One Year in Memphis – October 25, 1986


Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tojo Yamamoto/Don Bass/Dirty Rhodes over Jerry Lawler/Austin Idol/Tommy Rich/Jeff Jarrett/Jerry Jarrett

Tracy Smothers over Boy Tony

Big Bubba over Giant Hillbilly

The Ninja over Pat Tanaka

Excitement, Inc. over Larry Wright/Keith Roberson

Dennis Hall over William Thompson

Bubba Monroe over David Haskins

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown let us know that today we’d be seeing Pat Tanaka, Dennis Hall and Dolly Parker would be making their debut, Tracy Smothers would face the Ninja, Jeff Jarrett would battle Larry Wright, and Tarzan Goto, Akio Sato, Dirty Rhodes, and Don Bass would team up to face the Bryant Brothers and their partners. The main event would feature Big Bubba and Bubba Monroe facing Excitement, Inc. Russell added that there would be an announcement coming later as well.

We came back from commercial to see Keith Erich waiting for Pat Tanaka to enter the ring. Erich attacked Tanaka before he could get his jacket off. Erich whipped him only to take a back kick from Tanaka. Tanaka hit a bridging suplex and got the win at :29.

Russell brought up Paul Diamond and advised that Diamond had returned to Canada to recuperate. He then introduced a taped phone call from Diamond while video of his attack played. Diamond again reiterated that he was focused on Tojo, Sato, and Goto and what they had done to him. Diamond said that all he’d tried to do was help his friends only to wind up with a broken leg. He closed by once more promising revenge.

We returned to the studio to see Russell at the interview set with Tanaka. Tanaka said that he seemed to get jumped from behind every time he entered the ring. He then pointed out that he’d withstood an attack from the Ninja and the Ninja had run. Tanaka closed by saying that he’d just signed a lumberjack match against the Ninja.

“9 to 5” started playing to usher out Dolly Parker and Dennis Hall. They headed to the interview set where Russell welcomed them back. Russell pointed out that Hall had teamed with Ken Lucas in the past and Hall pointed out how lucky he’d been in Vegas to find Dolly and now they’d come to Nashville.

Hall headed to the ring to face David Haskins. Dolly started the match by harassing Haskins and finally slapping him. She returned to Hall’s corner as the referee held Haskins back. Parker left the ring with Hall’s entrance attire as the bell rang. Hall got a quick advantage only to take a knee to the midsection and then two dropkicks.

Dennis and Parker regrouped on the outside briefly before Hall returned to the ring and rammed Haskins head-first into the turnbuckle. Hall hit a snap mare and then stomped Haskin’s face. Haskins backed Hall into the corner and started fighting back before hip tossing him out.

Hall went fishing and cracked Haskins with an international object that he replaced in his tights while covering Haskins for the win at 1:31. Parker entered the ring to celebrate with Hall as we went to commercial.

We came back to find Russell backstage to tell us about the Wednesday night show in Evansville. Russell announced that prizes would again be given away. A video aired showing prizes such as dolls, bug zappers, an air compressor, tools, cookware, and watches.

After the video, Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett, and Jerry Jarrett joined Russell. Lawler said that while the odds may seem against them in their match, but Lawler pointed out that the match was no DQ and could only end when the blood started flying. Lawler promised chains and brass knuckles.

We returned to the studio to see Russell introducing the next Boy Tony video. Tony reported that the contributions for Fan Aid were picking up. He reminded the fans that last week he’d taught the fans how to use soap, and today he’d follow up from that. Tony introduced the fans to deodorant and showed how to apply it (while promising that those horrible underarm stains would disappear).

Next Tony moved on to perfume. He showed off “Polio” cologne and said he never used it, preferring “Joy,” which made him smell as fresh as his flower garden. He closed by promising another video next week.

Tracy Smothers came out to join Russell at the interview set. Russell mentioned that while titles normally could not change hands on a DQ, the promotion had decided to waive the rule in Tracy’s next match against Tony. Smothers bashed Tony a moment and then said that the AWA had agreed to waive the restriction. Tracy pointed out that Tony always got himself disqualified. Tracy added that he didn’t
even think that Tony was a man, let alone the better man. Tracy said that the AWA was trying this out, and then promised that Boy Tony was going down.

Smothers headed to the ring to face the Ninja. A fan pulled Smothers out of the ring and then piledrove him twice on the floor. Russell identified the attacker as Tony threw Smothers into the ring. Pat Tanaka came out to help and was stopped by the Ninja as Tony proclaimed his intelligence at the commentary table.

Back in the ring Tanaka and the Ninja were trading chops. Tanaka got the advantage and the Ninja bailed as Jeff Jarrett and other wrestlers came out to check on Smothers, who was holding his neck.

We returned from commercial to find Russell backstage to tell us more about the Wednesday night show.

We came back to the studio to see a video of Jerry Jarrett. We saw Jerry battling Tojo. The mood of the video suddenly changed from somber to upbeat as the focus switched to Jeff. We saw Jeff at the fair once more as he battled Sato and Goto. The mood changed again as we saw a focus on Austin Idol. Next up was Tommy Rich, whose song was “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys.” We finished up with clips of Jerry Lawler who was battling King Kong Bundy as “Goin’ Crazy” played.

We returned to see Jeff Jarrett on his way out to face Larry Wright. Wright got a headlock on Jarrett only for Jarrett to escape and take the former Torch to the mat. Wright put Jarrett in another headlock and he took Wright down, sending Wright to the ropes.

Wright muscled Jarrett into the corner, then a reversed Irish whip sent Wright into the turnbuckle. Jarrett followed with a backdrop and body slam. Wright started clubbing Jarrett, who took Wright down and locked in a toe hold. Wright made the ropes to break the hold.

Jarrett started cranking on Wright’s arm. Wright escaped by pulling Jarrett’s hair only for the ref to catch him. Jarrett locked in a wristlock and another hair pull sent Jarrett back to the mat.

Jarrett cranked the arm again and whipped Wright into a back elbow for a one count. Jarrett returned to the arm until Wright raked his eyes.

Wright slammed Jarrett and started stomping before covering for a 1. Wright head butted Jarrett and kept clubbing him. Jarrett threw punches to try and fight back only for Wright to rake his eyes again.

Jarrett turned the tide with a dropkick and Wright slammed him, then dropped a knee. Wright climbed to the second rope and dropped an elbow that Jarrett escaped. Jarrett hit another back elbow and followed with a dropkick for the win at 4:57.

Tracy Smothers came out to talk with Russell. Smothers pointed out that Tony had tried to cripple him and called Tony a Boy George reject. Smothers said that he didn’t care what his neck felt like and promised to get his belt back and cripple Tony.

We came back from commercial to see Rhodes, Bass, Sato, and Goto swarm the ring to attack the Bryants, Jerry Garmon, and Benny Traylor. Tojo was waiting for the Bryants and Garmon to get pitched to he could crack them with his kendo stick.

Rhodes and Bass quickly attacked Traylor. Bass sent Traylor into the corner and brought in Goto. Goto head butted Traylor and kicked him. Sato came in and continued the assault. Sato slammed Traylor and brought Rhodes back in.

Rhodes hit a back body drop and then threw Traylor into his corner to bring in Garmon. Rhodes and Bass mauled Garmon while Tojo cracked Traylor with his kendo stick.

Goto came in and chopped Garmon down. Garmon finally got Robert Bryant in only for Goto to slam him and drop a knee. Sato came in and kicked away. He brought in Rhodes as Randy Bryant tagged in and Rhodes took him down, locking in an armbar. Rhodes pulled Randy up and punched him down before returning to the arm with a hammerlock. Rhodes kept stomping and brought Bass in.

Bass chopped Randy down and kicked away. Goto came in and began throwing punches before stomping him. Sato came in and continued the abuse before locking in an armbar.

Rhodes came in and drove Randy down onto his injured shoulder. Goto came in and dropped a head butt on Randy before continuing to stomp him. Bass came in and stomped away. Bass brought Sato in, who slapped him in the face. Eddie Marlin came out and called for the bell which was the signal for all eight men to start brawling.

Tojo’s team continued mauling Randy until his teammates and Marlin were able to pull him to safety.

We came back from commercial to hear more about Wednesday night. Sato, Goto, Rhodes, Tojo, and Ninja joined Russell. Rhodes talked about how stupid the Jarrett and Lawler were to face his team. Rhodes ran down the rules of the match before Tojo took over to call Jerry Jarrett a coward who hid behind Jeff, Jeff hid behind Jerry, and they both hid behind “Queen Lawler.”

We returned to the studio to see Russell joined at the interview set by Big Bubba. Bubba asked about getting a spot in the main event. Bubba promised that he’d destroy Lawler so badly that the marquee would read Queen Jerry Lawler. Bubba promised to hurt people and said he’d start today.

He headed to the ring with Bubba Monroe to face Excitement, Inc. Big Bubba started against John Paul. Bubba easily shoved Paul down. Paul tried to grab Bubba’s arm and was shoved back down. Another lockup saw Bubba pull Paul up by the throat and drop him.

Paul stomped Bubba’s foot and both teams tagged out. McCord took Monroe down and got a 1 count. McCord started working Monroe’s arm and brought in Paul who continued working the arm. Another quick tag saw both Excitement member backdrop Monroe for a 1.

McCord hit a reverse neck breaker and covered for a 2. Paul tagged in and the two got a quick double team in before Paul covered for a 2. McCord came back in and continued working the arm.

Monroe slugged his way out and tagged in Bubba. Bubba slapped McCord and put him down with a back elbow. Bubba effortlessly slammed McCord. Bubba hit three backbreakers and tagged Monroe back in.

Monroe locked in a headlock. McCord tried to fight his way across the ring only for Monroe to bring Bubba back in. Bubba slammed McCord and dropped a leg.

Monroe came back in and took McCord down. McCord tried to fight back only for Monroe to slam him and drop an elbow that McCord dodged twice.

McCord fought his way back to his feet and started for his corner. Monroe pushed him across the ring and Bubba came back in. Bubba hip tossed McCord and brought Monroe back in.

Monroe dropped knees onto McCord and missed another elbow. Paul tagged in and took control of Monroe with a backdrop. Paul dropped an elbow and covered only for Bubba to break up the pinfall.

Monroe pushed Paul into the referee and Bubba slammed Paul before dropping a leg. Monroe covered for the win at 5:57.

We returned from the final commercial for Brown to give a quick rundown of the day’s events. Russell again put over Bubba’s strength before saying goodbye for another week.


Handicap Hospital Elimination match
Jerry Lawler/Jeff Jarrett/Jerry Jarrett vs. Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tojo Yamamoto/Dirty Rhodes

Mid-America title
Boy Tony © vs. Tracy Smothers

Lumberjack match
Pat Tanaka vs. the Ninja

Giant Hillbilly/David Haskins vs. the Animals

Big Bubba vs. John Paul

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