One Year in Memphis – November 22, 1986


Big Bubba over Jerry Lawler by DQ

Hillbilly Elmer over Goliath

Billy Travis/Jeff Jarrett over the Sheepherders

Paul Diamond over Tojo Yamamoto

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto double DQ Rock n Roll RPMs

Ninja over Pat Tanaka

Boy Tony over the Killer by forfeit

Tracy Smothers over Dennis Hall

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Russell brought up the brawl from the week before and then Brown informed us that today we’d be seeing Big Bubba and Goliath in a handicap tag team match, Dennis Hall and Boy Tony would team against Jerry Lawler and the Giant Hillbilly in the main event, and the International Tag Team belts would be defended by Jeff Jarrett and Paul Diamond against Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto. Russell then mentioned that Kenny D and the Killer were back and the Killer would unmask today.

We came back from commercial to see Jarrett, Travis, and Paul Diamond at the interview set. Russell mentioned the brawl and then brought up how Jarrett and Travis had been defeated in the tag team tournament by the Sheepherders. Jarrett said that he felt that he and Travis had earned Jonathan Boyd’s respect. Travis mentioned that he knew that Boyd liked to hurt young guys and they wouldn’t be stopped. Diamond then chimed in about how he still wanted to send Tojo, Sato, and Goto packing.

That brought out Boyd and Bigfoot who bragged about beating 50 teams to win the Southern Tag Team titles. Tojo, Sato, and Goto also stopped by to enjoy the fun. Boyd said that he would gladly beat up Jarrett and Travis any time they wanted a rematch. Tojo took the belt and said Diamond and Jarrett had only won the belts because of Eddie Marlin’s interference.

That took us to the ring for the title match. Jarrett soon left the ring and talked to someone off-camera. We saw it was Billy Travis, coming out to sit in Jarrett and Diamond’s corner to neutralize Tojo. Jarrett and Sato started. Jarrett back dropped Sato, then took him over with a hip toss and locked in an armbar.

Diamond tagged in and slugged away. He rammed Sato into the turnbuckle and in came Goto. Diamond hammered him and threw him into a corner. Goto evened the odds by raking Diamond’s eyes and the two traded blows until Jarrett tagged in. The two whipped Goto across the ring and stopped him with a double back elbow. Jarrett covered for a one and Goto started using head butts.

Jarrett recovered and tagged Diamond in. Diamond put Goto down with a knee lift and covered for a two. Diamond suplexed Goto and got another two. Goto head butted Diamond and the two started trading punches again. Goto sent Diamond into Sato’s boot and Sato tagged in.

Diamond was ready and whipped Sato across the ring, then planted him with a dropkick. Jarrett came in and stopped him with an elbow, then covered as Goto broke up the pin. Sato took the opportunity to gouge Jarrett’s eyes and then tagged Goto in. Goto chopped and head butted Jarrett down. Jarrett slugged back and another eye rake stopped him.

Sato came in and snapmared Jarrett over, then dropped a knee. Diamond tagged in and he started punching away on Sato. Goto came in and we had a four-way brawl. Diamond clotheslined down Sato as Jarrett and Goto brawled. Diamond and Jarrett ran their opponents’ heads together and Jarrett took Goto into the far corner.

Diamond covered and Tojo hit the ring. Travis went after Tojo and that was the Sheepherders’ cue. They grabbed Travis off the apron and beat him outside the ring as Tojo threw salt in Diamond’s eyes. Sato covered and we had new champions at 5:09.

Diamond took Russell’s mic and screamed threats at Tojo before throwing the mic back.

Commercials sent us backstage where Russell was waiting to tell us about Wednesday night’s show at the Evansville Coliseum. Tojo soon joined him. Tojo said that Diamond was stupid if he thought he could win. Tojo promised to make Diamond look like a chicken and then Kabuki would take care of Tanaka.

Downtown Bruno, Big Bubba, and Goliath joined the fun as Russell talked about how Goliath would be defending his title against the Giant Hillbilly. Bruno promised that the Hillbilly wouldn’t take the title away and there was also no way that Lawler could beat Bubba. Russell brought up the stipulation that if Lawler won he’d get five minutes with Bruno and Bubba promised that Bruno was as safe as if he were in his mother’s arms.

We returned to the studio to see the Rock n Roll RPMS on their way out to face David Razor and Keith Erich. Tommy Lane and Keith Erich started. Lane hip tossed Erich down and body slammed him before dropping a fist. Mike Davis came in and dropkicked Erich, then started cranking on his arm.

Lane came back in and hit a dropkick of his own and Davis came back in. David whipped Erich and put him down with a back elbow, then dropped an elbow for a one. Davis hit another kick and Lane came back in. Lane clotheslined Erich down and got a two. Davis came back and the RPMs hit a double back elbow and in came Razor.

Davis hit an elbow and the RPMs back dropped Razor down. Davis kept Erich out of the way and Lane covered for the win at 1:58.

The RPMs joined Russell for a word. Russell mentioned that they were from Atlanta and Davis said that the toughest were in Memphis. Lane then said that the RPMs weren’t afraid of any of the teams in the territory. Russell mentioned the title match earlier and Davis talked about how they had been cheated by Sato and Goto in a tournament for $50,000 in Japan. Davis also mentioned that the RPMs had promised revenge and out came Sato, Goto, and Tojo.

Goto and Sato shoved the RPMs and all four men hit the ring and started brawling as Tojo watched from the outside. Sato and Goto wasted no time in retreating when they lost the advantage. Sato and Goto teased reentering the ring before they followed Tojo to the back.

Davis and Lane returned to commentary and Davis promised that they’d keep going after Sato and Goto whenever they saw them.

We then came back from commercials to hear more from Russell about the Evansville show.

We returned to the studio to see Russell at the interview set where he was joined by Bubba, Goliath, and Bruno. Bubba promised to win the Southern belt and add it to his collection. Bubba promised that he’d defeat Lawler and keep Bruno from having to be in the ring with Lawler alone. Bubba also promised to not only win the belt, but he’d also embarrass Lawler. Bubba said that he knew that a wrestler could only have one belt (which Bubba claimed Lawler had only had added to the rulebook to save his title), but they had lawyers working to allow him to keep all of his belts.

Bruno added that now Bubba was an honorary Pittsburgh citizen. He also said that he wasn’t afraid of Lawler. He then said that a “woman” he’d used to “represent” in Pittsburgh had written him that her new representative would beat her. She asked Bruno to get Lawler to “represent” her since he wouldn’t beat anybody.

Bruno then said that Goliath would take care of the “Hill-Belly” since the Hillbilly was nothing but fat. Russell pointed out that this was the first time that Goliath faced anybody bigger than he was. Bruno blew him off and then Goliath and Bubba headed to the ring to face Jim Jameson, Benny Traylor, David Johnson, and Jerry Garmon. Brown advised that Bubba or Goliath would be facing any two of their opponents at the same time for the entire match.

Bubba started against Garmon and Traylor. Bubba took both men down quickly and then slammed Garmon, then Traylor. Bubba then slammed Garmon again and rammed both men’s heads together. Bubba chopped Garmon and clubbed down Traylor. Bubba advanced toward Garmon in a corner and Traylor pulled Bubba’s arms behind his back. Bubba shrugged him off and chopped away on Garmon.

Bubba continued to easily manhandle both opponents and cracked their heads together again. Bubba picked them up and dropkicked them both.

Goliath tagged in and so did Jameson and Johnson. Goliath easily kept both men down, then pitched Jameson out of the ring (where Bruno got in a few stomps). Goliath slammed Johnson and splashed him, then covered and picked him up at 2.

Bubba came back in and slammed Johnson, then splashed him and covered for the win at 2:34.

Russell then headed to the interview set for a word with Lawler and the Hillbilly (now known as Hillbilly Elmer). Lawler called Bruno a little worm and then told him if he had any brains he’d get back to Pittsburgh before he got hurt. Lawler promised that when he finished Bruno wouldn’t be able to talk for a long time.

Lawler then moved on Bubba. He talked about defeating Bubba and said that he wasn’t going to be winning the Southern title. Lawler also mentioned that he didn’t care what he had to do to keep the title. He then reminded Bruno that he’d have him for five minutes after the match.

Russell then moved on to Elmer. Elmer said he wasn’t worried at all and said that the belt was his. Elmer closed by saying that Goliath fell in the Bible and he’d fall again.

We came back to see Tony Parks and David Haskins in the ring as the Sheepherders headed to commentary for a word. Boyd said he wanted to congratulate Sato and Goto for winning the titles. He said that they’d taken the Sheepherders out for a night on the town after they’d won the tournament and the New Zealanders would return the favor after destroying their opponents today.

Boyd then said that he’d demonstrate what he’d do to Boyd and Jarrett and started slamming the title belt into his own face. The Sheepherders rushed the ring and Boyd started against Parks. Boyd began hammering Parks and head butted him down. The bloody Boyd hit a back elbow and tagged in Bigfoot.

Bigfoot got in a shot and hammered Parks on the mat. Bigfoot hit a back elbow of his own and slammed Parks. Bigfoot dropped a leg and brought Boyd back in.

Boyd clubbed away and Parks managed to tag in Haskins. Haskins started unloading and Boyd absorbed all of the blows before starting to punch back. Boyd head butted Haskins in the gut and brought in Bigfoot who dropkicked Haskins and tagged Boyd back in.

Bigfoot whipped Haskins and used Boyd as a battering ram for the win at 2:03. Boyd went back to commentary and claimed the belts as he told Russell that this is what champions looked like.

We headed backstage one more time to hear more from Russell about the show in Evansville. Paul Diamond joined Russell and said he felt like he’d won the lottery since he got to face Tojo one-on-one. Diamond promised that not only would he beat Tojo, but then he’d get to tar and feather him.

Jeff Jarrett then came in to talk about his title match against the Sheepherders. Jarrett promised a fight but he knew that he and Travis could win those belts.

Lawler then came in with a smile on his face at the thought of getting his hands on Bruno. He promised that he’d hit Bruno so hard they’d catch him downtown. Lawler added that there was no way that Bubba could beat him and promised to light Bubba up like a Roman candle.

We then returned to the studio to see Dennis Hall and Boy Tony face Jerry Lawler and Hillbilly Elmer. Hall and Dolly Parker stepped into the ring to show off for the fans as Tony joined them and started throwing soap into the crowd. Russell then mentioned that Kenny D and the Killer hadn’t shown up.

Elmer headed to commentary to point out that there were two girls in the ring and Jerry Calhoun started trying to get the match started. Dennis Hall started against Lawler. The two locked up and Lawler and Hall rolled along the ropes before the ref broke it.

They locked up again and Hall got Lawler into his corner. Boy Tony grabbed Lawler. Hall threw a punch that Lawler dodged but Tony didn’t. The two locked up again and Hall started working on Lawler’s arm. Lawler punched Hall to break it as the ref caught Hall pulling Lawler’s tights.

Lawler got a top wristlock and Boy Tony tagged in. Tony (in new fluorescent pink tights) got a side headlock on Lawler. Lawler escaped and whipped Tony across the ring at Elmer. Tony put on the brakes and Lawler popped him.

Elmer tagged in and he took Tony down with two snap mares, then clubbed Hall down. Elmer dropped a leg on Tony and rammed Tony’s head into his stomach.

Hall tagged back in and the two locked up. Elmer splashed Hall in the corner and sent him across the ring. Lawler tagged in and snapmared Hall down before peppering him with punches. The two locked up and Hall got the advantage. Tony got a free shot and Hall sent Lawler into the turnbuckle before continuing to throw forearms.

Hall choked Lawler and then Tony took advantage of the opportunity. Hall took Lawler down, stomped him, and locked in a facelock. Lawler fought free and dropped the strap. Lawler punched Hall and Elmer grabbed Boy Tony.

Hall held Lawler and Dolly Parker took a swing with her purse. Lawler ducked and Hall went down for the three at 5:23. After the match Dolly came into the ring and berated referee Jerry Calhoun before slapping him. She slapped Lawler and Hall held Lawler for her while Boy Tony occupied Tony. Lawler escaped and nearly punched Dolly before she and Tony could bail out of the ring.

We came back for Brown to give a quick rundown on the day’s events. Russell quickly said goodbye and that was it for another week.


Southern Heavyweight title
If Lawler wins, he gets five minutes alone with Downtown Bruno
Jerry Lawler © vs. Big Bubba

Southern Tag Team titles
Sheepherders © vs. Billy Travis/Jeff Jarrett

Super Heavyweight title
Goliath © vs. Hillbilly Elmer

Great Kabuki vs. Pat Tanaka

International Tag Team titles
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto © vs. Rock n Roll RPMs

Tar and Feather match
Tojo Yamamoto vs. Paul Diamond

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