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The 2009-2010 NHL season is about a month in and there has been plenty of nothing going on. Ovechkin continues to dominate and some teams which SHOULD be bad and some who SHOULD be good, aren’t exactly starting the season that way. Two of those teams are meeting tonight but let’s get hockey back on track here at IP Sports with quick and dirty style play by play of 3rd period action between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Dallas Stars.

Via NHL Center Ice let’s get on board with the Dallas broadcast of the Stars Vs Blackhawks. Early 3rd period, and its 3-2 Dallas. The Stars are on the PP with about 1 min to go on whatever penalty this happened to be. This game is in Chicgao and there’s not much going on with Dallas. A shorthanded chance by CHI includes two close calls in front of Dallas goaltender Alex Auld. Brent Sopel is still in the NHL? Good call there CHI…zzzzzz.

30 secs to go and there’s still nothing happening for the Stars who have Alex Auld to thank so far in this period. Ribiero with a nice move around Seabrook after a lead pass by Trevor Daley and that leads to another penalty called on CHI.

The replay shows that the Dallas announcers are morons.

CHI clears as the Stars are on a 5-3 PP. Seabrook two mins for slashing. 5 on 4 now. Morrow camped out in front of the net, point shot, save by Huet. There’s a blocked shot and CHI finally clears. 1:10 to go in the penalty. Stars back in control for about 4 secs and another SH chance for CHI isn’t as threatening as their previous chance. And now the signal has gone haywire and I can’t see anything. Now its back with the Stars still stinking it up. They’re still up 3-2. The camera is on a wide shot and I can clearly see Marc Crawford’s beautiful hair.

Back to 5 on 5 with 14:30 left in the period, 24-17 CHI leads on the shot chart. From not having seen the first 2 periods, it seems as Dallas has been living off Auld. There’s another shot and a good save by Auld. Stars can’t clear and now the Hawks go offsides.

Commercials! Right on time to see the Yotes score. 3-1 PHX leads Boston. Keith Yandel scores for the Coyotes (I hate that guy) and meanwhile the Bruins are off to a bad start this season. Its Boston that’s been having ownership troubles and had the last minute coaching change before the season started, right? Dave Tippet, people. The man is a great coach.

Tippet’s old crew is back and sure enough, the replays show that Auld has been solid all night. GOOD positioning along with Marty Turco’s shaky start and the added bonus that Crawford doesn’t have a clue what he’s doing could lead to goaltending drama in Dallas. Good chance for Toews. Up ice pressure by the Hawks. Kane with an innocent centering play which was going nowhere has the crowd going “OOOOH!” Another penalty against CHI. Save from Huet off of a point shot by Robidas. 1:17 left on this PP, another save by Huet. Choppy play from both sides as this penalty is petty much over. 10 mins to go, small scramble around Auld. Toews to Sharp goes nowhere off another Dallas turnover. Former Conn Smythe winner Brad Richards is skating around doing something and Robidas scores!!

What the hell….

Robidas shot from the red line to the corner glass and it bounced 3 times towards the goal and it went in. There’s no way to predict THAT happening but Huet tried to cover the near post and it bounced over his glove and its now 4-2 Dallas. The announcers sound like they’d be fun during karaoke the way they scream and yelp. 8:25 left to go in the game.


Its now 4-2 PHX since I last checked in. Nice shot by PHX. And that will do it for the 2nd period in PHX as the Coyotes remain red hot.

2 goals in 44 seconds for the Coyotes. SELL THEM NOW!!

Back to Chicago and the Hawks are controlling the play with 7:15 left. Neal to Eriksson breaks things up. Hawks come back again and control with some good cycling. Patrick Kane takes a ride into the Dallas zone, nothing happening. Versteeg with another chance, save by Auld. Icing on Dallas. The Western Conference is STACKED, in case you didn’t know. Columbus and LA had a great game earlier, both of those teams are learning their game and from the looks of things, CHI and Dallas are right in the same catergory and CHI scores! Hjarlmasson from the point and the constant pressure pays off for the Hawks. Auld was screened but it was a great shot. 4-3 Dallas. Take away that whacked ass bounce on Huet and its a different game. 4 min to go. CHI continues to attack but another penalty is called and its against CHI again. Brent Sopel goes to the bin with 3:22 left. Dallas on the PP….again.

Madden with a highstick that wasn’t called. CHI clears, SH but they play it safe. Scramble in front of Huet, Stars control. 1 min left in the PP, CHI comes back, tripping penalty on Morrow. That was a dive. 1:45 left in the game. They call it interference. This win is going to be a major boost for the Stars. CHI continues the ted y controlling the play. They enter the zone via Kane, Seabrook shots, wide. PP for CHI and they pull Huet as well. 6 on 4 for CHI. They controls in the offensive zone, but Dallas clears, wide of the net. 50 secs to go. CHI coming in with speed. Empty net for the Hawks. CHI, shot, blocked! Kane shoots wide. CHI holds it in the zone.

Centered, shot goes wide. Back to full strength. Puck comes out to center ice. 5 seconds to go. Dallas wins!!! BIG win for the Stars and that goofy bounce on Huet wins the game for the Stars who were saved all night by Alex Auld.

Add two goals for Ovechkin tonight, which bring him up to 9.

Off to Phoenix Vs Boston, where the Boston announcers are whining about the poor Bruins having to come out to play on the West Coast. Sorry that everyone isn’t less than 250 miles away on this side of the country, B’s!

The Bruins are down by 3 with 4:00 mins to go in the 3rd period. A win tonight brings the Coyotes to a 5-3 record and first place in the Pacific Division while Boston would drop to 3-4 in the Northeast and making them even more thankful that they’ve got Montreal and Toronto as division rivals.

Michael Ryder tries to make the Yotes cough the puck up with no luck. Yandel and Doan take some shots against Tim Thomas. Chara brings the puck out and into the PHX zone. Bruins control momentarily, and PHX cycles in the Bruins zone in return. 2 mins to go and Boston gives the puck away only to have PHX go offsides. The Boston telecast now gives its viewers a history lesson on what the Coyotes have done this season….so you know, the fans know that PHX is no pushover. There’s about a minute left in the game and you’d think the Coyotes were the ones down by 3. The Bruins have no gas left and Ilya Bryzgalov makes an easy save and holds on to the puck.

The crowd in PHX comes alive as we’re under a minute left. 30 secs to go as the announcers continue to talk about the poor Bruins cross country flight. Oh no, played in Colorado, then THREE days off to play back-to-back games in Dallas and Phoenix and now THREE more days off? Poor guys!

4-1 Coyotes, and lets just say that that’s the way it SHOULD end. Good night everybody!

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