The 2009 UCB Awards

The United Cardinals Bloggers have announced their yearly Cardinal Awards and here are the nominees and my votes. You’ll note that I’ve left most of the blog votes empty; I really haven’t been reading many blogs since I don’t have the internet on my lunch breaks like I used to. It’s not fair for me to say one is better than another when I haven’t read them all.

So, without further ado…

1. Cardinal Player of the Year
•Matt Holliday
•Albert Pujols
•Brendan Ryan
•Write-in: __________

Albert Pujols – Even with the September “slump”, Albert was the player that held the most weight in the offense. Holliday was a nice addition, but Pujols was carrying the team until he got there. Ryan was a nice surprise, but he had an empty .300 average.

2. Cardinal Pitcher of the Year
•Chris Carpenter
•Ryan Franklin
•Adam Wainwright
•Write-in: __________

Adam Wainwright – Wainwright took a real step forward this year. He’s been a good pitcher, but his league leading 19 wins solidify him as the team ace (well, co-ace). Yes, he didn’t win the Cy Young (which I’ll cover next week); he did lead the team when Carpenter was on the DL. Franklin had a great season, but collapsed at the end.

3. Game of the Year
•July 24 at Phillies
•September 6 at Brewers
•September 26 at Rockies
•Write-in: ____________

September 26 – It was a clinching game for a season that wasn’t supposed to be including the post-season.

4. Surprise Player of the Year
•Ryan Franklin
•Brendan Ryan
•Skip Schumaker
•Write-in: _____________

Brendan Ryan – While I didn’t expect Franklin to succeed like he did, I thought Ryan was a waste of a roster spot. He surprised me with his stellar defense and his great on base ability. I don’t know if he can keep it up, but it was nice seeing it this past season.

5. Disappointing Player of the Year
•Rick Ankiel
•Khalil Greene
•Kyle Lohse
•Write-in: _____________

Khalil Greene – I thought Greene would benefit from the change of scenery, but I was wrong. Not only did he not rebound, but he also struggled with anxiety disorders. While the price wasn’t high, those 2 relievers we gave up would be a welcome addition to the depleted system.

6. Cardinal Rookie of the Year
•Mitchell Boggs
•Blake Hawksworth
•Colby Rasmus
•Write-in: ____________

Blake Hawksworth – While I’m the biggest Rasmus fan, I think Hawksworth had the biggest impact of the rookies. He stabilized the bullpen, finally lived up to his potential, and should have the same impact again in 2010.

7. Off-Season Acquisition of the Year
•Khalil Greene
•Trever Miller
•Dennys Reyes
•Write-in: ____________

Trever Miller – This was a winner by default. He had the best numbers of him and Reyes; Greene I went into on question 5. I don’t really think that any of the off-season acquisitions should be recognized, but since it’s already here I’m answering it.

8. Midseason Acquisition of the Year
•Mark DeRosa
•Matt Holliday
•John Smoltz
•Write-in: _________

Matt Holliday – How can you not vote for Holliday? He put up amazing numbers, pushed the team to one of the best months of baseball in recent memory, and is the top free agent on the market.

9. Most Anticipated Cardinal
•Allen Craig
•Daryl Jones
•Shelby Miller
•Write-in: __________

Allen Craig – As most people who read me know, I have been pimping Craig for quite a while. I thought he should have been called up rather than trading for Mark DeRosa. He’s the best player that is close to being called up. Miller has more up-side, but he is also a few years away.

10. Best Individual Blog*
•Write-in: __________

11. Best Team Blog^
•Write-in: __________

12. Best Media Blog
•Bird Land
•Cardinal Beat
•Obviously, You’re Not a Golfer
•Write-in: __________

Bird Land – Derrick Goold of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch has the best media blog. I like the other writers as well, but Gould gets the readers to know the players as well as reporting the news.

13. Best UCB Project
•Progressive Game Blog
•Top 7 Prospects
•Write-in: ____________

Roundtables – I haven’t done many of the UCB projects, but the Roundtables were the most fun to participate in. I like doing top prospect lists, so that was a close second.

14. Most Optimistic Cardinal Blog
•Write-in: ____________

15. Funniest Cardinal Blog
•Write-in: ____________

16. Rookie Blog of the Year
•The McBrayer-Baseball Blog
•St. Louis Sports Scene
•Write-in: ____________

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