More on Hulk Hogan to TNA; Ric Flair Next? (Also: Nash Suspended) is reporting that part of the Bischoff/TNA deal includes Spike TV getting first dibs at a recently-rumored Hulk Hogan/Ric Flair reality show. In an audio update* at WrestlingObserver/F4W, Dave Meltzer is saying that he was told there’s “more to come,” bigger than just Hogan and Bischoff going to TNA, in time… and that he is hearing this is the real deal, as opposed to the last time Hogan “signed” with TNA (doing the big angle with Jeff Jarrett in Japan) and then backed out.

Flair had apparently signed a deal with Hogan’s group that is touring Australia that would link Hogan and Flair for three years, but no word on whether or not that would lead to Flair going to TNA – something he hasn’t done at this point, probably in part to not burn bridges with Vince McMahon and WWE. Could be interesting though, with Sting’s retirement constantly rumored. is reporting that its sources say at least preliminary talks have been had between TNA and Flair.

As for what any of this means for Vince Russo, when push comes to shove, Hogan and Bischoff will likely win any battles there, says, although that shouldn’t be very surprising. Wade Keller at says that Russo is scheduled to be part of a small group of TNA people at a Spike TV meeting in NY tomorrow. Keller also says (at that same link) that Kevin Nash was rumored to be Hogan’s choice for booker, but that’s merely a rumor, and in fact Nash is suspended for a recent outburst; and that Dixie Carter originally brought up Hogan as an on-air authority figure back when the falling out with Jeff Jarrett took place.

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