Desperate Housewives Episode 6-4 Review


Hey, hey, hey, my fellow desperate mates. I welcome you to the fourth review of the sixth season of Desperate Housewives.

Spoiler-free zone:
In this fourth episode, we are starting already to get into the season. There were definitely some interesting outcomes (especially on Gaby’s storyline) and definitely some funny moments (and not just one-liners, but actual moments). Plus, all these are tied with a cliff-hanger at the end.

Spoiler zone:

The episode opens with the subject of the episode (as usual) and this week it was around something that the show is known for. Secrets! I have to admit it’s not the most original of concepts (from a show like desperate housewives) but this week’s episode definitely had more secrets surfacing than usual.

To begin with, Julie finally wakes up! While Susan is of course delighted, she still had to confront her about her possible pregnancy, and about what Andrew (it’s been a while since we last saw him because he is guest starring this season) unintentionally told her. Apparently, Andrew and Julie have still maintained a strong friendship and thus Andrew knows stuff that Suzan doesn’t. Not only do we learn that naughty Julie dropped out of med school, but she was also involved with a married man. After Julie has woken up we see a very different side of her. In my opinion, this makes sense. She seemed way too perfect for a daughter that grew up with divorced and fighting parents. Like she herself explained to Suzan, she can’t not make mistakes ever.

Lynette provided some of the comedy for this episode. Her storyline? BOOBS! Guy or girl, love them or hate them, it is something that has affected all of us. It seems that her pregnancy started to show on the right place. Let’s just say that along with her two unborn babies, she now had a new set of twins to deal with. Of course in Lynette’s male-oriented work place, big boobs equals with boob job. This results in a hilarious misunderstanding between Carlos and Lynette, when Lynette thinks that Carlos knows about her pregnancy when all he knows is about an imaginary boob job. Lynette of course, when realising what Carlos thinks, plays along, since she doesn’t want her job to be affected due to her secret pregnancy. As it turns out Tom doesn’t miss Lynette’s older, smaller boobs (or as I like to call them, her Nicole Richies). A cute little speech is made at the end where Tom generalises and talks about imperfections and how important they are to build a strong and grounded relationship.

Bree this week, finally got some interaction with Katherine (I’ve missed seeing the two of them together). Bree’s and Katherine’s storylines don’t exactly move along, since they were more comedic, but also because the episode focused on secrets, thus how Bree and Katherine keep their secrets from each other. Katherine isn’t obviously doing a good job, since Bree caught up on her obsession over Mike and Suzan (and yes, Katherine is spying on them).   Some of you will disagree with me, but Katherine was the best thing from the episode. The state that she is currently in is extreme and funny, but still, I get her! When something like that happens to someone, (especially when that someone was lonely for years) “should I?” thoughts will cross the mind every time (“Should I spy on them?”, “Should I make a scene on their wedding” and so on). In Katherine’s case, we see her doing every insignificant crazy thing that pops up in her head. As it is revealed in the end by a rather original ending narration, Katherine is having a nervous breakdown. A reason why this story, I think, works is because of the amazing acting skills of Dana Delany. Her acting isn’t good in an obvious, in your face, sort of way (you won’t necessarily see her pulling out wild extreme faces) but she is so amazingly subtle that when she gets crazy, the extreme moments stand out more (just look at her smile in her very last scene, spot-on!). As we saw in the season six premiere, she has a switch in her brain that makes her go from crazy Katherine to realistic and grounded Katherine. After, Bree struggled to save a wedding cake that Katherine wanted for herself in an event they were catering, Bree decided to fire her from the business so she can get her life sorted. This backfired, however, and Katherine is officially not friends with Susan and Bree (two more to go Katherine!).

In Gabrielle’s story, it appears that ex-gardener (and ex-lover) John, is still causing trouble since he has employed Ana at his restaurant and is even flirting with her. Gaby is of course annoyed with that, and apparently that was what John was aiming for. He is wealthy now, so he thinks that he has covered the only flaw Gaby saw in him, back in the old days. When Gaby confronts John about him flirting with Ana, John kisses her and as luck would have it, Ana sees them. Poor Gaby chases Ana all the way back to the house to explain to her that there is nothing going on. Surprisingly Ana understands, even though she once saw Gaby looking at some old photos of her and John. Like I said in my last review, Gaby was looking at these photos just to look back at a memory. As the storyline concludes Gaby sends the photos back to John and says a very sweet, and relative to her life, speech of how she turned out to be happy in a situation that she never saw happiness before.

Finally, the still mysterious Bolen family keep giving us hints but still no answers (although we are still in the fourth episode). I am very curious to see how the pieces will fit together in the end. In this episode, mother Angie is worried about her son’s popularity in school (since everyone is avoiding him because he was a suspect of Julie’s attack). She, therefore, bribes Porter to throw a party for him, which surprisingly (and not in a positive way) the father was really into. After that, during a conversation with Danny and Angie, we find out that the scars on Angie’s back where from an explosion. But this is not the cliff-hanger my friends. In the very end of the episode, while Julie is sleeping in the hospital, Bolen father, Nick, visits her and says that he has missed her. Creepy, creepy, creepy! I guess he was the one Julie was referring to, since Susan read Julie’s journal and saw that her married boyfriend was named “D”. The “D” obviously stands for “Dominic” since that’s how Nick called himself when talking to a sleeping Julie.

So what do you think of this night’s episode? Are you as invested in Katherine’s story as I am? To sum up, while this episode wasn’t a stand-out episode, it still managed to have the drama and the comedy in a perfect combination, sometimes by making both elements arrive unexpectedly.

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