Ultimate Fighter 10: Episode 6 Recap

James comes down for breakfast and Darrill has already started drinking beer. Apparently it’s a daily ritual of his.

Phil Nurse joins Team Rashad. Nurse works with GSP, and that’s all Rashad has to say to his team. Darrill looked sloppy during training. Rashad wonders what the problem is and James lets him know that he drinks a lot. The coaches ask Darrill to curb the drinking during the show. Rashad says Darrill is the diamond in the rough on his team.

Rampage sees Darrill after training and constantly refers to him as “Titties.” Darrill talks back and challenges Rampage to a fight, sparring session, whatever Rampage will accept. It comes off as playful but it seems as though Titties has reached his boiling point. I wonder if Rampage even knows the guy’s real name?

Fight Announcement

Darrill Schoonover will fight Zak Jensen. “Got milk, bitch?” says Rampage. Darrill comes at Rampage again but not so playfully. He really wants to fight Rampage this time. The difference is that his team is around to hold hm back. Rampage dares Darrill to come at him again. Rashad intervenes to keep the peace. Darrill heads to the back and dips.

Kimbo says that Zak is Shrek’s little brother and his name is Linderman. Whatever. Zak seems like a good enough guy. This type of environment doesn’t bode well for introverts, though. Wes Sims is taking a pool to see when Zak will crack and finally lose it. This is what happens when guys have no form of entertainment in the house.

Training Session

Rashad says Darrill has a weird quietness about him. Kind of like a serial killer. Rashad says Darrill has unbelievable power so his strategy is to keep the fight standing. They think Zak is mentally weak and should be easy to wear down.

Instead of training, Team Rampage unveils a badass cartoon sketch of Team Rashad aka Team Cocky. Everyone on Team Rashad has their own caricature on the board and they are all very funny and unique.

Team Rampage finally gets in some work. Zak is training and gets cut over his right eye. It’s a nice cut and Kimbo once again has a glimmer of hope. Sorry kids, but Kimbo won’t fight again without a week’s worth of hype. He won’t be fighting tonight. The coaches talk to Kimbo so he knows to be ready if they need him. They also test Zak to see if he will wilt under the circumstances. Zak tells the coaches that there is nothing that will keep him from fighting. Rampage is impressed with his spirit and it leads to a good sparring session for Zak.

Rashad comes early to practice and notices the caricature board in the practice facility. He thinks it’s funny but also doesn’t want it to distract his team. He does, however, think it will be a great motivator for Darrill, who is depicted with a quite a nice rack. Rashad takes the board down and hides it so he can show it to Darrill later. He tells the rest of the team that he threw it out.


Darrill weighs 251. Zak weighs 263. The fighters note that it is a weird matchup as both guys seem ready to release a lot of pent-up frustration.

Fight Day

This is also Darrill’s 24th birthday. James and Kimbo make a friendly wager backing their own teammates. Rampage goes to Darrill’s prep room and writes “Titties” on the nameplate under his real name. He also draws some nipples on the Double O in his last name of Schoonover. Funny. Most of Rampage’s pep talk centers around “You are fighting a guy with titties.” Not very inspirational, coach. Speaking of inspirational, I guess Rashad either forgot to show Darrill his caricature or they just decided not to air it.

Darrill Schoonover vs. Zak Jensen

Round 1

Exchange of jabs to start. Clinch and Darrill runs Zak against the cage. Zak gets a headlock but Darrill pops out quickly. Zak with a body shot. Darrill with knees and then he just unloads. Darrill is throwing a lot of punches and landing well. Zak hangs in there and trips Darrill to the ground. Darrill on his back and Zak lands some good hammerfists. Darrill is going for a triangle. Zak looks to be caught in the choke and he’s also losing some blood. Darrill has the choke in tight now. Zak is weakly flailing punches in defense but he’s losing air. He won’t tap but the ref decides to stop it. Zak isn’t unconscious but he gets up on wobbly legs. Good stoppage.

Winner: Darrill Schoonover by submission (triangle choke)

Zak put up a good effort and showed a lot of heart. His teammates are proud of him and his performance. Zak, obviously, isn’t happy. Rampage presents the caricature board to Team Rashad as a gift. Well there it is. The team finds it funny, as well. Darrill, however, isn’t around for the unveiling.

Next Week

Team Rashad doesn’t like Matt Mitrione. Mitione gets pissed during training and calls out one of his teammates. Rashad and Rampage get in each other’s faces again. The final two fights are set and it appears that we actually will have a good fight next week.

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