and he beats up both men. Back bodydrop to EY, but Nash is there to turn the momentum. Off the ropes, SUPERMEX LEVELS BOTH NASH AND EY! EY off the top, but Hernandez catches him and he hits a sit-out powerbomb for the two, broken up by Nash. To the ropes, Hernandez LEAPS OVER THE TOP AND HE TAKES OUT EY ON THE OUTSIDE! Hernandez is busted open at the mouth and Nash is fighting a broken hand, according to Tenay. EY is on the top and he drops an elbow on Hernandez and he has Nash go for the Jacknife. EY thrusts Hernandez into Nash’s jewels and the screwjob is as I predicted.

Winner and NEW TNA Legend’s Champion: Eric Young
Grade: C (I called EY screwing Nash to win the title.)

Backstage, The British Invasion tries to make reason with the Main Event Mafia and Beer Money to collectively take 3-D out. They walk off.

Full Metal Mayhem: TNA World & IWGP Tag Team Championships
Booker T & Scott Steiner v. Brutus Magnus & Doug Williams v. Robert Roode & James Storm v. Brother Ray & Brother Devon

Balls to the wall from the get go and the game plan is in check as 3D is being raped by the other three teams. Steiner takes Devon out of the ring and he rams a ladder to his shoulder with help of Magnus. Ray and Booker go at it while the British has the ladders to take the titles. Beer Money takes exception and the agreement is dead and done. Devon gets taken down by Steiner off the ramp and onto the guardrail. Low blow by Beer Money on the British. Beer Money has Williams in a two-on-one and a Catapult DDT finishes Williams for the moment. Spinebuster by Booker to Storm and he grabs a ladder. He climbs, but Roode cuts him off. Scissors Kick by Booker takes Roode down and Steiner has Devon choked out with a wire. DWI by Beer Money takes down Booker T. Steiner sees this and he comes in to clean house. Belly to Belly for everyone and Steiner hasn’t broken down. FRANKENF*CKINGSTEINER BY SCOTT STEINER ON WILLIAMS! The crowd eats that up. Booker T is hurt on the outside and he hits a top rope T-Bone suplex on Magnus! Booker is injured and Sharmell is out to check on her. Steiner hits another top rope T-Bone on Magnus and he climbs the ladder. Williams tips the ladder and Steiner gets taken down. Stretcher gets taken out and Booker is hurt bad. On the top, Williams hits 3D’s Wassup move. Tables come in the ring. I wonder what happened to Booker to get taken out. Back inside, Team 3D takes on the British and Beer Money! Magnus goes up and over and Williams gets dropped in a neckbreaker. Bubba Bomb takes Roode down and the Saving Grace takes out James Storm. Magnus cuts Ray off on the outside and Black Label Society gets involved/ ROCK BOTTOM FROM DEVON TO WILLIAMS THROUGH THE TABLE! Magnus gets the Wassup treatment. Time to get some more wood. Two tables come to play…and a third one comes in. Roode comes in with a chair…STEREO CHOKESLAMS TO BEER MONEY THROUGH THE TABLES! Steiner is back in and he beats 3D with a steel chair. He brings the ladder into the ring and he uses it on 3D. This has to be the best Steiner match in a long time. He climbs the ladder, but 3D pulls him off and THROUGH THE TABLE! 3D climb the ladder together…RHINO COMES IN and he takes out 3D with a chair. Devon pulls down the IWGP Tag Team Titles anyway. The British takes care of Devon and they take the ladders and they climb up. Beer Money cuts them off from the past. Magnus gets into a situation…OH MY GOD A SICK DOUBLE SUPLEX ON MAGNUS! They waste some time doing their chants, and that allows Magnus to change things around. Magnus climbs, but Storm takes him out. Storm spits beer in Magnus’ face and hits a Sunset Powerbomb! Chair shot to Storm by Williams and he takes the ladder. Roode cuts him off and it is a slap fest. Williams goes down and Rob Terry TOSSES ROODE DOWN THROUGH THE TABLE! Williams climbs up and the British Invasion are the new TNA Tag Team Champions.


Grade: A Slightly better spotfest than the opening match with lots of sick bumps and an injured Booker T.)

We preview the Knockouts Championship match.

TNA Knockouts Championship: Awesome Kong v. Tara v. ODB

Kong takes out ODB as the match starts and she attempts to belt Tara, but to no avail. Tara and ODB double team Kong, but don’t they know that Kong kills? Tara is sent to the corner, as is ODB. Double splash and Kong has her way with both ladies. Top Rope goes Kong and she crushes herself on the canvas. Tara and ODB take down the monster and they suplex her as well. They fight for the pin before they go at it. ODB catches Tara with a Fallaway slam. ODB goes at Tara and we go pillar to post. Tarantula submission move at the ropes and Kong crushes them. Kong gets cut off from Tara’s boot and she gets rolled up for two. Moonsault from Tara takes both ladies out, but ODB gets a two count. Kong takes Tara out of the ring and she chokes ODB to no avail. Tara gets involved with a fan? Or is that someone of importance? Security restrains them as Kong and ODB look confused. Tara takes and she leaves the arena leaving ODB and Kong to themselves. ODB picks up Kong and she bodyslams her for a two count. ODB goes off top and she gets caught by Kong. Looks like they’re calling an audible in this match. Kong positions ODB, but here comes Tara. Kong kicks her out of the ring and she looks for a top rope splash for two, broken up by Kong. CHOKESLAM BY KONG! Tara gets kicked out of the ring again. Implant Buster connects for Kong and ODB BARELY KICKS OUT! Raisha Saeed comes down ringside and she brings a chair in the ring. Kong kicks it out of the ring and Saeed is pissed. Kong kicks the chair back. Implant Buster attempt again, Saeed pushes the chair in and Kong gets dropped on her head DDT style and ODB retains!

Winner: ODB
Grade: D+ (Is Scott D’Amore on vacation?)

Kong is PISSED and Raisha Saeed is begging for forgiveness.

Lauren is with Matt Morgan. He says that he is better than the other giants.

Submission Match: Samoa Joe v. Bobby Lashley

Lashley’s ribs are still taped up and as he wrestles, his MMA chances continue to go up in smoke. The bell sounds and Joe fires the first shot. Single leg attempt is blocked by Joe, but Lashley gets Joe in the corner. Joe reverses and the crowd is against Lashley. He leaps over Joe and he hits a spinebuster and goes into an armbar. Joe gets out of it and Lashley gets a single leg takedown. We get a shot at Kristal Lashley in the audience. Lashley gets Joe in the corner. Joe goes out of the ring and he takes a powder and Taz tries to cover the Lashley heat the crowd is giving him. Joe is back in the ring and he kicks away at Lashley, but the referee gets caught inadvertenly from Joe. Lashley gets sent out of the ring…ELBOW SUICIDA CONNECTS ON LASHLEY! Lashley Fears Lesnar sign in the crowd gets shown. Joe works on the ribs outside the ring. Back inside and Lashley attempts a comeback. Leapfrog from Lashley, but Joe puts the breaks on and he locks on an abdominal stretch. Joe gets a Judo hold on Lashley, but Lashley gets out of it. Joe shoves Lashley in the corner and he takes it to him. Full Nelson slam connects on Joe and both men are down. Sledge by Lashley and Lashley hits a T-Bone Suplex! Lashley rushes…COUNTER CHOKESLAM BY JOE! Uranage by Joe, but Joe gets a leg sweep and Lashley has on a side choke and Joe passes out. Fans sh*t on this finish.

Winner: Bobby Lashley
Grade: C+ (Fans hated the finish and the commentary seemed to ask if Earl actually checked Joe before the finish)

Mick Foley talks about his match.

Preview of the Monster’s Ball is shown.

Monster’s Ball: Mick Foley v. Abyss
Special Referee: Stevie Richards

As a reminder, thumbtacks are banned from this match. Foley comes out to a face reaction from the crowd nailing Abyss with a barbwire bat. Remember when the first Monster’s Ball was where the competitors had to endure 24 hours of hell beforehand? Neckbreaker connects on the ramp and Foley climbs the scaffolding. Abyss follows suit, but Foley punches Abyss off and HE CRASHES THROUGH THE ENTRANCE RAMP! Abyss sells this like he got shot and Foley gets off the scaffold. Stevie gives the bat to Foley and he DROPS THE BAT ONTO ABYSS! Stevie helps Foley on the ramp and the fans continues to give Foley his due. Abyss comes up from the entrance ramp seemingly refreshed. Stunt Double? Abyss tosses Foley in the ring and he pulls out the steel guardrail. He positions the barbwire board on top and he gets back in the ring. Foley uses a trash can, but Abyss blocks it and he beats Foley with it. Abyss brings another barbwire board into the ring and he looks for a chokeslam, but Foley counters to a DDT onto the board! He grates the barbwire bat on Abyss and he hits Abyss with it. Abyss is bleeding a bucket already. Foley chokes him out in the corner. Abyss sends Foley STRAIGHT INTO A BARBWIRE BOARD! He charges…Foley moves! ABYSS IS ON THE BARBWIRE BOARD. Foley froms his arm on both boards and Abyss is CRUSHED! This is Awesome chants come from the crowd. Foley brings in a bag of tags and Abyss looks to chokeslam Foley, but Stevie reminds him of a DQ attempt. Shock Treatment from Abyss to Dr. Stevie. Daffney hands Foley a taser and he uses it on Abyss. Referee comes in and he counts to…FOUR? Major f*ck up.Foley with a barbwire Socko and he drop toe holds Foley onto the barbwire board. Dr. Stevie pulls out the referee and he looks at Daffney…TOP ROPE CHOKESLAM THROUGH THE BARBWIRE BOARD! DAFFNEY IS DEAD! Stevie beats on Abyss and he eats a chokeslam on the tacks. Chokeslam from Abyss to Foley through the barbwire board. Abyss drags Stevie over and he counts his own fall.

Winner: Abyss
Grade: A+ (Yes…overrated very. It was a D match, but I have to give Foley, Abyss, Daffney, and Stevie major props.)

Jeremy Borash is with Kurt Angle and he is the saving grace of the Mafia. Angle is extremely confident.

Fifteen minutes for Angle/Morgan? WTF?

Matt Morgan v. Kurt Angle

Bell rings and the fans are equally divided between the two. Angle plays keep away from Morgan for a bit. Back in and we get a lockup. Morgan shoves Angle and Angle keeps the pace slow. Another lockup and Angle goes over the top. Morgan wants Angle back in and Angle keeps playing keep away. Angle gets an uppercut in and he goes off the ropes. GOOZLE, but Angle gets out of it and Morgan takes control. Elbows to Angle REVERSE CHOKESLAM TO THE TURNBUCKLE! Morgan drops his hip on Angle and he takes time to high five the fans. He comes back in, but Angle is ready. Angle sends him back out and he goes for a dive. He’s caught and Morgan crushes his spine in the corner. Back inside, Morgan goes off the top and lands a double fist to the head. Pillar to post we go and Morgan misses the Carbon Footprint. Angle works the leg. Angle works an Indian Deathlock and he converts it to a figure four. Morgan tries to roll over, but he is unable to do so. He tries again and Angle has the hold cinched in. Morgan gets it turned over and Angle reaches the ropes. angle is on Morgan, but Morgan clotheslines Angle ON HIS KNEES! Both men are up and Morgan levels Angle twice. Side slam into a pin gets a two count for Morgan. Angle off the turnbuckle…CAUGHT! Morgan hits a fallaway slam and he looks for a chokeslam. Angle rolls through and gets a close two count. Chokeslam connects and Angle kicks out. He checks his wrist and it is time. Hellavator attempt is countered by Angle. He hits the triple Germans! Angle Slam attempt is countered…Angle walks into the Carbon Footprint and Angle kicks out at two. Morgan rushes, but he eats an Angle Slam…FOR TWO! The straps come down and Angle locks on the Anklelock! Morgan kicks Angle off and he looks for a powerbomb. Angle counters to an Anklelock! Morgan gets out of it. Angle charges, but he eats steel post! Hellavator connects…ANGLE KICKS OUT! This is a story being told. Morgan looks for a Tombstone, but Angle slips out and locks on the Anklelock! Morgan tries to kick out, but Angle keeps hold. A second attempt works. Lariat connects for Morgan and Angle kicks out at two. Huge Morgan Sucks chants now from the crowd. Morgan goes up top…and ANGLE POPS UP. Belly to Belly connects and Angle hits an Angle Slam. Frog Splash follows and MORGAN IS STILL ALIVE! Angle goes back on top and Morgan is up. Angle gets a victory roll and that gets the win.

Winner: Kurt Angle
Grade: A- (A story was told during the match)

Angle goes to Matt Morgan and he extends the hand. Morgan is skeptical, but he shakes it anyways. Good sportsmanship from Angle.

TNA World Heavyweight Championship: Sting v. AJ Styles

Handshake to start and here we go. 60 minute time limit in case it goes that long. We get a lock up and Styles gets a hiptoss in after a duelling headlock. Basic mat wrestling in the opening minute as Styles has control. Sting responds with a hip toss as well and they jockey for position. Another lockup and Sting gets sent to the ropes. Rebound and Sting elevates Styles to the ring apron. Styles springboards back in the ring and we get another lockup. Off the ropes, Sting hits a shoulder block. Sting drops the hip, but Styles moves and both men are back up. Huge TNA chants from the crowd. Snapmare takedown by Styles and he follows with a kick to the head. Side Slam and AJ hits a knee drop for two. Styles assumes control with clubbing blows to the back. Pillar to post we go, Sting reverses and AJ goes heads over heels in the corner. Sting sends Styles over again and he lands hard. Sting takes Styles out of the ring. Sting wants Styles to get in the ring and he lets him back in. Spinning Roundhouse kick from Styles and Sting goes down. Vertical Suplex on Sting and Styles gets a two count. AJ sends Sting to the corner. Sting mounts a momentum and he hits a faceplant on Styles. Styles goes to the ropes and Sting hits a one-armed back body drop. Styles leaps over Sting and on the rebound, Sting eats a dropkick. He takes a break. Styles looks for a dive, but Sting is smart. Styles tries to catch Sting, but he eats the guardrail instead. Sting charges, but Styles moves and Sting eats guardrail too. Styles shows respect and he allows him back in the ring. Sting attempts to use power, but we get a back and forth exchange between the two. Off the splash, AJ misses and he hits the turnbuckle. Sting takes advantage, but Styles looks for a tombstone piledriver, but Sting counters to one of his own and that gets two. They fight at the ropes and AJ goes springboard, connecting with Sting. That gets two. Backbreaker connects, but Sting kicks out again. Sting counters and he sends Styles into the corner. Styles counters and he hits a moonsault, Sting catches him, and we get a nice exchange and Sting hits a Scorpion Death Drop! “This Is Wrestling” chants and Sting hits a Stinger Splash, followed by another Scorpion Death Drop for TWO! Sting looks for the Scorpion Death Lock, Styles gets out of it. Back and forth we go an Sting “hulks up”. Clothesline by Sting gets a two count. Sting takes Styles on top and Styles hits a headbutt to take Sting down. Styles can’t capitalize on this. Sting goes on Styles…PELE CONNECTS! Sting falls backwards and Styles hits a splash for the win!

Winner: AJ Styles
Grade: C+ (Weird finish aside, this match was an attempt to mix the styles. It didn’t seem to connect, but the fans were a key part of the match, which makes me go middle of the road.)

Styles may have won, but he wants Sting to get back in the ring and bask in the glory of the fans. He picks up the microphone. He says that this shouldn’t be about him, but it should be about AJ Styles. He’s glad to lose to AJ Styles and he’s glad to lose at home. He wants to address some rumors and the fans want one more year. He wasn’t prepared to make an announcement and it’s not a kayfabe answer. He doesn’t know if he’s going to come back, but the fans make Sting want to stay forever.

Show Over.

The Bound for Glory Report Card

AJ Styles d. Sting: C+
Kurt Angle d. Matt Morgan: A-
Abyss d. Mick Foley: A+
Bobby Lashley d. Samoa Joe: C+
ODB d. Awesome Kong & Tara: D+
Team 3D wins the IWGP Tag Titles and The British Invasion wins the TNA World Tag Titles: A
Eric Young d. Kevin Nash & Hernandez: C
Taylor Wilde & Sarita d. The Beautiful People: F
Amazing Red wins Ultimate X: A
The Motor City Machine Guns d. Lethal Consequences: C

The FINAL Grade for TNA Bound for Glory 2009: B

Yes I’m going to get flamed for overrating the Pay-Per-View. I’ll take it in stride. There was a decently packed house at Irvine and they played a HUGE role in making Bound for Glory special. TNA needs to take note of this and GET THE HELL OUT OF ORLANDO! Sting/Styles wasn’t a true classic, BUT to the fans, it was a dream match and they sold it as such. Foley/Abyss wasn’t going to be a good mat-based wrestling match, BUT they went all out with the extreme hardcore style and Daffney is the MVP of that match for taking a bump no woman shouldn’t take on the barbwire board. Angle/Morgan was a wrestling clinic and while Morgan lost, he gained Angle’s respect – which added to the touch. Ultimate X and Full Metal Mayhem were complete spotfests, BUT they delivered on terms of excitement.

The only problems I had with Bound for Glory were the two Knockouts matches. First, the Knockout Tag match was just bad. It was mercifully short, but when the main thing that you noticed is that the referees have the power to send anyone to the back. That’s fine and dandy, but they should do that ALL THE TIME. They should have sent Rob Terry to the back during Full Metal Mayhem. Security should have taken Rhino out the SECOND he interfered. People will say “that match was no DQ”, but the referees have the power and they used it on such occasions. That stunt in the Knockout Tag title match hurt the match by taking the attention away from the match. The Triple Threat Knockouts Title match was alright, but TNA needed to get a shot of Tara with that fan or plant and a shot of Tara saying FTS and walking to the back. The look on Kong’s and ODB’s faces looked as if that wasn’t planned. They improvised as good as they could, but it hurt the match quality. Seriously, wasn’t Scott D’Amore brought back to help the Knockouts Division?

I’m going to go middle of the road on a recommendation. I don’t think I can talk anyone to spend $40 on the show, but it’s definitely worth waiting for the DVD to come out. Thanks for being here tonight and I’ll be back Monday with additional thoughts on Total Nonstop Weekly!

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