TNA News: Which Former Champion Asked For A Release? Plus: More On Styles Vs. Russo

Don’t like what’s going on with Suicide? Neither does Franky Kazarian, the guy playing him, according to Jason Powell of fame. Apparently, TNA was ready to oblige him, but World Champion A.J. Styles and #1 contender Christopher Daniels talked Kazarian out of leaving.

Speaking of Styles and creative frustration, Powell has more details on Styles’ blow up with TNA head writer Vince Russo. Apparently, Russo initiated the argument because he was angry that Styles had suggested to Dixie Carter that (gasp!) a wrestler be on the creative team. Apparently, this angered Russo enough to confront A.J., who fired back by accusing Russo of making him look weak as champion (Russo threw a cup of coffee during all this, according to Powell’s sources).

According to Powell, this hasn’t blown over with time, as was expected. Daniels, Kazarian, and Styles are all telling friends about their frustration with Russo. Powell points out that this all happened before Hulk Hogan signed on, so no blame falls on his shoulders for this.

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