Brad Childress Extension

I’m going to try and keep this clean. It’s going to be hard for me, but I’m going to try.

First off a question, Has anyone ever done anything less to deserve an extension but still got one?

Here’s a list of the things Chilly had done that have helped the Vikings.

1. Picked up Brett Favre from the airport.

That’s it. He’s a limo driver. That’s it. If we extended him to simply drive people around I would have been fine with that. But why did we extend him to continue coaching the team? He’s never won a playoff game. Ever. Even though he’s had teams that were uber stacked. No one should lose playoff games to Andy Reid. Reid has no coaching sense, he’s a great player’s coach and can get people motivated, but he’s a dolt when it comes to managing a game. And guess who Chilly learned his coaching from? That’s right, before becoming a head coach Chilly was the Offensive Coordinator for the Philly Eagles under Andy Reid. Reid taught Chilly all the ways to be a horrific coach and still somehow not get fired. And that annoys me.

The Vikings are having a great regular season right now, but you don’t extend a coach for having a great regular season, they have to do something in the playoffs before you should be handing out extensions. And if you want to get technical, the Vikings aren’t even having that great of a year. Good record yes, but a good year, no way. Here are the teams they’ve beat, Detroit twice, Green Bay twice, St. Louis, Cleveland, Baltimore, San Francisco. Here’s the list of teams the Vikings have played well enough to beat. Detroit once, Green Bay once, St. Louis, Cleveland. The Vikings could easily and probably should be 4-5 right now. That’s how well they’ve played this year. Luckily for Brad Childress, the NFL gave him a cake walk of a schedule to pad his and Favre’s stats.

They have 6 games left, only 3 of them are anything that should be much of a challenge. Arizona could be a dangerous game because contrary to media hype, we don’t have the greatest coverage. Winfield is more of a safety than a corner, and Griffin has looked ordinary this year. Fitz, Boldin and Breaston should have fun getting open in the secondary. Cincinnati has been playing amazing this year and has plenty of depth of skill. If Benson is healthy by then, this will be a game that shows where the Vikings really are. Sadly, the Bengals are probably the best team the Vikings will play in the regular season. The last game that could be interesting could be the Giants game to end the year. However, with the way the NFC North looks, they’ll already have the division locked up and will be folding for that game, so it might be a giveaway game.

The Vikings have proved nothing to me this year, Childress has proved nothing in the time he’s been in Minnesota. This move confuses the hell out of me.

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