10 Thoughts on TNA Impact – 10/22/09

10. Really, Booker is already gone…. bound for glory in WWE eh? Oh dear. Wonder if he’ll receive the Christian treatment over there? ECW probably needs some new “veterans”.

9. I’m glad the mafia is over. It was fun for a while, then exceptionally dull and drawn out. It’s good news for TNA that it’s done.

8. Some nice innovation from Amazing Red in that match. He is nothing if not impressive. (even if he did lose).

7. How many years have you worked for TNA Steiner? Mike Morgan? Seriously, how many years? Doesn’t make you look tough, just stupid.

6. I have to admit that what Steiner did to Krystal Lashley was pretty offensive. Scripted or not, it crossed a line. But I guess it does set up Steiner to be the next person to be steamrolled over by the unstoppable Bobby Lashley.

5. Can’t believe Daniels is back in action so quickly. That bump he took at BFG was pretty insane. That’s dedication to your craft right there.

4. Killing off Saeed is a good move for the knockouts division. Hopefully this means we’ll see a lot more of Alyssa Flash now. Who, by the way is pretty excellent at taking impressive bumps that would probably send a lot of the Divas of today running screaming in the other direction.

3. Ultimate X matches are pretty hard to mess up in terms of being entertaining. This one didn’t disappoint. No really crazy insane spots, but some great wrestling in there.

2. If TNA are truly pushing the talent who’ve basically been ignored & overshadowed in the year of MEM, that’s just good news for people who have stuck by the company. Hopefully this means we’ll get to see a lot of different stars get their chance to shine.

1. Impressive debut for Desmond Wolfe. The biggest thing to happen to TNA in a long while. Great writing for his entrance into the company, watching people beat up Angle could never get boring.

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