WWE Vintage Collection Recap – 15/11/09

We’re back for another week of Vintage Collection and our look back over various Survivor Series events continues.

Our first match is between the Headshrinkers (Samu & Fatu) and High Energy (Koko B. Ware & Owen Hart) from Survivor Series 1992. Starting off, Koko B. Ware is in the ring with Samu and it only takes a clothesline to knock Koko down. The tag is made to Fatu and he continues the assault knocking Koko down with a kick to the face. The tag is made and both men come into the ring to attack Koko. Samu is left in the ring and he keeps up the assault on Koko until he tries to hit Koko in the corner of the ring. Koko moves and Samu runs into the turnbuckle. Owen Hart is tagged in and he dominates with kicks and a high cross body to a one count. Hart works on both members of the Headshrinkers. It looks like Hart is going to take this one out, but Samu reverses a cross body into a slam, and the Headshrinkers go up high for a flying headbutt to get the three count and the win.

There is a promo setting up the Survivor Series teams for 1993. In the end the teams are the All-Americans (Lex Luger, The Undertaker, Rick Steiner & Scott Steiner) against the Foreign Fanatics (Yokozuna, Crush, Ludvig Borga & Quebecer Jacques).

Coming in, Yokozuna is working on Rick Steiner and sends him to the outside. He comes back in and the legal man is now Ludvig. Steiner gets some slight control over the arm, but it takes a few seconds before Ludvig goes for a scoopslam. Ludvig misses a an elbow and Steiner goes up high, but his flying move is reversed and Ludvig gets the three count eliminating Rick Steiner.

Footage cuts and Crush is in the ring with Scott Steiner. Steiner has control here, knocking him down a few times but only to a two count. Steiner gets into trouble when Crush leapfrogs over and then delivers a kick. The cameras go to Randy Savage trying to get to the ring, and the crowd of people trying to stop him. We go back into the ring to see Crush throw Steiner out of the ring over the top rope. We go back to the action and Crush is in control, delivering a series of kicks to his midsection and other offense to stay on top. A toe hold keeps Steiner down. Again, the footage goes to Randy Savage trying to get to the ring, Crush is distracted here and Steiner kicks him out of the ring.

The action is on the ramp now, and Crush is trying to get Randy Savage. The two men go at each other, and then Savage is removed. Crush has been counted out and disqualified. Crush goes back to try and get back in, but is informed of the DQ. And we go to an ad break.

Coming back in, Steiner is in the ring with Quebecer and drops him down with a slam before tagging in Luger. Luger hits a scoopslam and goes up to the second rope to deliver an elbow which eliminates Quebecer from the match.

The footage cuts and we’re looking at Ludvig in there with Steiner. Both men are on the top ropes and Steiner delivers a suplex to a two count when Yokozuna interferes. Yokozuna stays in the ring and tries to work on Steiner but misses an elbow. It looks like Steiner is going to deliver a dropkick but he misses, Yokozuna drops a leg and gets a three count. Scott Steiner is eliminated.

The footage cuts again, and we’re looking at Yokozuna standing over Luger. Yokozuna sends Luger into the turnbuckle and looks like he’s going to slam into him but Luger moves and Yokozuna smashes into the turnbuckle himself. This is when Luger uses his chance and tags in the Undertaker. Undertaker starts off strong by slamming Yokozuna face first into the mat. Yokozuna stands up again and Undertaker tries to knock him down. Undertaker is distracted by Ludvig on the outside and when he turns around again, Yokozuna delivers a suplex. Undertaker gets up again and Yokozuna tries to keep him down. Yokozuna drags him over to the corner and jumps and sits on Undertakers face. The second time he tries this, Undertaker stands up before the impact. Undertaker delivers a clothesline and the men roll to the outside of the ring.

They fight on the outside and Yokozuna gets smashed into the steps. The ref calls that both men have been counted out and eliminated. We go to an ad break.

Back in, its Luger with Ludvig, and Ludvig is in control with power moves that don’t equal up to a three count. It isn’t until Luger can counter with a suplex that it looks like its evening up. But both men are knocked down by a double clothesline. While the men are down, Jim Cornette distracts on the outside while Mr Fuji comes in and leaves a bucket by Ludvig’s arm. Which he uses to hit Luger. Two count and both men get up, but Luger takes control. Luger hits a lot of moves, it looks like he is in control. Ludvig tries to come back, but Luger fakes him out and hits a running forearm smash and pins Ludvig for the three count and the win.

Our main event match comes from the 1994 Survivor Series and it’s a 10 man elimination match. Between the “Bad Guys” (Razor Ramon, 1-2-3 Kid, British Bulldog & The Headshrinkers) against the “Teamsters” (Shawn Michaels, Diesel, Jeff Jarrett, Owen Hart & Jim Neidhart).

We start off with Owen Hart in with British Bulldog and they’re grappling in the middle of the ring. Bulldog slingshots Hart into the turnbuckle where is is beaten on by the “Bad Guys”. Hart is thrown up in a press slam and the match continues. Hart tags in Jim Neidhart and the two men team up to hit a double clothesline. The action continues and Owen comes back in again to try and get another double clothesline. But Bulldog hits a double clothesline of his own knocking both men down and Hart out of the ring. Bulldog hits a suplex and then tags in Fatu. Who climbs up to the top rope to hit a flying headbutt. While Fatu tries to do something with his boot, Neidhart tags in Jeff Jarrett who tries but is stopped by a scoopslam. Fatu tags in Razor Ramon and the “Teamsters” stop to have a discussion in the corner.

Jarrett and Ramon lock up and break twice before a third lock up leads to Ramon taking over. Hitting a clothesline and then knocking Jarrett out of the ring. Once Jarrett is out, it seems like nothing happens while the camera cuts to try and listen to Shawn Michaels talking to Diesel. We go to an ad break here.

Coming back in, Fatu is tagged and Hart is tagged. Hart goes for control of the match, but Fatu takes over when he starts doing a rather strange dance. It appears that somewhere in this Diesel got the tag to enter the match and he starts taking apart Fatu. Diesel picks Fatu up, and hits a jackknife for a three count and elimination. The 1-2-3 Kid comes running in and tries to knock Diesel down. But to no avail, and he suffers when Diesel picks him up and throws him across the ring. Diesel hits another jackknife for his second elimination of the match

Sionne comes in and tries to take Diesel down. It doesn’t work and Diesel is able to pick up another jackknife and the elimination of Sionne. Bulldog enters the match and tries to knock Diesel down with punches. Diesel hits a boot to the face of Bulldog and sends him outside the ring. The action moves outside as Jarrett and Hart get involved with Bulldog on the outside. Inside the ring again, Ramon tries for a small package but Diesel kicks out. The men exchange blows. And the announce team state that Bulldog has been counted out and eliminated.

Ramon manages to knock Diesel down a few times and it looks like he gets a three count but its actually a two count. Diesel manages to knock Ramon down with a clothesline as Shawn Michaels starts screaming at him. Diesel keeps going and drops Ramon into the turnbuckle. And we go to an ad break.

Diesel and Ramon are still in the ring together, and Diesel hits a massive boot on Ramon. Shawn Michaels is anxiously pacing around the ring and trying to convince Diesel to tag him. Diesel picks Ramon up and drops him with a jackknife. Diesel makes the tag to Michaels and Michaels gets Diesel to come back into the ring and hold Ramon up. Michaels goes for Sweet Chin Music and Ramon ducks leaving Diesel to take the force of the kick. Diesel seems to be pretty worked up here, the entire team comes into the ring and Diesel starts throwing them all around and out of the ring. Diesel chases Michaels down the entrance ramp and beats on the entire team as he goes. The two men disappear backstage and the ref calls for the bell in the match. All the members of the Teamsters have been counted out leaving Razor Ramon as the survivor here.

We go backstage to see Shawn Michaels running away with his bags to the car while he talks about being done with Diesel.

That’s all she wrote for this week. Next week we’re still looking at Survivor Series matches. Join us then for more action!

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