WWE Superstars recap for 10/22/09

Before the standard show opening, we begin this episode with the WWE’s video tribute to the recently deceased Captain Lou Albano.

Kelly Kelly vs. Gail Kim: It is nice to see some non-twin related diva action on Superstars. During the introductions Cole lets us know that the diva match for the upcoming pay-per-view is Melina/Kelly/Gail against Beth/Natalya/Michelle. Kelly takes Gail down and gets a quick head scissors but Gail kips up to escape and quickly trips her and goes for a pin. Gail gets a side headlock and again goes for a pin after hitting a shoulder block. Both ladies trade some gymnastic maneuvers and they have a quick pace going. Kelly misses a monkey flip in the corner and Gail of course goes for the pin yet again before controlling the action with a headlock down on the mat. Gail gets Kelly up on the top turnbuckle and goes for a Frankensteiner but Kelly hangs on to the ropes and Gail lands hard. Kelly takes advantage with a victory roll for a two count and Gail seems to be okay.

A double clothesline spot floors both ladies momentarily but both are up quickly and into a slugfest that Kelly gets the better of. KK hits a flying head scissors and tries a roll up but can only get a two count. Kim misses a crossbody off an exchange in the corner and Kelly hits her finisher the Kelly Killer and picks up the pin fall victory. It was not exactly Punk/Morrison from last week but it had good energy and I enjoyed it. Post match Kelly picks Gail up and shows her some brand loyalty love as they show some of her family sitting at ringside. The match seems to have meant quite a bit to Kelly and she goes over to her family in the crowd for some hugs as we go to a break.

When we return we get an entire segment for the long music video that shows us how great we are supposed to think the Orton/Cena feud has been.

Tommy Dreamer & Goldust vs. Vladimir Kozlov & Ezekiel Jackson: Regal does not accompany his “League of Nations” partners to the ring and the two men don’t even enter together. I don’t often remember to record or watch ECW but I do enjoy the combo or Regal/Jackson/Kozlov when I get to see them in action. Jackson and Goldie start the battle but Dreamer is quickly in after a blind tag to hit a crossbody. He and Goldust make several tags as they try to work over the arm of Jackson. But Ezekiel is soon able to nail a big slam on Dreamer and make a tag to his partner Kozlov. After a brief appearance by Goldust, the heels start to team together in their corner to work over Tommy. After taking a huge clothesline in the corner from Jackson, Tommy is able to hit a running bulldog to the opposite corner on him and make the hot tag. Goldie comes in on fire with a flurry of Rhodes family offense but a pin attempt on Kozlov is interrupted. As the ref tries to remove Ezekiel from the ring, Dreamer gets in a shot to Vladimir and that allows Goldust to hit the Stroke and get the pinfall for his team. Sadly for our ECW heroes, Jackson and Kozlov are not happy with how the match ended and they take their frustrations out by delivering a beatdown to the winning team.

The Superstar video package of the week features the Miz who has a big match at the PPV against his former tag partner John Morrison. Speaking of Bragging Rights, it is sponsored by the awesome new Smackdown vs Raw 2010 video game. Do you have your copy yet? Die Hard Game Fan has some nice previews for your viewing pleasure.

Matt Hardy & R-Truth vs. Drew McIntyre & Eric Escobar: With JR still ailing, Cole and King are the commentators for this match and according to Cole the story for this clash is that Matt and Truth can get revenge for their losses on last week’s Smackdown. Another odd entrance situation tonight as Hardy and Truth enter together to Matt’s music. Sadly Vickie accompanies Escobar to the ring, hopefully she will not go anywhere near a microphone. Quite a bit of stalling and goofing around by both teams before things get started with Escobar and R-Truth. Truth is quickly in control of the rookie with a series of acrobatic moves. Killings makes the tag to Hardy and he does not do as well with Eric getting to his team’s corner and making the tag. But McIntyre does not keep the advantage long as Hardy makes a tag and Drew is sent from the ring with a double team attack. Hardy and Truth both nail baseball slides to their opponents as they take a meeting and with them down outside the ring we go to a commercial break.

We return to Truth again getting the better of Escobar but McIntyre causes a distraction and the heels take advantage. The heels make a couple of tags in and out as they have some success working over the left arm of R-Truth. A double clothesline spot with Truth and McIntyre finally leads to Hardy getting the hot tag and he comes in like a house on fire. Matt even hits a moonsault (!) but the pin is broken up by Escobar. Truth dumps Eric outside but as he tries to follow with a crossbody, Escobar dodges and he hits nothing but floor. Vickie distracts the ref and that allows “Double E” to get in a final cheapshot on Hardy which leads to McIntyre nailing his double-armed ddt finisher and pick up the pinfall victory for his team.

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