Rasslin’ Roundtable – WWE Bragging Rights 2009

It’s that time of the week again – time for another roundtable. When WCW released the video game WCW Mayhem, we got a PPV with the same name. When TNA released the video game TNA Impact we got a new wrestler, Suicide. Now, WWE releases the video game Smackdown vs. Raw 2010 and we get a 14-men Smackdown vs. Raw tag match. How clever on their part! And while ECW appears in the video game, it’s nowehere to be found on the PPV. But we also get the fifth 60 minutes Iron Match in WWE history, to hopefully end the Cena-Orton rivalry. Sit back, relax and read what the Pulse team thinks will happen on Sunday night.

SmackDown vs. Raw WWE Bragging Rights Tag Team Match:
Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger and Cody Rhodes vs. Chris Jericho, Kane, Matt Hardy, Finlay, R-Truth, David Hart Smith and Tyson Kidd

Tess Nolde: So thankful they changed the SD team. Because otherwise all I would have said was one word, Raw. It really was looking bad for SD there for a while and though its not much better now, at least the names here can put on a decent match. But given that Vince has massive love for Raw, and everyone knows it, it doesn’t feel like team SD stands much of a chance here. It’d be nice to see the underdogs win, but HHH & HBK ain’t going to bow down to that. All I can hope is that it’s not a totally one sided battle.
Winner: Team Raw

Iain Burnside: Thinking about this Bragging Rights nonsense, for no particularly good reason no doubt, leads me to believe that the heels should all win the main matches for various reasons. Team Smackdown has to beat Team Raw. Big Show gets kept out of the entire match as all the other Raw guys fail to get the win, then he finally gets the hot tag after all the other guys are away brawling or selling and HBK has finally gotten away from Jericho and Kane… then he just twats Michaels right in the face and Jericho pins him. Cue easy build for Jericho/Show vs DX for the tag titles at Survivor Series. Speaking of which, while we’re at it, why not add on Matt Hardy, Finlay, R-Truth & Cryme Tyme vs Dolph Ziggler, Drew McIntyre, Vickie Guerrero & Hart Dynasty? And let’s have R-Truth do the job there, on account of me being supremely irritated at having missed him in this quiz.

Widro: It was unbelievable to see Hunter bury the Smackdown team, and then to have the team redone entirely. What’s worse is that fans who only watch Raw and not Smackdown will not have seen the team change entirely. Either way the Smackdown team is weaker
Winner – Raw

Andrew Wheeler: I’m gonna be honest…I have no idea what the hell the WWE is thinking with this PPV. Normally, when you go into a show, you can kinda guess what Vince and Creative are trying to do. With this show? No freaking idea. First and foremost, there’s this match. This seven-on-seven borderline debacle. It almost feels like this entire show was what was booked for Survivor Series but they then forgot that they have another PPV to write. Seriously, look at this card. There are not one but two mutli-member tag matches, which was SS’s M.O. Hell, having the Ironman match would have been perfect for Survivor Series. The problem with doing those four-on-four or five-on-five tag matches was that you deplete the majority of your roster. If the WWE stuck with the plan that they themselves created over twenty years ago then we would have been guaranteed a good Survivor Series PPV. Instead, we sort of hesitantly enter into Breaking Point with the knowledge that it could very well supplant what was the second best gimmick PPV of the year. Alright, enough of that, onto this match. In keeping with this honesty thing, I have to point out that I have no freaking clue why Team Smackdown has changed so dramatically. I’m a purist in the fact that I never read Smackdown spoilers, mainly because it depletes the enjoyment I get from watching (i.e. DVRing and fast-forwarding through on a Saturday before the Gator games) the show. So, with that said, they only logical explanation is that we saw some sort of Smackdown Challenge the same way we saw the RAW challenge…or maybe everyone just got bochelism. Either way, you have to question some of the changes, namely the removal of Dolph Ziggler. I understand getting rid of “That guy Vicki is screwing” Escobar. I even understand why they wouldn’t want to rush Drew McIntyre into the main event. But why in the blue hell did they bother building up Team Smackdown only to replace almost all of it. On the plus side, there were some positive changes. I’m glad that the Hart Dynasty were added, as Tyson and DH will get a chance to possibly shine on a real, live PPV. Finlay is always a solid performer. Matt Hardy…uh…has rapidly become the most hated man on the Internet. Sadly, that’s the most positive thing I can say about a guy who’s injuries have led him to grow a pouch belly and start wrestling again as if he’s never been in a ring before. R-Truth is a guy who makes a perfect Jobber to the Stars and nothing more. On the whole, Team RAW still has the stronger team. The only thing that should cause anyone any concern is the fact that these guys are battling their hearts out for a big, steaming bowl of nothing. The motivation is there for Smackdown to get a crack at DX and embarrassing the flagship show. The motivation for RAW is to win one for the Gipper (here, the Gipper is being played by DX). Back when Dolph and Drew were in this match, I was pretty sure one of them was going to get the pin to solidify themselves as the top guy of the future. Imagine what the Net folks would say when they watched HHH lay down for a rookie. Now? Not so much gonna happen. Team RAW has two three bona fide main event superstars, while Team Smackdown has one true main event guy, two former ECW champions and a bunch of lower midcard talent. My guess is that this is all set up for Big Show to turn on Team RAW, cost DX the match and lead to the JeriShow/DX feud we’ve been heading towards for months. I mean that has to be why Jericho was jobbed out this week, right? Right?
Winner: Team Smackdown Midcard Express

Roy Reynolds: I actually really like the reassembled Team SmackDown, but the lack of Dolph Ziggler brings tears to my eyes. As far as picking match winners, though, I don’t see anyone on Team SmackDown taking down Triple H or Shawn Michaels. Team Raw will prevail, I say.
Winners: Triple H, Shawn Michaels, Big Show, Mark Henry, Kofi Kingston, Jack Swagger & Cody Rhodes

Raffi Shamir: I liked the reshuffling of Team SD, because now it no longer looks like a glorified jobber match. Still, I don’t get the point of this match. I loved the original concept better, but I guess WWE realized that with over one third of the event dedicated to Cena-Orton, they did not have time for good preliminary matches and a good SD vs. Raw match. As for the end result, For months now I was talking about a future JeriShow-DX feud and what better way to launch this feud with a turn by Big Show on Team Raw? Besides, the victory would mean more for the blue team.
Winners: Team SD

Will Pruett: This will probably be another long one on the night. I was more intrigued when it was the winners of the night’s matches facing off at the end. That being said, Big Show will turn on Team Raw leading Chris Jericho to get the victory and extending the DX vs JeriShow feud.
Winner: Team Smackdown

Steven Gepp: Until Smackdown I thought there was no doubt – they were setting up for the big DX/Raw destroys everyone thing. But considering DX have let Legacy defeat them at a PPV and there’s a heap of newer talent in this match… I’m torn. So I’m going to go out on a limb and say the underdogs. But I reckon this is going to be a fun match if given the time.
Winner: Smackdown

Michael O’Mahony: The only thing that could really save the mess this match has become would be a decisive Smackdown victory. In the first place, the booking has been horrible, with no real reason why any of these guys would lay aside their rivalries for the good of whichever show. Is it really so hard to do a few promos where the guys explain why they’re loyal to their particular brand? Seriously, how taxing would it have been for them to do a short, pre-taped vignette with each competitor on each team and then air them separately throughout the final Raw and SD before the PPV? What Raw/Smackdown Means To Me. Boom, instant reason for this match to mean something other than promoting a videogame. Instead, we get DX burying everyone and the original Smackdown team being second-guessed in such a fashion that they come out of the whole scenario looking like chumps. As will their replacements when they get beat by DX (and some other guys) on Sunday.
Winners: Team Raw.

WWE Championship – Anything Goes 60 Minutes Iron Man Match:
Randy Orton (c) vs. John Cena

Tess Nolde: Finally, the end of the feud! FINALLY! I hate that they’re ending this in an iron man match, because that’s another hour of Orton/Cena and it may or may not put me to sleep. I can’t be the only person totally sick of matches between these two. And really, if this is to end properly and not get revived, Cena needs to go to SD. (though, as someone who sees that as the better show, I don’t want Cena to go there and wreck it). But as I want this to end, I’m voting Orton here. Also, I hope they include some entertaining spots in this. Handcuffs anyone?
Winner: Randy Orton.

Iain Burnside: Randy Orton has to keep the title. No more world title changes every three weeks!! The stipulation about Cena leaving Raw is too interesting not to pursue. Hey, last month the Miz had to leave Raw forever and he was back on the roster the very next week. Besides, isn’t Cena filming a new movie? Who’s to say that this is not just a way to write him out for a few weeks so he can shoot that? Losing here doesn’t mean that he has to go and be on Smackdown forever, as some people seem to be interpreting it. And I just love the idea of the finish coming from Dibiase strolling down to the ring – dramatic pause – and then beating the fucking shit out of Orton. He gets to look cool, Cena gets DQ’d and that can be the winning fall in injury time. Dibiase has the perfect excuse of helping Randy retain the title. Randy can decide to deal with this shit by captaining a team to take on a Dibiase-led team at Survivor Series. Cena can go make his movie. He can return as Guest Host. Orton can let him back onto Raw with a new contract stating that he does not get anymore title shots or matches against Randy. Cena can of course go on to win the Rumble. Orton can of course turn around say fuck you, you’re still not getting the WM title shot. Much hassle. Vince intervenes and says that if Cena is adamant about not challenging the Smackdown champion instead, he has to forfeit the Rumble stipulation and win a #1 contender Elimination Chamber – and he will be the first entrant. He does. Match is on. Wahey.

Widro: As much as I’d like to see Cena on Smackdown, the one-sided booking of him on Raw indicates otherwise. I also would be surprised to see Cena moved to My Network as that network dwindles in size and importance.
Winner – Cena

Andrew Wheeler: I’ll come right out and say it, having John Cena lose would be the most interesting thing the WWE can do. Why not move John off of the Monday Night Live show onto a program where he can continue to deliver? Ever since we’ve gotten this revolving door of C-list celebrities, Cena has just sort of been there. Sure, he was champion for a good deal of the Guest GM “fun”, but the interaction between the celebs and the superstars has tended to fall on the shoulders of DX and Santino. If Cena were to lose here, the possibilities would be near endless. The WWE has realized that Cena and Orton can’t carry a full one hour PPV match, so they made it no disqualification. This means we’ll see the same thing we’ve seen the past few months, including no blood. By having this be no DQ, Cena can lose thanks to Orton and a solidified Legacy outnumbering him and taking him apart. Then, once he’s ostracized from RAW, he can go to Smackdown (or maybe even ECW, so that he can have a blockbuster feud with Tyler Reks and make a certain writer’s head explode). If Cena were back on Smackdown, the Friday night show has some new motivation. Right now that show is headlined by a guy who can barely work a full match (mere months after he wrestled the perennial MOTY), a guy who was at best the number four face on RAW, a guy who can’t seem to pee in a cup without testing positive for Hardy Enhancements and a guy who forgot to wear a coat and then dropped his title. Smackdown was the best show in wrestling a few months back, and having Cena there will at least add new intrigue. John can take over as the top face, let Taker work a relaxed schedule, and maybe even open the door for that LONG gestating Batista heel turn. Then, after a few months of feuding with Punk, Jericho and Dave, John can win the Rumble and go after Orton with renewed fervor. Suddenly, the Wrestlemania main event becomes about a guy looking for revenge not just for losing his title, but for losing his show. Now we’ve got an old western playing out on PPV. Will this happen? Probably not. Most folks will predict that Teddy will cost Cena the belt, and while every fiber in my being tells me to pick Orton, I’m making the voluntarily stupid move and going…
Winner: John Cena

Roy Reynolds: John Cena versus Triple H on Raw this past Monday was really played off as being Cena’s final match on Raw. As much as there’s a side of me that believes that John will be heading to SmackDown after “Bragging Rights”, I have to conclude that Cena will walk out of this match as the new WWE Champion. That’s just how things always work in wrestling. We’ll see what happens, though.
Winner: John Cena

Raffi Shamir: I already wrote extensively about my high expectations from the match here. And when I repeated those thoughts on an Israeli forum where I write, I was called a moron, and even worse. But I still stand by mt initial thoughts that this is going to be a great match. Not as good a Lesnar-Angle or Rock-Triple H, but it can surpass Hart-Michaels. Unless WWE pulls the biggest shocker of the year and move Cena to Smackdown (Which, as I wrote, will not happen unless The Undertaker is retiring), the outcome is telegraphed. This week’s Cena-Triple H match on Raw, which was played as perhaps Cena’s last match on Raw, did not change my mind.
Winner: John Cena

Will Pruett: This will be the match of the night. There are a lot of things working for this one. There is the drama of multiple falls, the drama of a time limit, and two great wrestlers. I’m sure many people will say that this match does not need to happen, but it will be a good ending for this feud. I think that Smackdown and John Cena will get along well.
Winner: Randy Orton

Steven Gepp: Can I just say I’m underwhelmed by the prospect of this? I think the ‘anything goes’ stip is going to help the match be more than a snoozefest, but the fact it’s Cena/Orton AGAIN… Oh well, should be good for what it is. I expect lots of run-in shenanigans, maybe a Legacy turn on Orton, maybe a Jerishow abuse of Cena, maybe a DX involvement somehow, maybe Shane McMahon taking one last suicide bump for no purpose whatsoever. But I also expect Cena to be moving.
Winner: Orton

Michael O’Mahony: I’m sure Cena and Orton will put on a decent show here, but it’ll be another poorly acted action movie instead of a wrestling match. There are about a million better things I could do with an hour of my life, and many of them don’t cost forty dollars.
Winner: Orton.

World Heavyweight Championship – Fatal Four Way Match:
The Undertaker (c) vs. CM Punk vs. Batista vs. Rey Mysterio

Tess Nolde: Oh to be Rey Mysterio. Sent on a nice holiday for violating wellness policy, and to come back straight into the main event scene on SD. It basically infuriates me. So if Rey wins this one, I don’t know if I’ll be able to watch the rest of the PPV. I would like to see Punk win, because out of all of them, he tends to be the most entertaining on the mic. But, he’s also the least likely to actually win this one. I’m thinking that Undertaker probably hasn’t had the belt long enough just yet. Oh, and a reign that lasts longer than a few weeks would also be really great to see. So I’ll vote ‘taker here.
Winner: Undertaker.

Iain Burnside: CM Punk has to win the title. DAVE will be off brawling with Undertaker towards the finish. Mysterio will try something involving too many flips. Punk will catch him and GTS him for the win. DAVE will see this happening and try to make it back into the ring in time to make the save but he will fail. Taker can be made about getting “screwed” again. Punk can grab the belt and leg it through the crowd, looking terribly smug. DAVE can get all riled up and sex-nuts and yell at Rey and think about chasing after Punk but then just goes and checks on his mate, looking all sad. The heel turn can wait a little while longer. However, the point remains that the babyfaces winning this Sunday will be irritating, lame, short-sighted and pointless. So they will, I expect. Besides, why not throw in a Batista/Taker match in DC next month to keep Michael Hayes happy? Plus, unless Punk has gone on a fashionable shopping spree at some upmarket designer boutiques and taken private tutorials in how to knot a tie…

Widro: This seems to be a match to get the title off of the Undertaker. I could see Rey taking it and Dave snapping on him. Why not
Winner – Rey Mysterio

Andrew Wheeler: Well, this match makes sense to ensure that the maximum number of guys get face time on PPV. Additionally, it takes the burden off of Undertaker for another month. Quite frankly, anyone could win this match. Well, anyone but Mysterio. The WWE needs to show that a Wellness Violation isn’t code for “time off and then back to your spot”, so Rey can’t win. Batista comes back to wrestling, moves to Smackdown and has a grand total of nothing to show for it. I kinda hope that we’re pushing towards a Batista heel turn soon. I’d love to see Punk regain the strap and take over his show again. I also would have loved to see Nigel in the WWE, but you live with disappointment. Chances are, The Undertaker is going to retain here, because he didn’t sign up for another one-and-done title run. The only problem is that he has no fresh opponent. Kane? Seen it way too many times. Jericho? Wrapped up with DX. That leaves a repeat with one of these guys, but since it’ll be Survivor Series, it’ll probably be another round of Taker/Batista.
Winner: The Undertaker

Roy Reynolds: Tough match to predict, as I think any of the participants could walk out as World Heavyweight Champion at any given time. CM Punk lost in a title match to Undertaker on Friday, so I think the odds are against him on Sunday. No one cares for Batista anymore and the same can be said about Rey. With all that taken into consideration, I see Undertaker tapping Punk out with the Hell’s Gate.
Winner: The Undertaker

Raffi Shamir: So Batista and Rey lose a tag title match, and that earns them a promotion to a world championship match. That makes sense. The problem with this match is that I see valid reasons not to give the win to any of the participants. Undertaker shouldn’t win because he obviously can’t work the schedule required from a champion. Rey shouldn’t win because that would make a mockery of the wellness policy. Batista shouldn’t win because he is Batista and Punk shouldn’t win because that would make this his third title win in three months and a total of 9 title changes in 9 months (Granted, this reason also applies to Batista and Rey). When in doubt, always bet on Taker.
Winner: The Undertaker

Will Pruett: Undertaker and Batista have amazing chemistry. Rey Mysterio and CM Punk can get it done in the ring. With these four in there, this match could steal the show. Mysterio and Punk are the glue that could make this match flow between big Undertaker/Batista stare-downs. Coming out of this one, I see a Batista heel turn, so let’s have him cost Undertaker the title here.
Winner: CM Punk

Steven Gepp: I do not like Undertaker as a wrestler, I think Mysterio is a shell of his former self, I prefer Batista as a heel and think Punk has had his ghoulies ripped off by creative. So this match has no interest for me. But thinking outside the square – Punk pins Mysterio after he costs Batista a chance to win, so Undertaker can job without being pinned, only to destroy Punk later again because his shoes weren’t shiny enough or whatever.
Winner: CM Punk

Michael O’Mahony: As I write this, it occurs to me that I’ve become pretty bored of shows I was enjoying just a few short weeks ago. Undertaker’s a shitty champion who doesn’t need the belt. Hell, we had all this talk of Punk not carrying himself like a champion a little while back, but I don’t see him skipping TV the way ‘Taker did last week. On the eve of a PPV that’s all about which show is best, shouldn’t the champ be representative of what the brand is supposed to be about? Then again, since the dead man came back and Batista made the jump from Raw, I’m not sure what the brand’s about anymore. I’m not even sure what the point of brands is when you make moves that appear designed to homogenize what was a very good wrestling program. I’m guessing ‘Taker retains here and goes into some kind of horrifying feud with Batista while Rey gets Punk.
Winner: The Undertaker.

Non-title Champion vs. Champion match:
Intercontinental Champion John Morrison vs. United States Champion The Miz

Tess Nolde: This has some serious potential to be a good match. And it meant that we got an “episode” of the Dirt Sheet, which used to be my favorite thing to watch on WWE’s website back when they were a tag team. Ahh, the memories. I’m going to vote Morrison to win because out of the two, he probably has more potential in the WWE, and also, if Miz loses we might just get some rather entertaining spiels on the mic out of him.
Winner: John Morrison.

Iain Burnside: John Morrison typifies everything dumb about WWE today. Both he and the promotion lean far too much towards all that is arbitrary. Why bother having an identifiable character that can be easily summarised in one sentence, such as “Eric Bischoff’s over-eager lackey” or “conceited wannabe celebrity”? No need for that, not when you can just change your name, make vague references to a dead rock star from a bygone era and hope that somehow it will all magically translate into drawing power. No need to be able to entertain the crowd with a clear, concise promo that informs the audience of your product while also entertaining them, not when you can just ramble on about nothing in particular, throwing in cheap and obvious puns along the way. No need to be able to craft a well-told story during your matches, not when you can just do a bunch of random moves made all the more important by the addition of superfluous SPINNING. No need to put over the guy who is in fact awesome. No need to be great when it is passable to get by with comparitive mediocrity. No need at all. Fuck it.
Winner – JOHNNY

Widro: This is the match I’m most looking forward to on the card. They will be motivated to have a great match and will deliver
Winner – Morrison

Andrew Wheeler: The Miz needs the win, not Morrison. In fact, if the WWE were smart, they would have Miz be the only RAW winner, giving him true Bragging Rights on the Monday show. Morrison doesn’t need to win because he’ll still be quasi-over as long as he’s the champion. Miz has been on a roll and imagine the promo Monday night when he talks about how DX couldn’t get it done, but he could. Storyline wise, it makes sense, which means I’ll probably be proven wrong.
Winner: The Miz

Roy Reynolds: Honestly, this match is the one that I am most looking forward to on the pay-per-view. Morrison has easily been one of my favorite guys to watch in all of the WWE in recent months. I think it’s a real tragedy if John doesn’t pick up the win here, but you never know. WWE is known for pulling swerves from time to time.
Winner: John Morrison

Raffi Shamir: Before talking about the match, I must say that John Morrison’s shirt is the best one that WWE released this year, and even longer than that. Too bad that WWEShop doesn’t ship to Israel (And if anyone in WWE is reading that, TIME TO CHANGE THAT POLICY!!!). Now that I got that out of my system, I think it’s obvious that Morrison is going to win here. He’s headed to the top while sadly Miz appears to be entrenched in the midcard. Regardless, I loved last week’s Dirt Sheet, it made me miss the original sheets and the DotCom Delivery.
Winner: Morrison

Will Pruett: I love that this match is happening on Pay Per View. These two superstars are the future of the WWE and could easily be world champions by the end of 2010. I think this one will continue into a Survivor Series elimination match and still won’t be settled there. This will be a long feud that could take off like The Rock and Steve Austin. Therefore I see The Miz cheating to pull this one out.
Winner: The Miz

Steven Gepp: Potentially match of the night, and if they’re given time this could be damn entertaining. Either could win it, but I’m going to go out on another limb – they start to fight, but some other group interferes, they reuinte, it ends up being a tag match and Miz/Morrison wins.
Winner: Miz/Morrison

Michael O’Mahony: I’m not ordering this show, but if I did, this would be why. Two young and talented performers? Check. A reason for them to fight? Check. A solid (if rather brief) build-up? Check. The face-off between Morrison and Miz on last week’s Smackdown was one of the best angles WWE has pulled off in months. Not only did the two set the stage for their feud against each other, but Morrison openly mocked Raw and – get this – explained why he doesn’t like it. “Who’s hosting next week, Big Bird?” smirked John, as I stood up in my living room and cheered the fact that somebody had actually taken the concepts of both Booking 101 and the point of the fucking pay-per-view to heart. This should be a good match with plenty of heat. I’m honestly not sure who’ll win, but my gut says Morrison.
Winner: John Morrison.

Raw Divas vs. SmackDown Divas Tag Team Match:
Melina, Kelly Kelly and Gail Kim vs. Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix and Natalya

Tess Nolde: At one stage there, this was almost the match I was buying this PPV for. Mostly because they’ve put Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix and Natalya on a PPV together. That is basically my dream team of divas. The face team I could care less about. I doubt this will get any time at all because of what else is on offer and what the time constraints are, but hopefully its not just a spot-fest and they actually wrestle. Given that I think Raw will win the mens match, I think SD will trump over Raw here.
Winners: Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix & Natalya.

Iain Burnside: Heel miscommunication. Cheap babyface victory. Toilet break. T-shirt sales. Beer consumption. Classic. Not Chavo Classic, but classic nonetheless.
Winners – RAW

Widro: Seems somewhat thrown together, especially with Melina and Beth having just moved brands, it’s silly to have them fighting for the pride of their brand
Winners – McCool team

Andrew Wheeler: While I’m happy to see Natalya on PPV, I could really care less about this PPV. Since this match is usually used to pop the crowd, Team RAW winning would make sense, but since I wanted to see Miz be the only Monday Night guy to go over, I’ll go with the ladies in blue.
Winner: Smackdown

Roy Reynolds: I am actually not expecting this match to be terrible, moreso pretty standard. The WWE writers did a nice job of assembling two teams of their finest female talent. There was hardly any build up to this bout, so I have to assume that it can go either way. Team SmackDown looks like a stronger team to me, so I’ve got to go with those girls.
Winners: Michelle McCool, Beth Phoenix and Natalya

Raffi Shamir: The SD team is far superior to the Raw team, but this doesn’t really matter. I gave SD wins in the 14-men match and the midcard titles match, and it can’t be a clean sweep.
Winners: Team Raw

Will Pruett: I truly don’t care. The Smackdown Divas have the most talent, so I’ll pick the Raw team.
Winner: Team Raw

Steven Gepp: I like Natalya as a wrestler, and think Beth Phoenix would do well… the others leave me cold, especially after watching the Knockouts in TNA actually taking serious bumps and hitting some clean moves (Beautiful People aside). So I’ll go with my heart.
Winner: Smackdown

Michael O’Mahony: I don’t know and I don’t care. Completely pointless match.
Winner: Team Raw

Now that you know what we think, come back to Pulse Wrestling on Sunday night, for full, up to the minute coverage of WWE Bragging Rights.

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