Dennis Hof of HBO's Cathouse – Podcast Interview

HBO’s Cathousehas been the most revolutionary of all the reality shows. The series has allowed America to get an idea life inside the Bunny Ranch, a legal brothel just outside Carson City, Nevada. Since the first special aired in 2002, fans of the show have become part of the staff. Fans have also gone there to meet their favorite personalities and join the party. Cathouse: Sex, Guys and Video starts airing Oct. 22 at 11 p.m. on HBO and HBO OnDemand. This time the cameras are being run by the ladies of the house.

I had a chance to talk with Bunny Ranch owner Dennis Hof as he was being driven to his hotel in Chicago. Turns out this latest special will feature little bit of heartbreak for him. For the second time in the series history, Dennis has broken up with a girlfriend on camera. But he’s not one to worry about dipping into the dating pool.

To listen in on our chat, click here. The conversation does get a little bit spicy so be warned.