10 Thoughts on Raw – 11.16.2009

After covering ECW live for the past (almost) year, I’m making the move to bring you 10 Thoughts on RAW.  Thanks to all my live coverage readers and thanks to Pulse Wrestling for allowing me to write this column.  Here we go!


  1. Rowdy Roddy Piper as guest host is just awesome.  And starting with Piper’s Pit is even better.  It’s amazing the Iron Sheik managed to talk about Hulk Hogan without one F bomb or gay slur.  And he was about an hour late with the “Live from New York it’s Monday Night RAW!”
  2. The new theme music sucks.  Shock.
  3. Santino vs. Chavo was awesome until Hornswoggle showed up.  Comedy segment that worked until that point.
  4. I don’t understand where they’re going with the DX/Hornswoggle feud.  Have DX really run through everyone else on the roster?  (Wait, they have).
  5. So Sheamus takes out Jerry Lawler.  Just what we need – another Superstar getting his big push through the King.
  6. At least we get Matt Striker on the announce team.  If only we could replace Michael Cole.
  7. Jack Swagger finishing off Evan Bourne was sick.  He carried Bourne around for an hour then nailed a nasty gutwrench powerbomb.
  8. Orton pulled back the kick to RRP’s head LONG before Kingston’s music started.  Huge blown spot.
  9. The Orton/Kingston segment was awesome.  This feud is officially great.  If only they had more time to build up to their match at Survivor Series (which seems thrown together once again).
  10. The main event STARTED at 9:05 MST (11:05 for the math challenged on the east coast).  Decent match but they needed to start it ½ hour earlier to do it any sort of justice.


Well, off to watch Leno.  I’m late.


See you next week, kids.

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