Cornette Talks TNA Run, Russo

Jim Cornette’s latest commentary covers his time in TNA, focusing mainly on his attempt to work with mortal enemy Vince Russo, who returned to TNA not long after Cornette debuted, much to Cornette’s horror:

Unfortunately, my excitement was tempered early. Dutch called me in September 2006 to let me know there was an “addition to the creative team…….Vince Russo.” “No! It can’t be!” I thought to myself, as my mind boggled. “I’ve done everything right! I moved from Connecticut to Kentucky in 1999 to get away from him and his paper-carrying sycophant Ed Ferrara! I’ve lived in a Russo-free zone for 7 years! I only took a job with TNA because they had already fired him! I’m supposed to be safe!”

Cornette goes on to talk about how Jeff Jarrett talked him out of quitting the minute Russo returned and his role as an agent/producer, how he interacted with Russo in that role, and what happened when he was released (including the reason Dixie Carter and Terry Taylor gave him). He also explains why he hasn’t been shooting on TNA the way he did WWE when he left that company:

I would have to be truly angry at the turn of events to really vent at TNA because I do want the company to succeed. Many of the employees have been friends of mine for 20 years or more, and great people I met working there have become friends. They have a wonderful and talented roster of wrestlers, and their crew of young stars is a match for or greater than the WWE’s. Most importantly, the WWE cannot have a complete monopoly on wrestling, and TNA is best positioned to keep that from happening. But I am not particularly angry at TNA. Surprised, amused, bewildered, one or more of those would cover it, but not angry.

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