Jerry Jarrett Talks About How Wrestling Sucks Now, Also Hogan In TNA

Jerry Jarrett commented on Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff’s jump to the company he helped create, TNA, on his Facebook. Well, sort of. He mostly just joined Jim Cornette in the crotchety old man sports entertainer hater club:

In about five years the business changed and in my opinion for the worst. I discovered in 2002, when we started TNA, that the heart of the business had been removed and all that remained was the illusion of professional wrestling. I walked in the building in Huntsville, Ala. to find the ring filled with wrestlers rehearsing every move that they planned to make during their match. I watched as wrestlers sat reading and memorizing interviews. I was dumbfounded when I discovered that basic principals of the business were alien to the new wrestlers. I felt that I was talking in a foreign language. What is heat? What is a ring general? What is selling? What do you mean when you say listen to the fans?

He didn’t say “Get off my lawn, X-Division!”, but he sure implied it. Also, he blames the internet for ruining the business too, with its stars and such:

Far too much emphases is placed on in ring work anyway. I think this is the result of wrestling websites, written by people who have never had a match, telling wrestlers that they have a 5 star match or a 2 star match. I’d guess that Hulk Hogan has never been given one 5 star match rating in his career. I’d also bet that he had drawn more money in the wrestling business than all the 5 star rated wrestles combined.

For real; Jerry Jarrett hates work rate!

The uniqueness of professional wrestling and it’s great public appeal is based on the interaction of personalities of the talent. To not understand this concept is to fail. If you take a walk in your memory and remember the great stars of professional wrestling, you will find that you best remember the personality and not the matches of these stars.

Yep. He sure said that. Apparently, Flair vs. Steamboat means nothing, I guess? I’m lying to myself with that memory?

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