Glee – Episode 1-11 Review

This week’s episode of Glee just gave me more anticipation for the next. As we get closer to the end of part 1 of season 1 (the second half wont be back til April!), we get closer to the big reveals. In this episode, we saw a lot of performances–some touching and some just plain crazy.

Sue is after the Glee club’s set list for sectionals and Will is suspicious. He is convinced she is leaking the songs to their competitors, the School for the Deaf and Jane Addams School for delinquent teen girls. So at the advice of Emma, Will goes to talk to the directors of both schools. Guest Star Eve plays the Jane Addams Glee club director and tells Will she doesn’t need to cheat to win considering they are already at a disadvantage with no formal auditorium. Will invites them to use their auditorium to even out the playing field.

The girls sing a sultry and wild version of “Bootylicious” and wow the McKinley Gleeks. Rachel assures Will that it’s all in the “hairogrpahy” and they are merely mediocre. Still worried, Will gets some wigs for the guys and has them sing a mashup of “Hair” and “Crazy in Love,” which was probably the most horrific performance to date. I just didn’t like the mashup of songs at all and the dancing left a lot to be desired. Luckily, the moment was saved when the deaf choir got up to sing and sign their version of Lennon’s “Imagine.” I was worried when I heard this song was going to be used because it is my all-time favorite song and a very hard song to cover. But, I was proven wrong. It was touching to see Mercedes start singing along with the other choir as her fellow Glee clubbers joined in. Seriously, I teared a bit. Don’t judge.

Quinn is under pressure with the pregnancy lies looming and Terri constantly on her back about the baby. Quinn realizes that maybe she does want to keep her baby, but she just doesn’t want to keep it with Finn. She wants to give Puck a chance and asks him to help babysit Terri’s sister’s kids. But since she will be spending time with Puck, she needs someone to distract Finn. Quinn enlists Kurt to give Rachel a makeover to act as the distraction (although her motives are masked as concerns for Glee as a whole). Kurt has motives of his own as he convinces Rachel she needs to dress like a sexy whore to impress Finn. Cut to her singing “You’re the One that I Want” in full-out Sandy gear. Finn looks completely uncomfortable and tells her that she looks like a “sad clown hooker.” After he throws the insults, he assures her that he does like her and the way she ususally dresses (which in Kurt’s words is a cross between an old woman and a toddler—so true).

Quinn and Finn actually have a good time with the kids. They calm them down with a song, the appropriate “Papa Don’t Preach.” Puck admires Quinn as she sings and dances for the kids. Meanwhile, Terri and her sister are amazed how well they did. Puck tells Quinn that they proved that they can do this together and Quinn seems hopeful. That is, until Santana confronts Quinn and tells her to “back off her man” in a really obnoxious (and may I say poorly acted) scene. She and Puck aren’t even together anymore, but apparently Puck lied about texting Mike while babysitting. In reality, he was “sexting” with Santana the whole night. Quinn walks away hurt and right into the arms of Finn. “Can we be in love again?” she asks. Rachel and Kurt look on in sadness.

Terri is also under pressure as the fake baby bump gets harder and harder to hide from Will and Quinn has doubts. She buys him an old car to fix up to distract him. Unfortunately for her, he’s a nice guy and trades it in for a mini-van for the whole “family.” But she gets lucky when Quinn decides to really give Terri the baby after finding out about Puck’s “relations” with Santana.

The ending number was a simple and powerful performance of “True Colors” with Tina on lead vocals. Definitely a good ending to an entertaining episode. Tune in next week! Apparently the lies start to unravel! Finally…

Sharon Tharp is a freelance writer who has contributed to a variety of publications including Hamptons magazine and the Web sites of both Marie Claire and CosmoGIRL!.

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