10 Thoughts on ROH – 11.23.2009

1. As much as I appreciate Albright’s efforts to show some charisma (i.e., the dancing around) during his matches, the execution simply doesn’t match the effort. It’d behoove him to stick to what he does well – wrestle. Not everyone is meant to be a cut-up, a la Colt Cabana.

2. Speaking of Cabana, having him stop the three-on-one beatdown of Albright by Aries, Titus, and King was a very good move. Not only is it not out of place because of Cabana’s and Albright’s relationship, but it’s a good way to transition Cabana out of the Embassy feud and into something more meaningful.

3. D’Lo tweeting during his squash of Sal Rinauro reminded me of Cocky Movie Star Rock, when he’d stop promos to answer his cell phone and matches to take a drink of water. Only The Rock was . . . what’s the word I’m looking for . . . good? Entertaining?

4. Some may complain that Nigel McGuinness didn’t get a televised, heart-felt, tear-laden farewell promo (hell, I’m still complaining that ROH didn’t air Dragon’s promo last week), but I liked it. McGuinness didn’t break character and went out as the cocky, dastardly heel that he is. Great example of a guy not putting himself above the show.

5. The Super Smash Brothers are entertaining enough as a high-flying tag team, and will be solid hands and provide the occasional fun match, but I don’t see them making a significant impact. They don’t really do anything that other, more established teams in ROH don’t do just as well, if not better (they definitely don’t fly like the Young Bucks, for instance), and ROH is already hard-pressed to find enough time to showcase all of its tag teams as it is.

6. Cornette’s promo this week wasn’t as good as last week’s, as he talked some but didn’t really say anything. Still, I’m looking forward to seeing his live debut in a couple of weeks. I think the interactions between Cornette and Aries could be really good.

7. I don’t know if anybody projects the “complete and utter pricks” aura the way Davey Richards and American Wolves do. I’m not talking psychotic, like Randy Orton, but just . . . a**holes. Like the guys you’d want to punch if you saw at a bar, only you wouldn’t because you know they’d beat the tar out of you. Legacy wishes they could project the same aura as effecitvely (and I like Legacy).

8. Stupid announcer statement of the night: “Now that Danielson is gone, some think Davey Richards might be the best in the world” (paraphrased). Um, guys, nothing against Davey, and I understand the need to put over the guys that are still wrestling for you, but Danielson’s not dead. Wouldn’t a statement that Davey could someday slide into Danielson’s spot have been more effective?

9. I’m sure I’ll be accused of hyperbole, but Wolves vs. Young Bucks was the best non-gimmick, free TV tag-team match I have seen in a long time. I may be able to think of others if I think about it hard enough, but the only one that comes to mind immediately as better is Austin/HHH vs. Benoit/Jericho. The pacing was perfect, with the Bucks jumping all over the Wolves before the Wolves managed to isolate Matt Jackson and slow things down. The finishing sequence was non-stop, balls-to-the-wall action. Most importantly, I bought several of the near-falls . . . and I knew the outcome of the match!

10. The “Little Thing of the Night” award goes to Davey Richards, for giving the Young Bucks a long, respectful look once he made his way to the top of the ramp. I know the Young Bucks are already crazy over with the ROH faithful, but this little touch by Davey made the Bucks look like even bigger stars than their performance in this match would have, in and of itself. Just an awesome main event, in more ways than one.

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