Men in Black 3 Gets a Dose of Tropic Thunder


Columbia taps Tropic Thunder scribe Etan Cohen to pen a screenplay for a third Men in Black.

Back in September there was talk about sequels for two Will Smith blockbusters, Hancock and Bad Boys. But even before those announcements there was word that Columbia was going to greenlight a third Men in Black comedy.

With Etan Cohen signed on to write, I am even more excited in the possibility of a third MIB. After a successful debut and a miserable sequel, I didn’t think another MIB would be worth the investment. But Cohen is a graduate from the Mike Judge School of Comedy, having worked with Judge on Beavis and Butthead, King of the Hill and Idiocracy. So the humor will surely be there.

No word yet on if Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’ will reprise their roles, but come on, they have to return in some capacity. Let’s just hope that it’s not Smith in the Jones’ role from the first MIB, training some young hotshot recruit. And it better not be a rapper-turned-actor like Chris Brown. Just because he can slap a woman around doesn’t mean he can handle an alien.

After delivering the turd that was RV, Barry Sonnenfeld has taken a break from film to work on TV projects (like the candy-coated Pushing Daisies). He’ll most likely be game for a third MIB installment.

The first two MIBs were a huge success for the studio, grossing a combined $1.1 billion worldwide. The fact that Cohen is involved helps to ensure that Columbia wants the MIB franchise to be a summer tentpole picture once again.

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