America's Next Top Model – Episode 13-10 Review

Tyra kicks the girls out of the pig sty they have made of the model house and sends them to Hawaii. They have to pack fast and go to a clean house with only clean clothes. They scream with glee a lot and I wish they would stop. A few of the girls do not enjoy the noise either- bless them. They get a Tyra mail about ‘catching a break’ and no one seems to catch on to the surfing thing. Duh!

They meet with 2 surfing stars who are going to teach them to surf for balance and body awareness. The scenery is beautiful, but the yelling and wha-hooing has my volume WAY down- modulate those shreaks to a dull roar ladies! The challenge is to surf tandem with the pros while being photographed trying to bring balance and poise. Erin, who has turned as red as a beat in spite of sun screen, wins, and takes a helicopter ride with two other models. Laura’s cheeks are fuschia too, and Jen is treating her for a bad burn- I like Jen a lot- nice mature girl.

Oh Goody! Tyra is going to photo them in a sugar cane field, where- oh so cool, they are each going to portray someone who, like the President, is a mixture of two races- very common in Hawaii, very beautiful, and so many races. This is so multi-cultural, so Tyra, and I hope the girls get the significance- I have chills. The costumes and make-up are award-worthy! Laura asks for brutal honesty and advice from TYRA- smart. No one is recognizable.
Sundai wears colors I would kill for- hot pinks and royal blues- so, so,so gorgeous…
Judges like Jen, Laura, Erin not so much, Sundai good, Brit so so, Nicole, very good. I Think Erin goes home and Nicole Wins. NICOLE WINS AND BRITANY GOES HOME.


Nicole Wins


Bye Brittany