One Year in Memphis – November 8, 1986

Dave Brown and Rod Olsen welcomed us to the show. Rod told us that today we’d be seeing Jerry Lawler, Big Bubba, Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto, Dirty Rhodes and Don Bass, and Jonathan Boyd would be debuting the new Sheepherders. Brown then added we’d see a $5,000 battle royal as well.

We returned to the arena to see Bubba Monroe waiting to face Jerry Lawler. The bell rang and Bubba immediately started throwing forearms at Lawler. Lawler hit a high knee off an Irish whip, dropped the fist from the second rope, and got the pin at :22.

Jerry Garmon and Benny Traylor then headed to the ring to face Big Bubba in a handicap match. Brown quickly pointed out that Bubba was a double champion – holding the Mid-America and International titles. Garmon and Traylor staggered Bubba with a double drop kick and then both tried to splash Bubba to no avail. Traylor held Bubba from behind while Garmon punched and Bubba escaped before putting Traylor down with a clothesline. A second clothesline put Garmon down as well.

Traylor tried a kick and got thrown across the ring. A shove sent Garmon flying, too. Bubba then isolated Traylor in a corner and started splashing him. Bubba put Garmon down with a big boot and threw Traylor aside. Bubba then slammed both opponents and sat down on top of them for the win at 1:59.

Brown then brought Eddie Marlin out for a word. Brown brought up an upcoming dream card. Marlin advised that he’d gotten the wrestlers to name their dream matches and they’d agreed to compete in any of the other matches as well. Marlin admitted that some of the wrestlers had weird dreams and we headed to commercial.

We headed backstage to where Randy Hales was waiting to run down Wednesday night’s show at the Evansville Coliseum. He was soon joined by Jonathan Boyd. Boyd ran off Hales and showed off his new cousin. He then promised to make Wednesday night a nightmare for Travis after he’d interfered in the Sheepherders’ business.

We returned to the arena where Brown introduced Jerry Jarrett to talk about his dream match. Jerry advised that Tojo’s dream match had been a kendo stick on a pole match with Tojo’s allies surrounding the ring. Jerry then said that the two greatest forms of competition were boxing and wrestling. Jerry said that Tojo had always refused to face him in a singles’ match, so he’d asked for a boxing match against Tojo.

We returned to the studio to see that Tojo, Sato, Goto, and Dirty Rhodes had joined Brown. Tojo added that Jerry Jarrett wanted Tojo to recite the Pledge of Allegiance if Jerry won. Tojo swore he’d never say the Pledge of Allegiance and then advised that his dream match was exactly what Jerry had said.

We then went to Rod Olsen across the studio with Jeff Jarrett. Jeff said that his dream match was an International Tag Team title match with two referees (one of whom was Eddie Marlin) and Tojo would be locked in a cage. Jeff added that his partner would be Paul Diamond.

Tojo claimed that Diamond was dying from his broken leg and then Sato said that his dream match was for himself, Goto, and Tojo to face Eddie Marlin and Jeff Jarrett in a hair match.

Eddie Marlin replied that he’d bring a trucking tie-down to the ring with him and Sato and Goto wouldn’t get their match because they’d be unable to compete.

Dave then asked Dirty Rhodes. Rhodes blamed the referees for his losses to Lawler. He then said that he wanted a bullrope match against Lawler for the title with Don Bass as the special ref.

Olsen asked Lawler what he thought. Lawler said that would be the match, but he also brought up his dream match. Lawler said he wanted a no DQ no time limit match against Bass and Rhodes for the Southern Tag Team titles. Lawler then brought out his partner – Big Bubba.

Bubba said that the only reason he was out there was because he was a belt collector. Lawler then explained that he and Bubba were working together because if Bubba partnered with Lawler then Lawler would give him a Southern heavyweight title shot within thirty days.

Rhodes warned Bubba that Lawler was up to something and Brown closed the segment as Sato, Goto, Rhodes, and Bass headed to the ring to face Excitement, Inc., David Haskins, and Jim Jameson.

Paul and Bass started off with Bass pushing Paul into the corner. Paul then scooped up Bass and slammed him. Rhodes tagged in and the two locked up. Rhodes whipped Paul across the ring and he leapfrogged Rhodes, who tagged in Goto.

McCord tagged in and Goto began unleashing head butts. Finally McCord back dropped Goto and brought in Haskins. Goto and Haskins traded shots and Jameson came in.

Goto kicked Jameson in the stomach and brought in Rhodes. Rhodes back dropped Jameson and then slammed him. Rhodes dropped a knee and brought in Bass. Bass and Rhodes hit a double backdrop and then Bass hit a knee lift.

Goto tagged in and kicked Jameson before tagging in Sato. Jameson tumbled out of the ring to allow Tojo to get a shot with his kendo stick. He was thrown back into the ring and Sato was dominating him before bringing in Bass. Bass hit a clothesline and got the win at 2:36

We came back from commercial to hear more about Wednesday night.

From there it was back to the studio as the Sheepherders joined Brown at the interview set. Boyd introduced his cousin Bigfoot and then advised that they were here to destroy all the “Yanks” who stepped into the ring against them. Boyd then recited the Sheepherders poem. Boyd then promised to destroy anyone who faced them.

The Sheepherders headed to the ring to face the Bryant Brothers. Boyd and Bigfoot saluted the New Zealand flag before the match started. Boyd and Robert started. Boyd started throwing punches and then put Robert down with a back elbow. Boyd hammered Robert and head butted him down.

Bigfoot tagged in and started throwing punches and kicks of his own. Bigfoot dropped a leg and then put Robert down with a clothesline. Bigfoot hit a head butt from the second rope and brought Boyd back in.

Boyd punched Robert again and then pulled him up by the hair. Boyd threw an elbow and locked in a headlock as Randy tagged in and started clubbing away.

Boyd finally released Robert and took control of Randy. A head butt to the midsection put Randy down long enough for Bigfoot to come in. Bigfoot hit a dropkick and tagged Boyd. The two Sheepherders hit a stereo shoulder block and Boyd covered for the win before starting to bite Randy. Robert came in to help and Bigfoot forced him back. Finally the Sheepherders left the ring.

We came back and Brown introduced a 20-man battle royal. The 19 competitors were Excitement, Inc., Tracy Smothers, Jerry Lawler, Billy Travis, David Haskins, Pat Tanaka, Big Bubba, Jeff Jarrett, Sato, Goto, Don Bass, Dirty Rhodes, Boyd, Bigfoot, the Animals, Pat Rose, and the Ninja.

The bell rang and the brawl started. For simplicity’s sake, the order of the eliminations was Dirty Rhodes, Don Bass, Big Bubba, Ric McCord, Duke Myers, David Haskins, the Ninja, Akio Sato, Jeff Jarrett, John Paul, Tracy Smothers, Tarzan Goto, Mike McGuirk, Pat Rose, Pat Tanaka, and Billy Travis. That left Lawler against both Sheepherders. Lawler crashed into the referee and the Sheepherders kept punishing Lawler. Billy Travis ran back in and distracted the Sheepherders to allow Lawler to sneak up and pitch both of them at 5:38.

Lawler claimed his money as Boyd attacked Travis. Bigfoot and Dirty Rhodes went after Lawler as Boy threw Billy Travis into the ring. Rhodes ran Lawler into the corner and then stole the $5,000 that Lawler had won. Rhodes gave the Sheepherders a cut and the three of them returned to the back.

From there it was backstage to hear more about the Wednesday night show. Hales introduced a video from Paul Diamond where he said that this would be the night he’d been waiting for ever since he was injured. Diamond closed by promising to break Tojo’s leg.

Billy Travis then came in. Travis said that while the Sheepherders had won when it was two on one, he’d gone out and gotten Tommy Rich as his partner. Travis promised victory and Hales closed the segment.

We returned to the studio to see the Animals and Memphis Vice set to face Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis, Pat Tanaka, and Tracy Smothers.

Bryant started against Jarrett. Bryant got a headlock and Jarrett whipped him out before hitting two hiptosses. Lou Winston tagged in and Jarrett got him in an arm wringer before bringing Tracy in.

Smother covered for a one and Winston backed up. Smothers returned to his arm and then hit a back elbow. Mike McGuirk tagged in and Billy Travis started working on his arm. Tanaka came in and traded arm wringers before McGuirk grabbed a handful of hair. Tanaka put McGuirk down with a sidekick.

McGuirk stood and the two locked up. McGuirk clubbed Tanaka and brought in Myers. Myers hit a series of head butts and brought in Big Lou.

Lou suplexed Tanaka and covered for a one count. In came Bryant and Tanaka tried to fight free. Tanaka escaped with a back kick and tagged in Smothers. Smothers cranked away on Bryant’s arm and tagged in Billy Travis.

Travis hit an uppercut and covered for a two before Winston broke up the pinfall. Travis slammed Bryant and covered for a one before Myers pulled him off.

Jarrett tagged in and dropped an elbow from the second rope. Jarrett worked the arm and took Bryant down. Tanaka came in and the two whipped Bryant across the ring. Tanaka put Bryant down with a chop and brought in Smothers.

Smothers started working the arm and Bryant raked Smothers’s eyes to escape. He suplexed Smothers and brought in Myers. Myers clubbed Smothers and hit a neck breaker. McGuirk came in and took a kick from Smothers. Smothers brought Jarrett in and the two hit a double backdrop.

McGuirk broke the hold and Jarrett took him down with a hammerlock. Travis came in and dropped an elbow from the second rope. McGuirk raked Travis’s eyes and hit a back elbow.

Big Lou came in and started trading punches with Travis. Jarrett and Myers tagged in. Myers took control and Myers cracked Bryant accidentally when Jarrett dodged a charge. Bryant and Myers started trading blows. A Bryant dropkick put Myers down for Jarrett to get the win as the Memphis Vice walked out at 7:50.

Brown and Rod recapped the show when we came back from commercial. Brown said goodbye and that was it for another week.

Dream Match Card

Southern Tag Team titles
No Disqualification, No Time Limit
Dirty Rhodes/Don Bass vs. Jerry Lawler/Big Bubba

Southern Heavyweight match
Bullrope match
Special guest referee Don Bass
Jerry Lawler © vs. Dirty Rhodes

Loser gets his head shaved
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto/Tojo Yamamoto vs. Eddie Marlin and Jeff Jarrett

Boxing match
If Jerry Jarrett wins, Tojo has to recite the Pledge of Allegiance
Jerry Jarrett vs. Tojo Yamamoto

International Tag Team titles
Two Referees (one is Eddie Marlin)
Tojo Yamamoto is locked in a cage at ringside
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto vs. Jeff Jarrett/Paul Diamond
New Zealand Sheepherders vs. Billy Travis/Tommy Rich

Goliath vs. Tracy Smothers

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