Project Runway – Episode 6-11 Review

In the opening, it is the men vs. the women, and three of the four women seem to marginalize Jordanna. The challenge is to create a companion piece for what the judges have chosen as each designer’s best look. 30 minutes to sketch, $100 at Mood and until Midnight to finish…oy- off to the races again.

Althea is playing with her short menswear 3 piece suit’s paper-bag waist, only doing it in pants and adding a big volume retro 80’s cocoon. Irina is re-inventing her Aspen look and Gordana is doing her grey divorcee look with a late afternoon jacket and skirt. Chris is doing a long gown version of a winning short gown he did. Logan is multiplying his zipper look from his gown. Carol Hannah is looking to do something with her v-back dress with feathers, only short.

Gordana says the tension and sense of urgency has become intense, and speaks of her humble beginnings- Chris says it is intense, Logan talks of his life in Idaho. Chris is working with 30 yards of lining fabric- Carol Hannah says she has a scary mess, but Tim, our angel, suggests another fabric for her; Irina is doing a small tapestry dress with a young-looking cardigan which Tim loves; Chris has black and white volume gown- Tim finds it maternal; Althea has a tight pant with a paper bag waist and Tim says it looks like it is waiting for a diaper and needs work; while , Logan wants to turn up the volume on his zippers, including the collar, which Althea says she did in another challenge, and Gordana is doing a rough edge grey top which Tim is not buying. FIRST FITTING: a lot of work to do, and Logan calls Irina, “Meana Irina.” EVERYONE is running out of time. Hair and Make-up come too soon as usual. LOTS OF ACCUSATIONS OF COPYING- IRINA ACTS LIKE SHE INVENTED THE THREAD.

I have thoughts but let’s see. judges are Nick verreos, Nina garcia, Kerry Washington. They do not like Chris- bottom of the dress hangs like a bed-skirt; love Irina; find Gordana’s ‘sad little dress’ drab; love Carol Hannah; think Logan is unflattering, ‘like 1000 zippers exploded’; and love Althea’s outfit with the paper bag waist pant, in spite of Irina accusing her of copying her with the knit cocoon top. THE WINNER IS ALTHEA- IRINA LOOKS ANNOYED, AND SHE IS BEGINNING TO ANNOY ME; GOING HOME, FROM GORDANA AND LOGAN AT THE BOTTOM IS LOGAN.

Now there are five.


Althea Wins


Logan Leaves