10 Thoughts on WWE Superstars – 11/19/09

10. I was under the illusion that Superstars was supposed to be different matches to the “norm”. We saw Zack Ryder vs. Shelton Benjamin last week too. ECW run out of offerings?

9. Umm, the match was won because Rosa has a cell phone at ringside? Wow, just when you think creative is dead.

8. As always, the weekly “ask the divas” comment. Loved Beth Phoenix’s outfit, and her response of her belief in “love at first fight” was amusing. Always good to know useful scripted “facts” about the Divas.

7. So, this is why Legacy were missing in action on Raw this week. Because they were delegated to Superstars. I was wondering where they were during the Orton / Kingston fight.

6. Nice recap package of the Mysterio / Batista feud. No matter what the outcome at Survivor Series is, Batista is going to come out looking like a total crazed animal.

5. The reaction that Vickie Guerrero gets never fails to amuse me. The woman is more “over” with the crowd than some of the actual wrestlers.

4. For a jobber, Jimmy Wang Yang isn’t half bad in his role I suppose. He’s useful to try and assist lower card talent improve their positions in the lineup. Though his gimmick is rather odd. Probably a good thing that he doesn’t appear more often.

3. Don’t get me wrong, Superstars is a good wrestling show. But, all the promo material is actually getting to be excessive. This week a quarter of the show was recap / promo materials. I can see why shameless self promotion is better for the company, but it would be nicer to the fans to have another match in that time somewhere.

2. Mark Henry really needs new ring gear. Honestly, it’s just painful. All that red is not forgiving at all.

1. Cody Rhodes vs. Mark Henry seemed like a rather unfortunate match up from the word go. But you have to hand it to Rhodes for actually giving it a good shot. It never seemed they were on equal footing, but it was interesting to see how Rhodes worked around things. Rhodes is making a very strong name for himself in WWE.

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