America's Next Top Model – Episode 13-9 Review

Very often, I tell my five pound teacup Shih-Tzu, Pucci that being tall is not as important as being nice, good and smart- so, let’s see who stays out of trouble, the gossip wheel and is smart this week. Right off, Erin, is gossiping, but then tries to help Nicole loosen up- hmmmm.

They arrive at CBS for Interviews and lessons on being a correspondent. The actor plays several impossible people and all the models flub, but with humor. Now they meet Ann Shoket of Seventeen and are going to interview TV actress Jessica Lowndes .Laura freezes; Erin is good; Nicole was inappropriate. Erin wins a Seventeen Beauty Shoot, and picks Jen and Rai.

Next day, Cover Girl Commercial- THEY HAVE TO WRITE IT- EXACTLY 25 SECONDS, WITH A SET ENDING. I studied Speech and Theatre as a major and never quite get how much trouble they have- 1- you go to a quiet place- put your fingers in your ears for silence and memorize 2. Then, using a clock, you whisper how you want to say it with no script, over and over, with a mirror if you can. 3. Then, go in the ladies room and say it as quickly and as often as you can in the mirror. 4. FOCUS. To me, they do not spend enough time memorizing, and that causes all the trouble. . if you can say it in your sleep, if the last three words of each sentence remind you of the first three words of the next sentence, you are golden. Erin says she is going to win; Nicole is dull- Sundai is excited, but Nigel is not happy, Jen is a pro,Laura has trouble with her dyslexia, she is still a doll. Britany knows her lines, but is robotic; Rai is getting frustrated and flat. Erin is intimidated by the camera; she cries and cannot stop!

I am feeling a tad queasy- the only thing that can save Laura, whom I adore, is the sob-a-thon of Erin, whom I also admire tremendously. Sundai was really androgynous in her delivery, but I hope she will be ok, because she was smooth and so darn cute. Getting to the point where each week’s ending is going to be sad, the competition is down to the really talented. Jen will be best and Erin worst? Yes on Jen- runner up Nicole- hmmmm… bottom two, Erin and Rai, the blonde dolls. Going Home is Rai- remember her first angelic picture? We all wish her well. Erin is safe.