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Hello – it’s FLEA. It ain’t Saturday, so if you are sitting there like the Wolf Man you normally walk around as, and are dressed as Dracula, calm down. It should be Tuesday, or best offer

Okay – just some comments – I’m getting back into this and keep threatening a column. This should get me off the hook at least for another Saturday. Although, there are subjects here that will be more fun over the weekend – when we have another several days of rampant speculation and Fantasy Booking.

Here’s some topics – sounds like calls are being made as the stories get nailed down!, so less run with our own speculation and make NO phones calls, because this story is easy, without second sources. Just Common Sense

Let’s Go! Come ON!


Hogan is broke. And it’s not getting any better. Divorce, Wrongful Parenthood, probably more – to ease the pain (and this is on record) Hogan hid a ton of his money in either six or seven different sub-companies under the BHE Umbrella

BHE – (B)The Easy E, (H)That Catfish from Wonder Years who has Fucked Everyone and is a Player for no Real Known Reason…the (E) “E” is for Entertainment. Because that’s what this is, Arn – ENTERTAINMENT. Wresting may still be on the Marquee, but ENTERTAINMENT is what pays the bills. Get that straight…or don’t. It matters little

Regardless, Hogan needs money, hence the Australia Tour (under the BHE Banner) and now this – Hogan Signs with TNA – Best thing to happen in Years. Interest. Maybe a War? Fantasy abounds

Get this – Hogan needs a cash influx. He’s all over the place pimping a book full of lies, tall tales and showing symptoms of a lifelong crisis of having to “work” everyone. “I had my finger on the trigger and almost…”. Well, you no-selling fuck. Almost? To big to put over DEATH? The Zebra don’t change his stripes, folks(*), and Hogan needed a run-in from some girl he only knows from a second rate program he pimped his name to in order to pay off what seemed like meaningless lawyer bills at the time to cheat us out of what would have been a bigger story that Benoit

That never would have happened, of course. Hogan knows his biggest talent is to make us BELIEVE he’s done for, and WAM! Comeback! – we fall for it every time

This time is no different(**). There’s a whole lotta flashbacks detailing Hogan’s past misgivings and how he is only in this for himself. Search the same sites and writing and you’ll find a whole lotta flashbacks (archives) saying that wrestlers are suckers for being lead around by the only Pied Piper in town and there futures determined by a…

HAW! That’s a good correlation – HHH. Another One who has figured this out. The only way to avoid being chopped into ground meat and talked into an early death is to run the show. Pull the strings. Marry into Money. Be Friends with BHE

Hogan had mortgaged himself to Bischoff and now will go along with the plan(***). Whether this side or that side is getting “worked” means nothing. You are never a sucker if you know you are getting fucked, and like it – if the money is rolling in, you can afford to be an asshole(****)

Everyone fully expects Hogan to bail if he doesn’t like the situation – but Hogan is…get it? He needs money and his balls are owned by BHE. How things are booked are less important than the IMAGE of being back in the game(*****). I have the perfect angle booked for it, but I will wait until someone calls

(*) One day the Zebra was walking along and was approached by two jackals. “Hey, Brother – how much for your STRIPES?

(**) The Zebra said: “First off, you know, let me tell you something, dude. I Love my Stripes and have made my way around more Jackals than you two dudes, knowing how to keep them, Brother”

(***) “IS THAT RIGHT” belched the Jackals “Will your stripes help you swim? Will your stripes help you jump? Will they help you FLY? We only want to buy your stripes, not own them. You are still the Zebra. We still help you swim, jump and fly. Trust us!”

(****) Okay Brothers. The only thing I ask you is to help me avoid the temptations of that fruit tree…because it surrounded by Lions, Dude”. And it would be a big Help if you got rid of those two hyenas”

(*****) Of course. You are our Zebra. We want to help. Trust Us

And there you go. Animal Farm


Some quick thoughts re: Shane

I doubt he sells his stock. He doesn’t have to – all the real money from that stock has been paid in dividends, every Q, at a good %. I’ve always looked at that as 1) a good way to make the stock attractive and 2) to line the pockets of the major shareholders – the McMahon’s. THEY get paid large, whether or not the stock performs well or not

So how much money does Shane have? I’d say enough to be rich, but not make anybody with real money nervous. Certainly not enough (and hopefully enough sense not) to blow it on a start-up anything

I’m into the idea of Shane joining Linda’s campaign. He’s a fun guy and can schmooze all the young up-and-comers with comps and a good time

Politics – it’s an election year of the outsider and Linda is probably going to win the thing – especially if everyone still latches on to the idea that her history in “entertainment” is a bad thing. She’s the (former) CEO of a billion dollar copmany

Her response to the nonsense has been perfect – “that’s all you got?” – let’s take a look at your political record, etc”. I want to puke every time I read “OMG – they showed the Katie Vick angle – Linda is doomed!”. Fuck off. Unless you are just joking about it, of course. If you want to stay in the wrestling bubble, that’s your loss – but if you do, think about how nice it will be when Linda arranges a WWE style video package of Dodd’s ON RECORD political principles

That’s the part that people are missing – elections are won and lost on TV ads – and compared to the WWE’s level of production and the ability to get someone over / bury someone, the Washington politicos are working with a Video Toaster program, with scripts written by interns and vetted by out of touch old hacks

Wait until Vince and Linda get serious about this campaign. And I hope the Dopes keep up with their hit pieces on dumb wresting angles and the degradation of women. More fuel for the fire

they won’t be able to show this on any of the Wrestling TV Shows, due to equal time. Unless the oposition wants to…that’s too rotten to think about

Nothing stops Linda (or anyone else) from buying ads. Good Luck!, (anyone else)

– FLEA 10.17.09

Those were quick thoughts based on a situaiton that no one knows about. I will add that Shane’s money and the money of 9 other investors may be serious enough for someone to take note.

But so what? Being in bed with 9 other morons is why pistols were invented with a 13 shot capacity. You could always get heavy with a machine gun, but it’s rude and a good way to be blacklisted from business, that’s for sure. “Turned the Gun On Himself”, or heart attacks, or single car accidents are how problems with partners are solved. Actually, you only have to worry about that kind of thing if you go cheap and are by nature, a skunk. Shane does not fit that profile

He can go to TNA and not spend a dime – just license his name. That’s only if he hates his lot in life as much as some people say, which I can’t fathom. He’s a sure-fire winner in politics, even if Linda’s campaign fails. Make the contacts and in 20 years, when The Family needs help, who helps? – Not some pezzanovano…in Italian that means someone who thinks they pull the strings, a Rented Puppet, A Clown. This Family will need a “Michael” to wash away it’s sins and make the deals happen – and it will be Shane

We are dealing with The World, not some pissant domestic buyrates and ratings. Save that for whatever the Casios Owners and a foulmouth Frontman are up to. Long Term Thinking dooms the best, because it’s easy to get rich when you have a captive audience.

The trick is going to be to con the rest of the world into buying your Product. I’ll take Entertainment over Las Vegas money any day of the week. Not that Sex and Violence do not sell, but there are parts of the World that frown on that kind of behavior.

Naturally, Politics trumps all. Even Lions, Zebras, Jackals and West Coast Pimps will bow. But not until the terms are made clear

All of this would be fine if the roles were clearly defined. Or if paranoia didn’t run rampant. Fangol

It’s nice to be back in action. I just wish the specultors would put their money where there mouths are. Like in the old days, when 49ers were held to their word about Gold. Mea Culpas are easier than Picks to the Eye, I’m guessing. I quit worrying ages ago

Back for more soon – Thanks for Reading!


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