America' Next Top Model 13-12 Review



With only four models left, it is betting time. For me, it is clear that Nicole has topped the charts most , but I love Laura. Jennifer has done very well, in spite of an eye problem, but Erin has been hanging on by a thread. So here we go…the countdown to the final two.
The models suspect the 1st challenge is about Hula and are correct. They meet Hula girls who teach them Hula Hip Hop. This is Nicole’s weak area and Erin’s strength which gets on Nicole’s nerves. J gets a trip back to Maui, as per Ms. J. Laura and Jen seem to do best and Ms. J imitates how bad Nicole is. Laura wins and picks Jen to come back on the hotel stay with her.
More cryptic Tyra Mail- they are to pose as a Hawaiian goddess, Pele, with the waves crashing and looking beautiful and fiery temperamental at the same time- timing is everything to get all the elements of this shot right. One mo’ thing- 2 girls go home tonight and two go to the final challenge. Pressure cooker? Jennifer comes to the set with ideas, although it is literally rocky for her. Nicole in sheer golden yellow is fabulous; Laura is not great and Jay tells her so; Erin is determined to be good but is registering hard and snarling, and then starts singing in her head and looks pretty.
JUDGES: Erin looks glowing; Jennifer is OK, seems to have forgotten her face (both are in pics below); Laura’s pic is very Rachel Hunter- whew, I am relieved- Tyra likes it; Nicole is not as admired as I thought she would be, but they like her. I say Nicole/Laura, or is that wishful thinking; I Like Jen too. It is Nicole and Laura (in pics above) – From my sickbed with a head-cold from outer-space, I am yelling hurray with a sore throat!!! Go Laura, Go.

In retrospect, Jen and Erin are lovely, but both lack that certain spark, that ‘it’ factor that makes a star. Photogenic Nicole has won the most challenges, but, the judges note is soooo low key- to me, she has the personality of a soup sandwich! In need of an in-person presentation make-over (too country), personality girl Laura is a pleasure and has managed to create so many different looks with that signature lower lip that makes her unforgetable. My money is on Laura, although I am sure many would pick Nicole. We have to wait an entire week- oh well.

Brava to Tyra, named the highest paid woman on TV, and also looking so slim and fabulous!