Dates for John Morrsion and 2009 Raw DVDs

Hey folks.  Charlie here.  I normally am not a news guy, but since I’m the guy who will end up writing way too long reviews of these sets, I figured I would do the honors of announcing them.

The Best of Raw 2009 will be released on January 26.  It will be a three-disc set.

The Best of John Morrison will be released February 16.  It is going to be a two-disc set.

I’m not entirely sure Morrison is at the point of his career where he should be having a DVD release.  Fans are sure to cry blood that yet another wrestler has a DVD released before Chris Jericho does.  As far as Raw goes, I’m not sure there has been enough good things on the show in 2009 to fill up one disc, let alone three.  This could very well be a painful set for myself.

Until then, you can expect the Way Too Long Review of Hulk Hogan: Unreleased Collector’s Set to start going up next week, likely beginning on the 23rd.  This week I’ll have the Ultimate Anthology posted here to tide you over.

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