Project Runway – Episode 6-9 Review

8 DESIGNERS LEFT AND NO MORE IMMUNITY! OK, This is getting serious- charming and talented Bob Mackie is at the Fashion Museum to inspire the designers to do a stage look for Christina Aguilera. Bob tells them that stage is an autre chose, not really fashion- he is wonderful.

They have 30 minutes to sketch and 30 minutes at Mood, with $300, where they grab anything that has shine and sequins and feathers. Nicholas feels that he is in his element. Shirin says she can see who looks confident and who looks like they are staring in the headlights. Gordanna has the final immunity, but thinks she has bitten off too much. Carol Hannah is overwhelmed. GORDANA starts and then later IS STARTING ALL OVER, while Shirin is doing 40’s. Tim hates both designs.

Do-over time for many after Tim reviews- time being the problem. Panic for some, straight through for others. Nich says Irina is really a good designer, but a bitch- maybe that is a strenghth as we have heard nary a peep from her, which makes me think she is whipping up another confident winner. The models are so encouraging and Tim is a priceless asset of honest guidance- do not believe that everyone in fashion is a cut-throat monster- I think that sort of behavior is often a sign of insecurity, and, as I have said on Top Model, WINNERS concentrate on their own business! Carol Hannah sees the fun in this challenge as the designers can let themselves go.

With Models, I notice Nic’s looks well constructed,and some look like they missed the Mackie/Christina inspiration concept, a real shame as this was a 2 day opportunity to sparkle and shine. What variety-everything from hot pants to elegant gowns, but I have the feeling the judges are going to be really tough. I like Nick’s , Carol Hannah’s black strapless and Althea has taken the cheap fabric everyone teased her about and reversed it in strips and it looks nifty, so we shall see.

Our judges are Bob Mackie, Nina Garcia and Christina Aguilera. They seem to like Carol Hannah, Althea, Irina and Nicholas, who are becoming the Usual Suspects of Season 6. They seem to dislike Shirin, which surprises me (Nina calls her design bad Halloween- ouch), Christopher, Logan and they tell Jordanna outright that she would quite well be going home if she did not have immunity. We can all count, and that means that half of the designers have failed the challenge, with 2 days, $300, Bob Mackie and Christina to inspire them- this week is AMATEUR HOUR, folks and I am really disappointed, having settled back with my new mini computer prepared to be wowed by feathers and glitz!
Well, the winner is CAROL HANNAH- I am surprised and pleased for her- Nicholas is 2nd and SHIRIN GOES HOME, another surprise. In order, here are the designs of CH, N and S:


Carol Hannah