WWE Smackdown Spoilers

– Teddy Long congratulates Team Smackdown for winning at Bragging Rights. Chris Jericho interrupts him and demands the title shot at Survivor Series instead of Big Show. Long takes away Jericho’s precious, meaningless trophy because it is the brand’s property and not just his. Kane turns up to also demand the title shot since he was the co-captain. Kane starts choking Jericho. Long orders him to let Jericho go, so he does. He books a match between them for the title shot.

– Dolph Ziggler beats John Morrison by count-out after giving him a face-first powerbomb on the announce table. Ziggler mocks Morrison for being the only Smackdown star to lose at BRAGGING POINT. Somebody needs an overdub.

– Vince McMahon congratulates Long about Bragging Rights. CM Punk turns up to demand a bit of the title action at Survivor Series, claiming he would still be champion if not for Scott Armstrong’s shoddy officiating. Shoddy! Vince books him against Armstrong for later. They both mock Long for not thinking of this first.

– Beth Phoenix wins a squash match.

– Vickie Guerrero, dressed as a princess for Halloween, introduces Eric Escobar as her Prince Charming.

– Matt Hardy beats Eric Escobar.

– Rey Mysterio comes out. He considers Batista family and will not leave the ring until they can talk like men. Batista turns up and is disgruntled about Mysterio calling him out. He gives Rey a chance to leave but Rey refuses. He tells him it was a fatal four-way so he had every right to try to win the match as well. He says if he had known being in the match would interfere with their friendship then he would never have agreed to be in it, since Batista is like his big brother. Batista gives him another chance to leave. Rey refuses and reminds him of all they’ve been through together. He says to think about Eddie. Batista: “Eddie’s dead.” Batista leaves.

– Matt Hardy tries to speak to Batista. He says there are things he did to Jeff Hardy that he wishes he could take back but can’t (framing him from drug trafficking?). Batista walks off so Matt Hardy starts playing with his cell phone. Batista attacks him from behind. “Tweet this, bitch!”

– Drew McIntyre denies even wanting to have been a part of Team Smackdown in the first place as he wants to make his own impact first. Finlay comes down for a match but McIntyre just beats him up before he gets into the ring.

– Cryme Tyme judge a Divas Halloween costume contest. Mickie James (Elektra!) is the winner. The other women – Natalya (matador!), Layla (Michael Jackson!), Michelle McCool (Satan!) – beat her down.

– C.M. Punk beats Shoddy Armstrong with the GTS.

– Chris Jericho beats Kane with the Code Breaker. The Undertaker vs Big Show vs Chris Jericho for the World Heavyweight Title at Survivor Series.

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