One Year in Memphis – November 15, 1986


Jerry Lawler over Big Bubba by DQ

One night tournament

Round 1
Tracy Smothers/Giant Hillbilly over the Animals

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto over Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis over Big Bubba/Goliath by DQ

Sheepherders over Excitement, Inc.

Jerry Lawler/Tommy Rich over the Ninja/Boy Tony

Round 2
Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis – bye

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto over Tracy Smothers/Giant Hillbilly

Sheepherders draw Jerry Lawler/Tommy Rich (Sheepherders advance by coin flip)

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis over Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto

Sheepherders over Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown announced that today we’d see the Sheepherders, Tarzan Goto would team with the Ninja, Boy Tony would be here, and Big Bubba would introduce his new tag team partner Goliath and manager Downtown Bruno. Russell added that there were new International Tag Team champions and sent us to commercial.

When we came back Russell was meeting the champions – Paul Diamond and Jeff Jarrett – at the interview set. Jarrett said they’d be keeping the titles but they would enter in the Southern tag team tournament with different partners. Diamond said it was great to be back and then expressed how happy he was to take Tojo’s cherished belts away. Diamond said that he was still disappointed, however, since he hadn’t put one of Tojo’s guys in the hospital.

That brought Tojo himself out for a word. Tojo told Diamond and Jarrett they were no champions and promised that Sato and Goto would break Diamond’s other leg.

Diamond said this was his opportunity and challenged Tojo to a one on one fight. As Diamond advanced on Tojo Goto, the Ninja, and Boy Tony attacked. Goto held Diamond while Tojo wore him out with the kendo stick. Jarrett was held back by Tony and the Ninja. Finally Jeff escaped and went after Tojo, which prompted the heels to head to the back.

Diamond promised that he’d get revenge on Tojo before storming off the interview set.

We headed to the ring, where Goto and the Ninja were set to face Pat Tanaka and Tony Parks. Goto and Tanaka started the match as both men threw chops. Goto went to the head butts only for Tanaka to take him down.

Goto brought in the Ninja who got Tanaka in a headlock. Tanaka stopped the charging Ninja with a dropkick and Goto tagged in. Parks came in and dropped an elbow on Goto. Goto backed him into the corner and chopped away. Parks whipped Goto across the ring and hit two dropkicks.

Ninja tagged in and Parks chopped him down. A clothesline put the Ninja back down. Parks followed with a body slam and Goto came back in.

Goto whipped Parks across the ring and Parks got a 1 count with a sunset flip. Goto kept head butting Parks and Tanaka came back in. Tanaka started throwing punches and Parks came back in. Parks doubled Goto over with a chop and put him down with a clothesline.

A punchy to the gut doubled Parks over and the Ninja distracted the referee to let Tojo get in a shot with the kendo stick. The Ninja and Tanaka came in and Tojo slid a chair into the ring.

Goto climbed the ropes to break Tanaka’s leg. Diamond hit the ring and threw Goto off the top before clearing the ring.

We came back from commercial to find Russell backstage to talk about Wednesday night’s show at the Evansville Coliseum. He was soon joined by Tojo and Goto. Tojo said that Diamond had cancer and Tojo would only need one chop to put him down. Goto then grabbed the mic to talk in Japanese.

As the Japanese left, the New Zealanders (in the form of the Sheepherders) joined the fun. Boyd promised that Jarrett and Tanaka would be bleeding later on today. Boyd said that Jarrett had accused him of trying to attack Eddie Marlin. Boyd promised to bring a foreign object (Bigfoot) into the ring and he’d hurt Jeff.

We headed back to the studio to see Russell introducing some clips of Big Bubba. We saw Bubba’s initial interview and then saw clips of his various handicap matches from th4 studio.

Russell then brought up the Dirty Rhodes/Lawler bullrope match where Bass was the ref. We saw Rhodes beating Lawler with the cowbell from the rope. We then saw Rhodes and Bass defending their titles against Lawler and Bubba. Rhodes hit a piledriver on Lawler and Bubba barely held his hand out for a tag.

Bass tagged in and punched away on Lawler. Finally Lawler started Hulking up and down went the strap. Lawler began firing back on Bass and also gave a shot or two to Rhodes. The ref got knocked down and Rhodes pulled something from his tights. Rhodes wound up hitting Bass and Lawler covered for the win.

Rhodes and Bass attacked Lawler after the match and Bubba just dropped to the floor and left.

Russell recapped as Bubba came in with a belt on each shoulder. Bubba said he’d tried to tag Lawler and had kept his end of the bargain. Bubba was upset because Lawler was surrendering the titles.

Bubba took a second to insult the Tennessee fans and then told an insulting story about a family he’d seen at a gas station. He added a story about a Tennessee fortune cookie – a piece of cornbread with a food stamp in the middle.

Bubba then brought out his new manager – Downtown Bruno. Bruno (from Pittsburgh) said that Bubba would hurt Lawler and then asked if Russell wanted to see somebody even bigger. Bruno brought out Goliath. Bruno showed off Goliath’s World Superheavyweight title (which he’d allegedly won from Abdullah the Butcher in Puerto Rico). Bruno then gave the stable’s name – the Downtown Connection.

Goliath and Bubba headed to the ring to face Robert and Randy Bryant. Bruno carried the Connection’s titles over to commentary and also shared his two cents.

Goliath started against Randy and muscled him down. Randy tried punching and there was no effect. Goliath slammed Randy into the corner turnbuckles and then slammed him. Bubba tagged in and slammed Randy again. He pulled him up and chopped him into the ropes, then whipped him and dropped him with a clothesline. Bubba hit a dropkick and brought Goliath back in.

Robert tagged in and tied up with Goliath. Goliath threw him halfway across the ring and then clubbed him down. Goliath whipped Robert and hit a dropkick of his own before bringing Bubba back in.

Bubba slammed Robert and dropped a leg on him. Bubba covered and pulled Robert up at two. Goliath came back in and Goliath got a running start before splashing him. That easily earned the three count.

Russell said that he’d like to see Goliath defend his title against the Giant Hillbilly and we headed to commercial.

We came back to hear more about Wednesday night’s show.

We then headed back to the interview set where Bruno was planning to interview Jerry Lawler with Lance Russell. Russell warned Bruno off only for Bruno to mock him. Lawler warned Bruno that he’d better head downtown before Lawler got him.

Bruno replied that Lawler was just jealous that he couldn’t grow a mustache,

Lawler headed to commentary and told Bruno that he reminded him of Jimmy Hart. He then warned he’d do the same thing to him that he did to Jimmy Hart.

Bruno said that since Hart was from the South he obviously wasn’t anything.

Lawler grabbed Bruno by the suit lapels and was pulling him over the commentary table when Bubba and Goliath came out. Each of them grabbed an arm, picked Lawler up, and dropped him away from Bruno.

Suddenly Lawler got reinforcements in the form of the Giant Hillbilly. Lawler told Goliath that they’d found somebody bigger than him.

Bruno replied that the Hillbilly was just fatter.

Russell ushered Bruno and company to the back and we headed to the ring to see Tracy Smothers face Boy Tony.

Bruno came back out and talked to Boy Tony. The two shook hands and Bruno took his place in the corner.

Tony skipped around the ring to keep away from Smothers. Finally the two locked up and Smothers shoved Tony back. Tracy and Tony tied up against and traded arm locks. Tony went into the ropes and Tracy smacked him on the rear.

Tony started working Smothers’s arm again and Tracy reversed – only for Tony to escape with the help of a hair pull. Tracy arm dragged Tony down and locked in an armbar. Tony backed Tracy into the corner and started throwing punches. Tracy whipped Tony across the ring, arm dragged him down, and then flattened him with a dropkick.

Tony fled the ring and had a quick conference with Bruno. Tony reentered the ring and started throwing punches. Tony rammed Smothers into the turnbuckles. Smothers caught Tony with a kick and took control. He back dropped Tony and put him down with a dropkick. Tracy locked in a headlock and Tony threw him into the ref.

Tracy rolled Tony up and Bruno broke the pin, then Tony covered for the win. As Smothers filled the ref in on what had happened, Tony retrieved his purse and headed to the back with Bruno.

We returned from commercial to find Russell and the Sheepherders at the interview set. Boyd filled the fans in that USA stood for Useless Stupid Americans and then debuted Bigfoot.

Eddie Marlin came out to bring up the money that Boyd had stolen the week before. Boyd refused to pay the money back and ignored Marlin’s threats to suspend them. Boyd shoved Marlin down and kept berating him. That brought out Billy Travis and Jeff Jarrett with chairs to fight the Sheepherders off.

Marlin warned Boyd that he’d just take the money out of Boyd’s paychecks until all of it was paid back.

That sent us to the ring where the Sheepherders were set to face Jerry Garmon and Benny Traylor. The Sheepherders attacked their opponents before the bell rang. The Sheepherders threw their opponents out and then Bigfoot dropkicked Traylor down when he returned to the ring.

Boyd tagged in and Bigfoot used Boyd’s head as a battering ram to get the win at :43.

We then headed backstage to hear more about Wednesday night’s show. Paul Diamond joined Russell and said that he’d been wanting to get Tojo, Sato, and Goto for a long time. Diamond closed by telling Tojo not to bring his kendo stick or he’d learn what it felt like.

Jeff Jarrett and Billy Travis then came in. Jarrett again mentioned upcoming blood and then talked about how this time it would be a fair fight. Travis then warned that he and Jarrett would finish what we were about to see.

We came back to the studio to see Billy Travis and Jeff Jarrett getting set to face Rough and Ready. Instead of Rough and Ready, however, Boyd and Bigfoot came out. Boyd said that they were taking Rough and Ready’s place and the Sheepherders hit the ring.

All four men started slugging away at each other. Boyd put Jarrett down with a back elbow and then all four men were brawling outside. Jarrett cracked Boyd with a chair and he and Travis kept hammering away. Boyd sent Jarrett into the post and Travis did the same to Bigfoot. Boyd then grabbed Travis and sent him in.

Russell brought up that all four men were bleeding as the brawl continued. Blood spattered the studio floor as Boyd and Travis fought over the desk. Jarrett then slammed Bigfoot onto the desk and cracked Bigfoot with a chair.

Jarrett went down and Travis went after Bigfoot. Travis slammed Bigfoot on the floor as Jarrett hammered Boyd. The locker room emptied as other wrestlers tried to break up the brawl (including Goto who was in an All-Japan jacket).

Finally the wrestlers got the Sheepherders to the back and held back Jarrett and Travis. The Sheepherders reemerged and the brawl started again. The ring filled up as wrestlers tried to break up the fight.

We came back from the last commercial as Russell and Brown talked about the mess that the studio was in. Brown added that he didn’t think that anything had been settled. With no time for a recap, Russell said goodbye for another week.


Sheepherders vs. Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis

Rock N Roll RPMs vs. the Animals

Paul Diamond vs. Tojo Yamamoto

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto vs. Tracy Smothers/Pat Tanaka

Boy Tony vs. John Paul

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