WWE Superstars recap for 11/19/09

Shelton Benjamin vs. Zack Ryder: The challenge for this match was made on ECW this week and so far Zack is 0 for 2 in this rivalry. Benjamin is still not happy about taking that cheap shot from Ryder on Tuesday and shows it early in the match by dominating the action with a series of strikes and suplexes. Shelton sets up for a powerbomb, but Ryder reverses with a back body drop that should have sent Benjamin out of the ring but instead Shelton hangs onto the ropes and skins the cat back into the ring. Ryder then charges and in an ironic twist gets back body dropped outside the ring. Benjamin tries to follow him out but misses a baseball slide and Ryder shoves him into the ring steps before the show takes a commercial break.

When we return to Bayside High, Zack is in control and using the ropes to choke Benjamin. Shelton starts to fight back but runs into a knee lift and that gets Ryder a long two count. Shelton makes another comeback hitting a springboard clothesline out of the corner and follows up with a blinger splash. Rosa then climbs up to the ring apron with her cellphone and after dropping it in the ring, climbs inside to have a chat with Ryder in the corner. Benjamin charges for another splash but when Zack dodges, he catches himself on the ropes before hitting Rosa. Ryder then takes advantage by slamming Shelton off his perch and pins him for the win.

In case you are wondering, yes they do still have weekly “Ask the Divas” segments; I’m just not interested in recapping them. After a moment with Cody and Ted in their locker room and a commercial break, we get a very nice video package for the Mysterio/Batista match at Survivor Series. I wonder if they’ll have Dave injure Rey this Sunday so he can have time off for his knees?

Jimmy Yang Wang vs. Eric Escobar: Sometimes recapping Superstars seems like punishment and as soon as Vickie enters with a microphone this sounds like one of those times. Escobar lays into Wang right at the bell but Jimmy fights back with what Todd calls his “Honky Tonk Fu”. But Escobar takes the match back down to his level quickly and locks on a dragon sleeper. JYW fights back again and is able to nail a top rope crossbody for a two count. Jimmy goes back up top, perhaps for a moonsault but before he can take flight, Eric slides out of the ring near his MILF of the moment. Vickie distracts both Jimmy and ref long enough for her boyfriend to recover and chop Wang down. Both men roll back in the ring and Escobar nails Jimmy with a kick to the face and covers him for the pinfall victory.

Your Superstar video package of the week is for Drew McIntyre who is all about stopping parties. Then we get another look at the MSG highlight reel from this week’s episode of Raw. There was not an additional commercial or advertisement for WGN’s “Superstar of the Week” WrestleMania contest so I guess McIntyre is your guy this week.

Mark Henry vs. Cody Rhodes: Unlike last week, neither Cody nor Mark is joined at ringside by their tag-team partners. After Rhodes dodges around a bit to start the match, Henry invites him to take a free shot. Rhodes takes that invitation but the strike has little effect. Henry lifts him up for a press slam but Cody rakes his eyes to escape the attempt. Rhodes tries for an attack from the top rope but gets caught and slammed by Mark instead. So after eating a clothesline, and feeling even more frustrated, Cody takes a break outside the ring and we take one for commercials as well.

When we return from the commercial break, Rhodes takes a big boot to the face and seems to be faring no better than when we left. Rhodes takes another break outside the ring and is able to get a shot in using the steel steps and tries in vain to get Henry back inside the ring to take advantage. Henry does finally attempt to enter under his own power and Cody hits a chop block to really start his attack. Rhodes continues to work over the leg of Henry with a variety of strikes and holds but is unable to get more than a two count from the onslaught. Henry is able to power out of a hold and begins a big comeback of his own showing only minimal difficulty with his injured leg before nailing the Worlds Strongest Slam for the pinfall victory.

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