Glee – Episode 1-10 Review

Glee can do no wrong in my eyes. This week’s episode was another great mix of drama and comedy along with stellar performances. Even without Jane Lynch! I seriously don’t know how I am going to survive the holiday hiatus coming up…But onto what happened…

Mr. Schu wants everyone to pair up to work on a ballad. But instead of choosing their own partners, they draw names from a hat. Seeing as Matt (the really good-dancer kid who NEVER talks) is in the hospital, Rachel is left Mr. Schu as a partner. He gets roped into singing “Endless Love” with Rachel and her school-girl crush/infatuation begins. She starts getting creepily close to him and since he has experience with young girls pining after him (Suzy Pepper), he tries to tell her to back off using song. Still, she doesn’t get it.

Finn, on the other hand, is breaking my heart. The poor kid is so worried about his unborn daughter (that isn’t even his), meanwhile he is getting torn apart by Quinn for every little thing he does. He opens up to his ballad partner Kurt after feeling awkward at first having a male partner. Kurt is clearly in love with Finn himself, but tries to give him advice. He tells him to sing to his baby, which he does (to the sonogram). His mom walks in and Finn admits that Quinn is pregnant. I love Finn’s mother’s reaction. So genuine. You can tell she is so hurt and fighting back tears, but nevertheless holds him and tells him everything will be OK. Finn is also worried about eating dinner at Quinn’s house with her parents since they don’t know about the baby, so Kurt tells him to win them over with a song.

Puck is frustrated that the rest of the Glee clubbers are all rallying behind Quinn and Finn while he doesn’t get any sympathy. In a moment of anger, he reveals to Mercedes that he’s the actual father. This is the ONLY moment of the episode I did not like and I thought was strange. Instead of being shocked that Quinn is lying to Finn, she proceeds to tell Puck that he needs to move on and that he owes Quinn that. I’m sorry, but I think that’s a load of bull. I don’t hate Quinn, but her lying makes her unlikeable and let’s face it, she treats Finn like crap most of the time. I know she is scared and in a tough situation, but Puck actually wanted to be in the baby’s life and she told him no. I think Mercedes should have reacted differently. Awkward writing.

Anyway, Quinn and Finn’s dinner at her parent’s house goes sour once Finn breaks into song–(You’re) Having My Baby” to be exact. Not exactly subtle. Of course Quinn’s parents figure out that she’s pregnant and her father is outraged. She is sobbing (I actually cringed a little bit at her mediocre crying) as her father tells her he doesn’t even know who she is anymore. Then he actually kicks her out of the house and  Finn’s mom agrees to let her stay there. While I feel bad that Quinn’s parents aren’t helping her at all, once again I think it’s messed up to put the burden on Finn’s household when you know it’s not even his baby!

As for Terri, she finds out about Rachel’s crush on Will and tries to use it to her advantage but having her help around the house. Will is confused and still clueless about his wife’s fake pregnancy. Later Suzy Pepper (the other Will-obsessed girl) gets it through Rachel’s head that her crush on Will is merely a self-esteem issue. Rachel apologizes and breaks down crying as Will tells her that one day she will meet a guy that likes her and her flaws. I really loved this scene as I thought Lea Michele’s acting was superb (she’s a better cryer).

In the end, the entire group (including Puck) performs “Lean on Me” to Quinn and Finn to show their support. The song was not only great, but it was a great scene. It really rounded out the episode nicely. I’m excited for next week’s episode as Mr. Schu checks out the competition (guest starrring Eve) and Rachel for some reason gets dressed up as Sandy from Grease. Personally, I can’t wait until we see Finn and Will both find out about their non-babies! (That sounds horrible!)

PS. I’d like to apologize for not revisiting much of the comedic moments in my reviews. The show is hilarious and so quick and subtle in its comedic delivery that you can’t do it justice in writing. You just have to watch!

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including Hamptons magazine and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL!.