Linda McMahon responds to opponents comments about WWE’s former racy attitude

On the official website for Linda’s Connecticut Senatorial campaign, she’s posted a video in response to all the negative press her association with the WWE, and it’s racy content, has got her.

Certain topics she touches on are the fact that WWE was the first to admit that wrestling was scripted entertainment. Of course, she didn’t mention that they had to due to the steroid trial, but that’s neither here nor there. She also mentions that yes, at a time the product was rated TV-14, but is now family safe at a steady TV-PG as rated per their network partners.

This is the first time that Linda McMahon has mentioned her association with the WWE, and it probably would have been longer had her hand not been forced by her opponents. As it is, they’ve brought up a lot of the really stupid, and gross things the WWE has done in it’s past. Such as Linda’s son-in-law, Triple H, appearing to have sex with a dead body.

You can watch the video by following the link

Credit: – Mike Johnson

It’s really funny to think about all the absurd crap that her opponents could mention. I mean, how would things go down in a debate?

“Mrs. McMahon, were you not the head of a company that at one point showed an 80 year old woman being a nymphomaniac and at one point giving birth to a hand?”

“I would like to respond to that. But first, didn’t anyone see me kick my husband in the groin at WM17? Shane wouldn’t have won without me. Yet I hear no one talking about that…”