One Year in Memphis – October 18, 1986


Jerry Lawler/Jerry Jarrett/Jeff Jarrett over Tojo Yamamoto/Tarzan Goto/Akio Sato

Jerry Lawler/Austin Idol over Dirty Rhodes/Ron Bass by DQ

Giant Hillbilly over Big Bubba by DQ

Boy Tony over Tracy Smothers

Bubba Monroe over William Thompson

Excitement, Inc. over Man Mountain Link/Larry Wright

Pat Tanaka over the Ninja

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown informed us that today we’d be seeing Mid-America champion Boy Tony in a non-title match, International champion Big Bubba would be in a handicap match, plus Tracy Smothers, Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto, and we’d get an introduction from a Memphis wrestling legend.

We returned from commercial to see Lance Russell at the interview set. Russell brought out Sputnik Monroe. Monroe filled in Russell on his wrestling travels, and then got to business by saying he had someone to introduce – Bubba “The Brawler” Monroe. Bubba was Sputnik’s son who was making his Memphis debut.

Bubba headed to the ring to face Jim Jameson. The two locked up and Jameson took Monroe down with a couple of arm drags. The two locked up again as Sputnik headed to commentary. Bubba hit an arm drag of his own before starting to club away on Jameson. Bubba hit a suplex and followed up with a body slam. He stopped Jameson with a shot to the midsection and popped him in the face. Bubba slammed Jameson and covered for a two count/

Bubba started working on Jameson’s arm as Sputnik compared Bubba to other tough wrestlers in the area’s history. Russell compared Bubba and Sputnik to Jeff and Jerry Jarrett as Bubba kept dominating Jameson and Sputnik added that Pat Tanaka was also a second-generation wrestler.

Monroe broke the hold and hit an atomic drop (a move that Sputnik called the PTA). Bubba covered and got the win. Sputnik asked if there were girls wrestling today as Russell headed to the interview set to talk with Boy Tony.

Tony showed off his belt and reminded everyone that he’d promised to beat Tracy Smothers and he had. Russell reminded Tony that Tracy Smothers had a rematch coming and Tony promised he’d be ready.

Tony headed to the ring to face Mike Murphy. As Tony entered the ring, Sputnik talked about Boy Tony’s purse. Tony played to the crowd and then offered a handshake. Sputnik cleared out (after saying he’d never seen anything like Boy Tony) as Tony rammed Murphy’s head into the turnbuckle. Murphy reversed a whip into the corner and went after Tony, who turned the tide with a rake of the eyes.

A back elbow put Murphy back on the mat and Tony stomped Murphy from the second rope before hitting a snap mare and dropping a knee. Tony locked in a chinlock before whipping Murphy across the ring and stopping him with a clothesline. On commentary, Russell said that Tony had always had the wrestling skills he needed – he was just prone to making stupid mistakes.

Tony choked Murphy on the ropes and then took Murphy down and went back to the chinlock. Murphy fought back to his feet and Tony hit a power slam. Tony then dropped an elbow and covered for the win at 2:43.

We then went to a video where Boy Tony was in the bathroom. He admitted that the Fan Aid contributions were a little slow, but he knew that the effort would clean up all the dirty wrestling fans. Tony then told us why he was standing in front of his shower. He wasn’t just going to pass out soap – he was going to show fans how to use it.

First, he said you needed to have running water to activate the soap – and creek water would work. Tony showed how to work soap into a lather and then rinse it off. Tony told the fans that if they’d just lather up the soap they could be as clean as him.

We came back to find Russell backstage to talk about the week’s show in Evansville. He introduced the night as “giveaway night” where they’d give away watches, air rifles, radios, and portable TVs.

Russell was then joined by Jerry and Jeff Jarrett. Russell advised that they’d be teaming with Tommy Rich against Sato, Goto, and Tojo with the losers getting ten lashes from a leather strap. Jeff told Tojo that he knew they could beat him and promised to lash Tojo.

Jerry Lawler then came in with a word for Dirty Rhodes. Lawler told Rhodes that his suspension for the Coke bottle incident was over and he’d only gotten started.

We returned to the interview set where Russell was waiting for Big Bubba. Bubba reminded that he’d promised a week ago that he’d win the International title, and now he had it. Bubba then said that he’d be willing to face anyone for the belt.

Bubba headed to the ring to face Randy and Robert Bryant. Bubba shoved Randy across the ring and then did the same to Robert. Both Bryants kicked Bubba and tried to grab his arms only for Bubba to muscle them both down. The Bryants went for his legs and Bubba muscled them back again. Bubba whipped Robert across the ring and caught him when he tried a cross body. Bubba slammed Robert and started chopping him. Bubba slammed Robert down, jumped, and dropped a leg on him. Bubba followed with a clothesline and a splash for the win at 1:53.

We then went to a music video of Jeff Jarrett. We saw Jarrett at what looked like a fair interspersed with clips of him facing Sato, Goto, and Tojo.

We came back from commercial to hear more about the show in Evansville on Wednesday night.

We returned from commercial to see Sato, Goto, and the Ninja preparing to face David Haskins, Pat Tanaka, and Tracy Smothers. Tojo got the ball rolling by threatening Tanaka since he’d worked with the Jarretts.

Sato and Smothers started with Sato slamming Smothers down only for Smothers to fight back and slam him. Sato started throwing punches as the ref broke up the fight and Tanaka came in. Sato backed him into a corner and started punching. Tanaka fired back with chops and followed up with a body slam.

Goto tagged in and got punched down to the mat. Goto landed a kick and a head butt before he started chopping. He snapmared Tanaka down. Tanaka dodged a knee drop and tagged in Haskins, who snapmared Goto over and started working the arm. Goto hit a head butt and in came the Ninja.

The Ninja slammed Haskins and brought Sato back in. Sato suddenly got rolled up in a small package for a 1.

Goto tagged in and the Japanese double-teamed before Goto took firm control of Haskins, stomping away on him. Haskins fought back but a head butt put him back down. Goto chopped him and brought in the Ninja, who kicked Haskins. The Ninja threw chops and kicks before bringing in Sato. Sato punched Haskins in the midsection and took a shot at Tracy Smothers. Haskins and Sato traded punches as Tracy Smothers tried to get in.

Goto came in and stomped Haskins. Haskins fought out and brought Smothers in, who leveled Goto. The Ninja started in and we had a six-way brawl. Haskins went over the top as the Ninja brought Tanaka to the rope, where Tojo hit him with the kendo stick. Tojo entered the ring to keep up the punishment and the ref called for the bell.

Tanaka dodged a shot and the Ninja nailed Tojo with the kendo stick. Tanaka chased the Japanese around the ring as Smothers grabbed a chair. Finally Tojo and company ran for the back.

Russell praised Smothers and Tanaka’s actions as we headed to a videotaped interview with Paul Diamond. Diamond revealed that he’d decided to return to Canada to visit his family while he was out injured. Diamond said that he would have to tell his family what had happened, and he would depend on his family’s support while he was out of the ring. Diamond closed by promising Tojo, Sato, and Goto that he would make them pay.

Pat Tanaka came to commentary to reveal that he had a match upcoming against the Ninja, and he’d take him out. Russell called Tojo a disgrace and we headed to commercial.

We came back to see Dirty Rhodes and Don Bass coming out to face Excitement, Inc. Bass started against John Paul. The two locked up and Bass started working his arm. Paul and Bass traded reversals until Bass got into the ropes to force a break. Bass seized Paul’s arm and took him down. Paul escaped and the two began circling again.

Rhodes tagged in and the two locked up. Rhodes got a headlock that Paul muscled out of. A hair pull sent Paul to the mat while Rhodes worked on his arm. Bass tagged back in and wound up getting locked in an arm wringer by Paul, who tagged in Ric McCord. McCord started to gain momentum until a hair pull put him on the mat.

Paul started into the ring and Rhodes and Bass swapped places. McCord hip tossed Rhodes and wound up in a corner. McCord dodged a punch and Rhodes begged off. McCord wound up in the corner with Bass holding him. McCord dodged a charge that sent Bass to the floor.

McCord returned to working on Rhodes’s arm and tagged in Paul. Rhodes hit an elbow and brought in Bass. Bass bounced Paul’s head off the turnbuckle and hit a knee lift to put him down. A head butt and eye rake followed before Rhodes tagged in.

Paul scurried through Rhodes’s legs and brought in McCord. That led on a four-way brawl. McCord headed up to come off the second rope and Larry Wright shoved him off. Bass got the cover and the win.

The referee reversed the decision and we had a brawl. Bass pitched John Paul and all three heels hammered McCord in the ring. The locker room emptied and the former Fire, Flame, and Torch bailed out and posed outside the ring before heading to the back with Rhodes making a quick stop at commentary to brag.

We then headed backstage to hear more about Wednesday night. Russell was joined by Rhodes and Bass. Rhodes bragged about his assault on Tommy Rich the week before and then how he’d stomped the crown.

Tojo, Sato, Goto, and the Ninja then came in. Tojo promised that they wouldn’t be losing the match and then promised to whip all three of their opponents.

We came back to the studio where Lance Russell announced that Dennis Hall was on his way back into the territory. A videotape saw Hall introducing himself by saying that he’d wrestled on the west coast since leaving Memphis several years earlier. He then introduced his new manager – a blonde named Dolly Parker.

Dolly explained that she’d seen “Den-den” in a match and it was love at first sight. Hall brought up Parker’s talent and said that she’d even been in a few movies. Hall promised that they were on their way to the area and said they were looking forward to meeting everybody.

We returned to the studio to see Tracy Smothers and William “The Freezer” Thompson set to face the Memphis Vice. Big Lou Winston started against the Freezer. Lou took the Freezer down and then got arm dragged down himself. Bryant came in and took another arm drag.

Lou jawed with the crowd and locked in a wristlock. Thompson muscled out and Russell informed us that Lawler was stranded in Minneapolis. Bryant tagged in and locked in a wristlock. A hair pull put Thompson down. Thompson got back to his feet and Bryant pulled him down again. Thompson got back up and Bryant pulled him down a third time. When Thompson returned to his feet again Bryant raked his eyes and brought Lou back in. Lou punched away and rammed Thompson into the corner. Thompson started punching back and time ran out, which meant we had a four way brawl starting.

Russell said goodbye and that was it for another week.


Southern Heavyweight title
Jerry Lawler © vs. Dirty Rhodes

Losing team gets 10 lashes
Jeff Jarrett/Jerry Jarrett/Tommy Rich vs. Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tojo Yamamoto

Plus four more great matches!

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