10 Thoughts on TNA Impact – 10/15/09

10. Wow, a year of MEM already? Doesn’t time fly?

9. Oh no Beautiful People, not a choreographed entrance. It doesn’t look natural at all. Maybe they’ve been taking notes based on what SariTaylor have been doing lately. I don’t understand the trend they’re starting, and hopefully someone stops it before it gets worse.

8. Amazing Red really doesn’t need a mouthpiece. Well, he just doesn’t need Don West. I can only hope that West might just be teaching him how to be a strong talker in the business.

7. One hour, Two brawls. It makes sense. Every wrestling show needs an abundance of brawls within it. (or not).

6. So, for Halloween Mick Foley is going as himself? Yup, that’d scare the neighbors.

5. Mick Foley has a point. Abyss is a blatant rip-off of himself. But yet they’ve kept the gimmick the same. Is it a TNA thing? Because you have Abyss / Foley, and Jay Lethal / Randy Savage.  Who’s next?

4. I seriously enjoyed Alyssa Flash vs. Hamada. It’s nice to show off that women don’t have to be boring in the types of matches they do. Totally a nice change of pace.

3. Actually throwing the stretcher out into the ambulance and having them drive off added comedic entertainment. But on a more serious note, when is Bobby Lashley going to lose? Probably never. And that’ll get boring. Probably quite soon.

2. Nice main event match. Really good. It was a good match up in terms of skills and ability. Even possibly up there with a TNA PPV quality match. But, how many times in one match can they remind us that Kurt Angle won a gold medal? I felt like screaming “WE KNOW” at my TV in a violent fashion.

1. It appears as though those of us outside the US actually received a heavily edited out Impact this week. What I saw was only a regular 2hr length episode. That is exceptionally unfortunate for TNA especially leading into the PPV that the 3hr Impact was supposed to be advertising.

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