Ten TUF Thoughts: Episode 6

1. Like Brad Paisley, Darrill Schoonover likes his alcohol.  But before 8 am?  Even country songs don’t go there.

2. This just in. One of George St. Pierre’s trainers is an elf!  And he is helping train Team Rashad.

3. I feel slightly violated every time Rampage calls Schoonover “Titties.”  It just puts the wrong image in my head.  Someone get it out!

4. I never thought there would be a Lord of the Flies reference on TUF.

5. Wow Darrill.  That really is a horrible tattoo.  Anyone believe alcohol played a part in that poor decision?

6. Rampage breaks out into his Mr T. imitation.  Then makes more disturbing talk about “titties” and butterface.

7. No… I want one of your TapOut shirts..! A very daring bet between James McSweeney and Kimbo Slice.  Those TapOut shirts can be expensive. What? They get them for free?  Way to go out on a limb there fellas.

8. Zak versus Darrill.  We all know how it is going to end.

9. And there is another submission for Team Rashad.  Zak looked bad early, gets a takedown, then easily falls into a triangle choke.  He throws some hammer fists before counting sheep time. zzzzzz.

10. Schoonover lets us know he is here to win.  We are here to let him know that he won’t.

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