One Year in Memphis – November 1, 1986


Jerry Lawler over Dirty Rhodes by DQ

Jeff Jarrett/Tommy Rich over Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto by DQ

Big Bubba over Tracy Smothers

The Animals over Rick McCord/John Paul

Boy Tony over David Haskins

Don Bass over Van Van Horn

William Thompson over Bubba Monroe

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown let us know that today we’d be seeing Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto face Excitement, Inc. in the opening match. We’d also see Pat Tanaka, Tracy Smothers, Jeff Jarrett, Big Bubba, the Animals would make their debut, and the Memphis Vice and Bubba Monroe would team against David Haskins, Giant Hillbilly, and Jerry Lawler.

We came back from commercial to see the Japanese making their way to the ring to face Rick McCord and John Paul – Excitement, Inc.

McCord and Goto started with Goto gaining an advantage and ramming McCord into the corner. McCord sent Goto into a corner and hip tossed him out before covering after a dropkick. John Paul tagged in and back dropped Goto before covering for a one.

Goto hit a back kick and brought in Sato. Sato slammed Paul and Paul got up to return the favor.

Paul locked in a headlock and Sato was taken down and put back in the headlock. Goto came in and wound up in a headlock of his own. Goto back dropped Paul and slammed him, then dropped an elbow that missed.

McCord tagged in and he put Goto down with a back elbow. McCord slammed Goto and dropped an elbow for a one count. McCord hip tossed Goto and brought Paul back in.

Paul locked in a headlock and brought McCord in. McCord hit a dropkick and got yet another one. Goto punched his way free and brought in Sato. Paul came back and Goto came in. Goto hammered Paul down and brought Sato back in. Both Japanese stomped away and in came McCord. While the ref was preoccupied, Tojo nailed Paul with the kendo stick in the throat. Sato covered and got the win.

Russell then introduced another video from Paul Diamond that documented his recovery. Paul showed that he was now able to stand on his own. Diamond added that the cast was almost ready to come off and he promised to come back after Tojo to get his revenge.

Another commercial sent us backstage with Lance Russell to hear about Wednesday night’s show in Evansville. Tojo, Sato, and Goto soon joined in for a word. Tojo said that Jeff was now hiding behind Travis since he couldn’t hide behind Jerry, Lawler, Rich, or Austin Idol anymore. After promising that Jarrett would get the beating of his life, Tojo handed the mic to Goto who shared his thoughts (in Japanese).

Dirty Rhodes then came in with a cowbell. Rhodes showed off the rope and promised to nail Lawler with the bell like Lawler had hit Rhodes with the Coke bottle.

We then headed back to the studio where Larry Wright and Don Bass were set to face Pat Tanaka and Tracy Smothers.

Bass and Smothers started off. They locked up and Smothers began working Bass’s arm. Bass got to the ropes to break the hold and began working Smothers’s arm. Smothers reversed and Bass went back to the ropes.

Bass whipped Smothers across the ring and Smothers hit a dropkick to put Bass down for a one count. Bass tried again and Smothers slammed Bass down. Bass brought Wright in and Smothers tagged in Tanaka. Tanaka and Wright traded arm wringers until Tanaka hit a martial arts kick. A second kick sent Wright into the ropes to slow the pace.

Wright locked Tanaka in a headlock and took him down. Tanaka dodged a knee and started throwing chops.

Bass tagged in and Tanaka brought Smothers in. Smothers started working Bass’s arm and Bass began throwing punches to turn the tide. Smothers fired back and tagged in Tanaka, who started chopping. With all four men in the ring, the Ninja threw powder in Tanaka’s eyes. Bass took advantage of the opportunity and got the win at 3:51.

Tanaka went to Russell and called the Ninja a phony who didn’t know martial arts before promising revenge.

The Ninja then came back out to face Jeff Jarrett. The two locked up and Jarrett got a headlock. Jarrett then hip tossed the Ninja down and arm dragged him down, locking in an armbar. The Ninja regained his feet and whipped Jarrett to escape, but a clothesline from Jarrett put him down for a one count.

Another lockup saw Jarrett return to working the arm. Ninja pulled Jarrett’s hair to put him down and the two began circling. Another hair pull put Jarrett back down.

Jarrett reversed a whip and monkey flipped the Ninja out of the corner. Chops from the Ninja got Jarrett sagging into the ropes and a head butt put him down. Ninja hit a body slam and missed an elbow drop.

Jarrett whipped the Ninja and back dropped him. Tojo climbed onto the apron while Jarrett kept fighting. Tanaka came out and threw powder in the Ninja’s eyes to give Jarrett the win at 3:13.

We then headed backstage for Russell to tell us more about Wednesday night.

After another commercial we saw a video of Tommy Rich set to “Wild-Eyed Southern Boys.” We saw footage of Rich in the ring interspersed with shots of him walking on a farm and making his entrance to the ring.

After the video we returned to the studio where Russell reminded the fans that Rich was a former world champion before joining Big Bubba for a word. Bubba advised Russell that nobody wanted to challenge him for his title because there was nobody with the guts to face him.

Bubba then explained that if he couldn’t get challenges, he’d just go out and start defeating champions. He called out Tracy Smothers and said that he could take his title in ten seconds.

Bubba then headed to the ring to face Jim Jameson and Mike Murphy. Murphy and Jameson stayed out of Bubba’s reach, then Jameson went for a headlock and Bubba easily threw him off. Murphy seized his leg and Bubba kicked him off as well.

Jameson and Murphy charged and Bubba put them both down with a shoulder block. They tried again and double clotheslines flattened them. Bubba pulled up Jameson and chopped him before slamming him down and dropping a leg. Bubba then chopped Murphy to the mat. Bubba threw Jameson across the ring and slammed down Murphy.

Bubba chopped Jameson again and clotheslined him down. Bubba chopped Murphy and shoulder blocked him down. Jameson tried throwing punches and Bubba shoved him out of the ring. Bubba thrust his weight into Murphy (who was in the corner) and threw him across the ring before slamming down Jameson.

Bubba pulled Jameson up and splashed him in the corner, then threw Murphy into him and drove his shoulder into both of them. Bubba press slammed both opponents and then sat down on them for the win at 4:39.

We returned from commercial to find Russell at the interview set to introduce the Animals – Mike McGuirk and Duke Myers. McGuirk said they didn’t do interviews and the Animals headed to the ring to face the Bryant Brothers.

McGuirk started off against Randy. The two locked up and McGuirk hammered Randy down before slamming him. McGuirk then clubbed him in the ring while Duke got his shots in from outside as well. McGuirk hit a high knee and brought in Duke. Duke slammed Randy into the corner and head butted him down.

Randy threw a punch and Duke put him right back down. McGuirk came in and landed a kick that flattened Randy again. A clothesline followed. McGuirk kicked Randy and finally let Robert tag in.

McGuirk went right after Robert and a head butt put Robert down. After both men hammered Robert in the corner McGuirk slammed him and started kicking him. Myers tagged in and head butted Robert down.

McGuirk came in and started clubbing away once again. Randy tagged in and landed a knee to McGuirk, but a couple of McGuirk’s punches turned the tide. McGuirk pitched Randy out of the ring and Myers entered the ring and pulled Randy in.

Robert entered the ring and we had all four men brawling. Finally both Animals landed a DDT on Robert and McGuirk covered for the win at 4:38.

We came back from commercial to hear Russell talk about the Wednesday night show one more time. Jeff Jarrett came in and he promised that Billy Travis was ready for the match. Lawler then came in to discuss the bull rope match. Lawler said that while Rhodes had never lost a bull rope match, he (Lawler) had never had one, so they were even. Lawler added that Rhodes had nowhere to run, and now Lawler had a cowbell he could use as well.

That took us back to the studio, where the Memphis Vice and Bubba Monroe were ready to face Jerry Lawler, the Giant Hillbilly, and David Haskins. Haskins started against Bryant. Haskins took Bryant down with a quick hiptoss. Haskins kept taking Bryant down and Bryant kept escaping before tagging in Lou Winston.

Haskins started working Lou’s arm and Lawler tagged in. Lawler nailed Lou with a punch. The two locked up and Lawler found himself in the Vice’s corner. Lawler dodged a charge from Lou and Bryant went down.

Lou checked on his partner and then got Lawler in a headlock. Lawler whipped Lou across the ring into the Hillbilly. Lawler slammed Lou and Hillbilly dropped a leg.

Bubba tagged in and got Haskins in a headlock before hip tossing him out of the corner. Monroe repeated the maneuver and covered for a two count. Monroe back dropped Haskins and dropped an elbow for another two. Monroe kept a headlock locked in and the Vice hit the ring to keep Haskins from tagging Lawler.

Bryant slipped into the ring and got in a cheap shot behind the ref’s back. Haskins pushed across the ring and the Vice again kept the ref from seeing a tag to the Hillbilly while Lou kicked away at Haskins.

Lawler and the Hillbilly came in anyway. Lawler chased Lou around the ring while the Hillbilly put a sleeper on Bryant. Haskins rolled up Monroe and got the three count.

Bryant and Winston headed to commentary to demand that the match be made a two out of three falls match. Russell rang the bell and the Vice and Monroe returned to the ring.

Haskins returned to the ring to face Monroe and arm dragged him down, then did the same to Bryant and the same to Winston when he came in. The Vice decided to regroup with Monroe outside the ring and Lawler tagged in.

Bryant entered the ring and took Lawler into the Vice’s corner. All six men started brawling and then out came Don Bass and Larry Wright for the DQ. Lawler slipped out and returned with a trash can that he nailed Bass with. Bass, Wright, the Vice, and Monroe ran for the back as Lawler, Haskins, and the Hillbilly had their hands raised.

The Vice then headed to commentary to talk about how sick they were of losing due to somebody running in and getting them disqualified. Bryant warned the guys in the locker room that if they interfered again, they’d answer to the Memphis Vice.

After the last commercial we returned to Brown to give us a rundown on the day’s events. Russell reminded us of the Vice’s warning and said goodbye for another week.


Texas Bull Rope match
Jerry Lawler vs. Dirty Rhodes

International Tag Team titles
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto © vs. Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis

Title vs. Title
Mid-America title vs. International title
Tracy Smothers (Mid-America champion) vs. Big Bubba (International champion)

The Ninja/Boy Tony vs. Pat Tanaka/Pat Rose

Don Bass vs. John Paul

Rick McCord vs. Larry Wright

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