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Psych Episode 4-9 Review | Inside Pulse

Psych Episode 4-9 Review

The only word to describe this episode of Psych is awesome. There was not one second of the episode where my pulse was not rushing. Despite knowing that Shawn would not be killed I was still nervous every time the gun was pointed at him. Like always, Psych manages to insert some humor into even their most serious episodes. The last time they tried serious, last season’s An Evening With Mr. Yang, it was a bit of a disappointment. I’m glad to say they did not disappoint again.

Flashback: 1989. After Shawn gets the number of hats n the room wrong Henry is bent on teaching Shawn some survival techniques for worst case scenarios.

Present: Jules and Lassiter have been called down to a storage yard in the middle of the night by Gus. He got a message from Shawn telling Gus to meet him there about an hour ago but Shawn is nowhere in sight.

Shawn is in the trunk of a car with his hands duct-taped behind his back. While he tries to get loose he remembers what his father told him about being locked in the trunk of a car. Henry told him to feel for the brake light and kick it out to see where you are. Shawn does that and sees that and remembers the signs he sees. He then manages to get his phone out of his pocket and tries to call Gus. Unfortunately for him he ends up hitting the number for Gina, a girl he once dated then never called back. She thinks that he never called her back because she ordered two cheesecakes at The Cheesecake Factory. He tells her it wasn’t the cheesecakes and asks her to do him a favor. She gets angry and hangs up on him. Finally he has gotten his hands freed and tries to call Gus. His call fails so instead he sends a text message.

Gus receives the text message but it is in some kind of gibberish so he cannot understand it. Then he gets another text saying binshot not lol. After Lassiter finds some blood he figures out Shawn’s message. He’s been shot!

The storage yard is now a crime scene. Lassiter is annoyed that Gus called Henry about Shawn. Lassiter agrees to let Henry help out as long as he stays in charge. He decides that Henry will ride with him and Jules will ride with Gus. They are going to start their investigation by retracing Shawn’s steps.Gus says the whole thing started a few days ago with the ice cream truck accident on the highway. Shawn and Gus were drawn to the case because it involved ice cream and Lassiter handed it over to them because it bored him. Gus says that Shawn sensed someone may have tampered with the ice cream truck before the accident.

Meanwhile, Shawn uses a crowbar to open the trunk. When the driver stops the car he jumps out and runs into the woods.

Henry asks Lassiter if anyone tried to track Shawn’s phone. Lassiter said they tried but its cheap GPS must not be working. they sit in Lassiter’s car trying to decode Shawn’s message. Henry thinks that they are abbreviations and comments that Lassiter should get a loop on what the young people are doing these days. Lassiter responds by saying that he’s a little younger than Henry. Henry asks him if he’s sure about that. A few of the words end up being kinds of things found at a construction site. Lassiter drives off to a road he knows that has been under construction for a while.

Jules asks Gus where they went after the hunch about the ice cream truck. Gus says they paid a visit to some mechanics and talked to one named Garth Longmore. They asked him why a truck would have welding marks underneath it. Garth says that he wouldn’t know for sure unless he sees the truck but it could be from a repair of some kind. After reading this article teaches you all there is about welding, Jules wants to have a chat with this mechanic.

Juliet enters the repair shop and asks to speak with Garth Longmore. She is told by another mechanic that Longmore quit yesterday. They ask if he left an adress or anything. The other mechanic says no, but if they find him to let him know because he walked off with his mid-gun. Gus freaks out over gun until Juliet explains that it is not a gun but a tool for welding.

Shawn is still trying to lose his assailant. He is running in a zig-zag pattern instead of straight like his father taught him. He gets some distance between them and then hides behind a tree. The man, who turns out to be missing mechanic Garth Longmore, didn’t see him hide and runs past him.

Lassiter and Henry are on the road but the construction goes on for six miles. Henry spots what Shawn meant a peace sig, the other clues quickly follow. Henry says to stop the car. they get out and Henry finds pieces of the brake light on the ground.

Juliet has looked up Garth Longmore on her computer only to find that he has been dead since 1956. She says that criminals buy dead people’s social security numbers off the black market all the time and use their names as aliases. She calls Lassiter and tells him that they don’t know his real name but he was last seen driving off in a 1970 Plymouth Roadrunner that is yellow with black racing stripes.  Lassiter tells her to send a uniform to pick up his car because they are going to continue on foot.

Shawn gets up and makes it to a road. He sees a gas station across the street and runs to it. He tells the owner that he’s been shot and asks him to call the Santa Barbara Police Department and ask for Detective Carlton Lassiter. The guy acts like he’s going to help him but instead knocks him out. The shooter arrives at the gas station, they are partners.

Shawn, now duct-taped to a chair, wakes up while the two men are arguing about what to do about him. They decide to keep him as a hostage in case there’s another screw-up with their plan. Shawn spots a picture of the guy who calls himself Garth on the wall and notices that he was in the army.  He strikes up a conversation with Garth about the army claiming to have seen it in a vision. Garth says he used to be able to take out a target from 1200 possibly 1500 yards. Shawn asks him if he could shoot someone at that range, why didn’t he kill him from 3 feet. Garth doesn’t answer and tells Shawn it’s time for him to stop talking.

Henry has to stop running to let Lassiter catch up to him. Lassiter who is out of breath claims that Henry must be juicing up on steroids. Henry spots a piece of Shawn’s shirt tied to a branch and knows what direction he headed in.

Jules and Gus go to Shawn’s apartment, which turns out to be an old laundry mat. Gus puts on one of his shirts that Shawn stole so he can get out of his pajamas. Jules gets a little jealous when she notices Abigail has some stuff in the apartment. Gus finds a pamphlet that Shawn was looking at then finds the connection in Shawn’s computer history. Shawn had figured out that the ice cream truck was a rehearsal for an armored car theft.

Shawn talks to himself while Garth listens. While talking Shawn figures out the entire scheme up to the when and where. Garth’s partner tells him that he should not care about that part because he’ll be dead.

Henry and Lassiter arrive at the gas station. Henry questions the owner about the yellow Plymouth. Shawn, silenced by Garth, watches his would be rescuers talk to the guy and then leave. The guy told Lassiter and Henry that he saw the car go by about ten minutes ago and that he didn’t see Shawn with him. They leave and continue walking down the road.

Shawn is left alone while the partners argue with each other some more. He uses this time to get his hands free. Hiss phone starts ringing and falls onto the ground. He knocks his chair over and pushes himself to it. He answers it and it turns out to be Gina again. She doesn’t let him get a word in again and Garth catches him on the phone. He tells Garth that he simply wanted to say goodbye to his girlfriend. Garth understands and gives him the phone back to do so saying that if he says anything else he’ll shoot him.

Back at the station, McNab has found some information about a big money transfer that they think is the target. Juliet gets a call from Shawn. Shawn inserts the clues back at where we were I’ll be there and wind chimes to her but she doesn’t get the meaning yet. She thought the message was a goodbye to her until he ends it with “Goodbye Abigail”. His partner sees Garth letting Shawn use the phone and kills Garth. Juliet calls Lassiter with Shawn’s new clues. Lassiter doesn’t know what the clues mean either, but Henry does. They race back and Juliet says that she and Gus are on their way.

They all arrive at the same time and rush in. Shawn is gone. They get back into their cars, this time with Juliet driving Gus’.

They catch up to the truck. Shawn is on the back tied to the side with rope. With the driver distracted, Shawn bites the knot loose freeing himself once more. The driver notices Shawn escaping and goes for his gun that has fallen on the floor. Shawn tells Gus that he is going to jump onto his hood. Gus says to jump on Lassiter’s instead. Lassiter does not want Shawn to jump on his car either but Shawn does anyway. The guy has finally gotten his gun and starts shooting at them. He manages to shoot out Gus’ tire. Henry grabs Lassiter’s gun. Henry hands Shawn the gun because he has a clear shot. Shawn hits the truck, cutting off the engine. The driver tried to shoot at Lassiter but he is out of bullets. Lassiter rushes over to arrest the guy. Shawn says they should wait for Jules and Gus before slapping the cuffs on him. They look back and see them slowly coming down the road.

Shawn and Gus are walking together along the coast. Shawn tells Gus that he had to tell Juliet that he loved her and thinks that she was about to say it back. Shawn’s phone rings again. He sees the caller is Gina and tells Gus that it’s for him. Gus answers it and gets yelled at by Gina, who thinks she’s talking to Shawn. Shawn tells Gus to mention cheesecake.

Unfortunately after this thrilling episode we have to wait til January for more. It’s unfair, I know.