Total Nonstop Weekly – 10.27.09 Hogan Edition

Yes it’s so soon, but with the bomb just being dropped…Are you ready? Pulse Glazer breaks the news for the second week in a row. This time, I’m here for my take on this huge news.

Breaking News: Hulk Hogan AND Eric Bischoff signs with TNA

Let’s start off with an official press release from TNA Wrestling and Spike TV.

Legendary Wrestler and Pop Culture Icon Returns To The Ring With Fast-Rising Wrestling Organization

“Hulkamania” is back! The biggest name in professional wrestling history, Hulk Hogan, is joining Total Non-Stop Action Wrestling (TNA), the fastest rising wrestling organization in the world and home to one of cable television’s highest rated shows for young men, TNA iMPACT! The announcement was made today by TNA Wrestling in conjunction with Spike TV at a press conference held in New York City.

“Hulk Hogan is one of the world’s top pop culture icons and the biggest superstar in the history of professional wrestling. We are truly excited to welcome him into the TNA family,” said Dixie Carter, President of TNA Wrestling. “Our goal is to become the world’s biggest professional wrestling company. Hulk defines professional wrestling and we look forward to partnering with him in a variety of ways as we continue to grow TNA globally.”

“I’m thrilled to be jumping back into the world of professional wrestling,” said Hogan. “My fans have been asking me to return to the business for many years on a full time basis, but the timing or the opportunity has never been right until now. TNA Wrestling is a great company with an already excellent fan base, business and broadcast partner. I firmly believe now is the time for some change at TNA as they are positioned to jump to the next level in their development and I’m here to work with Dixie to help make that a reality.”

Through Hogan’s partnership with Bischoff Hervey Entertainment Television, the deal with TNA was negotiated by longtime Hogan colleague Eric Bischoff. Additionally, BHE TV has inked a first-look deal with TNA and will be working with the organization to develop new programming extensions of the TNA brand.

“Hulk Hogan adds yet another level of star power that positions TNA iMPACT as Spike TV’s version of ‘Must-See TV’ on Thursday nights,” said Kevin Kay, president of Spike.

Hogan most recently penned an autobiography with Mark Dagostino, “My Life Outside The Ring” with St. Martin’s Press.

Wow. This is huge news for TNA. From a fan perspective, Hulk Hogan has done it all in professional wrestling. While many critics are easy to criticize him for his political stroke, one can hope that Hogan’s signing with TNA is a business decision that will help TNA in the long run. Hogan brings with him Eric Bischoff, the man behind the Bischoff-Hervey Entertainment Company. While it isn’t fully known what roles Hogan and Bischoff will play company-wise, it seems that Bischoff will work with TNA to get additional programming on Spike TV or another channel.

What Does This Mean?

What does Hogan and Bischoff bring to TNA? Hulk Hogan brings years of experience in professional wrestling to a company that has few mainstream stars. Like him or hate him, Hogan continues to be a well-known name – even more well-known than Steve Austin and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. The WWE made millions when Hogan was involved, as did WCW. TNA can only benefit from this huge signing. Eric Bischoff brings years of creative experience behind the scenes in wrestling, having produced wrestling programs and marketed wrestling to the industry. Both of these are good reasons as to why TNA needed this spotlight. Having this announcement in Vince McMahon’s backyard at Madison Square Garden has to be a huge blow to the WWE.

Is TNA Doomed?

Critics won’t let it rest about Hogan’s political stroke and his ego, but many aren’t that willing to give it a chance. They believe that Hogan signing with TNA is an immediate cancer and that this will hurt TNA. I ask you this question. Did Hogan’s many returns to the WWE to collect a paycheck hurt the WWE overall? No. The WWE is still in business before, during, and after the Hogan returns.

TNA has their homegrown talent in AJ Styles, Daniels, Robert Roode, James Storm, among others. However, for them to be noticed mainstream, a company needs someone with mainstream credibility. Someone that people will tune in and say “Hogan is on TV!” As the show moves on, their excitement on Hogan moves onto the homegrown talent and the conversation goes from that to “Hey, that AJ Styles is a big time player. I like how he works in the ring.” Before Steve Austin became popular, he was a no-named wrestler and before Rocky Malvia became the most electrifying man in sports entertainment, he was a no-named wrestler. Having well-known stars in the business helped raise their stock and Hulk Hogan will do the same thing to the TNA stars. Even if Hogan wrestles one match against Sting, his effects on TNA can only help the company grow.

Will Hogan Wrestle in TNA?

PWInsider has some highlights of the press conference earlier today between Hogan and TNA. It seems that Hogan may be more of a “partner” with TNA rather than a “performer”. However a question was asked about his relationship with Vince Russo and Hogan responded that if Russo stayed in his place, he wouldn’t have any problems with Hogan. There isn’t a definite answer to this question, but it remains to be seen.

Even More Breaking News: Will Ric Flair Follow?

Ric Flair is contracted to face Hogan in Australia during the Hulkamania tour. PWInsider is saying that there are discussions that would bring Flair in under the same deal Hogan and Bischoff received, but nothing is certain yet. However, it is safe to say that things will become more interesting.

Until Next Time

I’ll have more Hogan developments next Monday on Total Nonstop Weekly. As the news broke out today, be sure to keep it to Pulse Wrestling for late-breaking news and other commentary from our esteemed group of writers. See you next week!

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