10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars – 10/22/09

10. RIP Captain Lou. I appreciated the fact that they played the package about him on a few different programs.

9. How on earth does the divas match work on advertising Bragging Rights? Gail & Kelly are on the same team. Did WWE forget that when booking matches for Superstars? They could have put on a variety of divas here to hype things much more than this achieved.

8. Poor Gail Kim. I know the money is better in WWE, but her position in TNA was a million times better. It’d be nice to see her notch up a few decent wins within WWE. It feels like they’re wasting her at this stage.

7. Current day Goldust makes me miss old-school Goldust. He used to be really entertaining, and isn’t so much anymore.

6. Kozlov & Jackson, we totally get it, you’re heels. There is no need to slam around your opponents after the match. But at least they’ve graduated to slamming around actual WWE stars, not just poor jobbers as we’ve seen in the past.

5. Maybe that Orton / Cena promo might have been interesting if I hadn’t already seen it on Raw AND ECW this week. I doubt I was the only person who utilized the fast forward button during it. I get that it’s hyping the match at Bragging Rights, but over-playing = annoying.

4. Interesting that R-Truth didn’t get to do his cool rapping guy entrance as he came out with Hardy and to Hardy’s music. But, both Escobar and McIntyre got separate entrances. I only bring it up because its an interesting entrance that always seems to hype the crowd up. Felt odd that it was left out because that crowd kinda needed to be hyped up.

3. Crotch thrusts R-Truth? Did you forget DX101 and accidentally leave out the arm movements? Where is Triple H to joke about gimmick infringements? (sorry, I couldn’t help myself. sometimes movements become synonymous with certain people).

2. Did anyone else laugh & then cringe when Jerry Lawler posed the question; “When they’re together, what do you think they do for entertainment?” about Vickie & Escobar.

1. It looked like WWE was getting over the whole Jeff issue by putting Matt back on TV. But given that he’s taken a loss to Escobar and McIntyre in the space of a few weeks, now I’m not so sure. Unfortunate for Matt I guess.

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