WWE Vintage Collection Recap – 11/08/09

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This week on Vintage we’re looking at more Survivor Series matches.

The first promo is from the Million Dollar team talking about their “mystery tag team partner”. and we cut to the ring to see Ted DiBiase announcing him as the Undertaker. As we get to witness Undertakers debut back in 1990

The first match is between the Million Dollar team featuring Ted DiBiase, Greg Valentine, Honky Tonk Man & Undertaker against the Dream Team featuring Dusty Rhodes, Koko B Ware, Bret Hart & Jim “the Anvil” Neidhart.

Undertaker starts in the ring with Bret Hart taking him down with a clothesline before Neidhart gets tagged in and then scoopslammed and Koko is tagged in to be choked up on the top rope before getting tombstoned and counted out. Koko B Ware is the first eliminated. Hart comes in again and tries to start working on Undertaker with punches. Undertaker tags in Valentine and Rhodes is tagged in for the other side. The two men swap slaps and Neidhart is tagged in, followed by Hart being tagged in. Looks like the Dream Team is taking control but knees hit Hart and knock him down. Hart is dragged across the ring and Honky is tagged in. The two men exchange blows and Hart manages to get in a tag and as Honky is running the ropes Neidhart catches him and slams him down for the three count. Honky Tonk Man is eliminated.

DiBiase comes in for the Million Dollar Team against Neidhart and works on him in the corner. Neidhart is able to counter with a clothesline and another scoopslam before tagging in Rhodes. Who delivers 10 elbows in the corner before hitting a drop kick, tagging in Neidhart and double teaming on DiBiase. A suplex leads to a two count. Neidhart is distracted on the outside by Virgil but it only leads to a two count. Hart comes in and starts working on DiBiase.

Undertaker is in with Rhodes, goes up high and knocks Rhodes down for the three count. Dusty Rhodes is eliminated. Hart comes in to work on Undertaker delivering punches. Valentine is tagged in as we see Rhodes start to mess with Brother Love. And the action cuts to Undertaker going after Rhodes. Of course Undertaker is counted out here and eliminated. Back in the ring, it’s Hart against Valentine and as Valentine tries to lock in a figure four, Hart manages to reverse into a rollup for a three count. Greg Valentine is eliminated.

It’s Hart against DiBiase as the action heads out to the floor. DiBiase is thrown into the ring post and slammed into the steps. These are the final two men and they duel it out as DiBiase takes control by sending Hart into the turnbuckle. This lasts until Hart turns it around with a backslide. It looks like Hart has blown out his knee by tripping over DiBiase, but of course, its acting. Hart tries to use the opportunity but in trying to punch Virgil on the apron he is caught up. DiBiase ends up hitting Virgil off the apron and the two men duke it out some more. It looks like DiBiase is in trouble when Hart hits a cross body, but DiBiase uses the momentum to roll it around and pin Hart. Hart is eliminated and Ted DiBiase is the survivor in this match.

We’re back into another event here, 1989 Survivor Series. The Warrior, Jim Neidhart & The Rockers (Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty) against Andre the Giant, Haku, Arn Anderson and the fourth member was supposed to be Tully Blanchard. who bowed out at the last minute to be replaced with Bobby Heenan.

The match starts with all the members inside the ring, and before the bell even rings Andre is beating on Neidhart. The bell finally rings and Warrior and Andre are inside the ring. Warrior knocks Andre out of the ring onto the floor. A 10 count later and Andre has been eliminated.

Footage jumps and we’re into Haku against Neidhart. He’s working on Neidhart and Anderson gets tagged in and gets the upper hand. Haku is tagged back in, Neidhart gets caught by a kick to the back of the head and eliminated. Jim Neidhart is eliminated. Michaels comes running in and manages to confuse Haku by going down onto the mat and then moving when Haku tries for a headbutt. Michaels tags in Jannetty, who tags in Michaels, who tags in Jannetty (and so on). They are making fast tags and working on the arm of Haku. They try to double team but Haku manages to knock Michaels down with a clothesline. Jannetty tries for a cross body and gets caught. Michaels delivers a drop kick to knock Jannetty down on top of Haku.

Back in and Haku is working on Jannetty. Heenan is tagged in, and immediately tags in Anderson who tags in Haku. Jannetty is running the ropes and is hit with a knee to the back by Anderson on the outside, to a two count. Heenan is tagged in, delivers a series of feet to the face of Jannetty to a three count. Marty Jannetty is eliminated.

Footage jumps, Heenan is holding Michaels in the corner while Anderson works on him as the refs back is turned. Michaels tries to hit a sunset flip off the top rope before grinding Andersons face into the mat. Anderson stumbles into the wrong corner looking for a tag. And Warrior gets the tag. A scoopslam after another tag and Michaels is assisted by Warrior in flying across the ring to hit Anderson to a two count. Anderson starts to fight back here and is able to get a tag in to Haku. Haku misses a move off the top rope, Michaels hits a cross body and eliminates Haku. Haku is eliminated from the match.

Back in and Michaels and Anderson are both lying in the ring. The two men exchange blows and Anderson gains the advantage in the corner of the ring. Michaels manages to use his high flying ability to get the upper hand. The men are running the ropes and Anderson hits what they call an Anderson drop to a three count. Shawn Michaels is eliminated.

Warrior comes in and uses shoulder blocks to knock Anderson around until Anderson uses the momentum to throw Warrior outside the ring. It looks like Heenan is going to fly off the top ropes into Warrior but the ref stops him. Anderson works on Warrior outside the ring and gets the upper hand. They go back into the ring, Heenan is tagged in, lasts a few minutes and tags in Anderson again who continues the beat down on Warrior. Heenan tries to assist from the outside, but it doesn’t last. Anderson runs the ropes and knocks Heenan off the apron. Warrior throws Anderson with a lateral press and slams down on top of him for the three count. Arn Anderson is eliminated.

We see Warrior start to sneak around the outside of the ring and he ends up behind Heenan in the ring. Heenan is up on the second ropes screaming for Anderson to come back. He sees Warrior behind him eventually and tries to run away. Heenan is thrown into the turnbuckles, and over the ropes to the outside. Heenan tries to run away again and Warrior follows him and drags him back in. Warrior hits a block and a splash to a three count. Bobby Heenan is eliminated and this leaves Warrior as the survivor.

Our final contest comes from Survivor Series 1991 and is between Hulk Hogan and Undertaker for the WWF/E Championship. They square off and lock up twice before Hogan gets in a side headlock. When the action actually begins Undertaker gets in a shoulder before Hogan slides outside the ring. Back inside again, Undertaker chokes Hogan before delivering some punches. Undertaker is just putting pressure on various parts of Hogan’s face and neck before Paul Bearer tries a little on from the outside. Undertaker misses an elbow drop and Hogan takes over. Hogan tries to slam Undertaker but can’t, tries to clothesline him and can’t get him off his feet. After a few attempts Hogan manages to send Undertaker to the outside and Undertaker pulls him to the outside and into the steel steps.

Back in and Hogan is down with Undertaker above him doing the creepy eyes. Hogan is out for two, comes back alive on the third and starts trying to tear into Undertaker. A flying fist from Undertaker knocks Hogan down, and a tombstone makes it look like its over. But of course, Hogan jumps back up immediately as Undertaker has his back turned. And Hogan starts to put Undertaker down. Ric Flair shows up at ringside and distracts Hogan. Hogan punches Flair and goes back into the ring, hitting a boot to the face before Paul Bearer gets involved and distracts the ref. Undertaker picks Hogan up, and tombstones him down onto a steel chair that Flair pushes in. A three count and Undertaker is the new WWF/E Champion.

Before the show ends we see Gene Okerlund talking to Paul Bearer & Undertaker in the darkness backstage. They talk about the death of Hulkamania and use a coffin to make a point about killing Hulkamania.

That’s all she wrote for this week, and we’ll be back again next week with more Survivor Series matches.