One Year in Memphis – November 29, 1986


Jerry Lawler over Big Bubba

Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto double DQ Rock N Roll RPMs

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis over the Sheepherders

Paul Diamond over the Great Kabuki by DQ

Hillbilly Elmer over Goliath

Tracy Smothers over Big Lou Winston

Pat Tanaka over the Ninja

Boy Tony over John Paul

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown let us know that today we’d be seeing Pat Tanaka face the Great Kabuki, the Sheepherders would be here, Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis, Tracy Smothers, and Paul Diamond would be in an eight-man match, Big Bubba and Goliath would tag, the Rock n Roll RPMs would compete, and so would Big Lou Winston of the Memphis Vice. Russell added that we’d also see Downtown Bruno, Akio Sato, Tarzan Goto, and Tojo Yamamoto. Russell then mentioned that Tojo had lost his match against Diamond before we headed to commercial.

We came back to see the Sheepherders ready to face Jerry Garmon and Benny Traylor. Boyd and Bigfoot saluted the New Zealand flag and the match was on. Boyd went after Traylor and began hammering him. Boyd put him down with a back elbow and brought in Bigfoot. Bigfoot kicked and threw forearms before slamming Traylor. Bigfoor dropped a leg and then stopped him with a flying shoulder block.

Boyd tagged back in and head butted Traylor. Garmon tagged in and Boyd attacked him. Boyd rammed him with his head and brought Bigfoot back in. Bigfoot hit a dropkick and brought Boyd in. Bigfoot and Boyd hit the battering ram and that was all it took at 1:43.

Boyd headed to commentary for a word with Russell. Boyd expressed his disgust that they had lost the tag team titles. Boyd decided that Eddie Marlin, Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett, Billy Travis, and Frank Morrell had set them up. Boyd was explaining his side as Eddie Marlin came in. Marlin said that they’d lost the match fairly, which enraged Boyd. Boyd again accused Marlin of protecting Jeff Jarrett. Marlin reminded Boyd of the attack on Jarrett on his first week in the ring. Marlin also said that he’d wanted to fire the attackers but Jerry Jarrett and Jerry Lawler convinced him not to. Boyd got Marlin to admit that Jerry Jarrett owned part of the company and he was Jeff’s grandfather. He then got Marlin to admit that Frank Morrell and Billy Travis were friends who rode to the shows together. Marlin again said that Jeff and Travis had won the belts. Boyd admitted that Marlin was the boss. Boyd brought up that Marlin had taken the $5.000 back that they’d taken from Lawler and they’d also paid $1,400 to cover damages to the studio during a brawl. Boyd accused Marlin, Morrell, Jerry Jarrett, Jeff Jarrett, and Billy Travis of conspiring to take the belts from them. Boyd then promised that he’d destroy Jeff when he got the opportunity. At Boyd’s urging Marlin said that he wasn’t protecting Jeff. Boyd then demanded a rematch and made the stipulation that the loser of the fall would leave the area for one year. Boyd also said that they’d be targeting Jeff. Marlin refused the stipulation. Out came Jeff and Travis. Jeff again denied that they were being protected and Jeff agreed to the stipulation which made Marlin visibly nervous. Boyd crowed about the stipulation as Russell returned to commentary.

We headed to the ring where Jeff, Travis, Tracy Smothers, and Paul Diamond were set to face Dennis Hall, Boy Tony, and he Headhunters.

Boy Tony started off against Jeff Jarrett. Jarrett hit an arm drag and in came Dennis Hall. Jarrett worked on his arm and brought Billy Travis in. Travis brought Smothers in and Hall threw Tracy into the corner, Tracy hit a monkey flip and a dropkick before tagging in Paul Diamond. The two hit a double backdrop and Hall escaped a pin.

Roberson and Diamond battled a moment and Tony came in. Tracy came in and started working Tony’s arm. Tony tagged Mike James in and Smothers worked his arm before bringing Jeff in. Jeff put him down with a dropkick and covered for the win at 2:16.

After a quick commercial, we headed backstage to hear word from Russell about Wednesday night’s show. He was joined by Tojo and the Ninja. Tojo promised that Diamond would pay for humiliating him. He also promised that Tanaka would be bald and Sato and Goto would keep the belts.

Downtown Bruno and the masked Big Bubba joined Russell. Bruno, who was wearing a bandage on his cheek, said that maybe Jerry Lawler would be getting burned this week. Russell asked Bubba about the mask. Bubba ignored him and said that he would defeat Lawler.

When we came back the unmasked Bubba and Goliath were set to face Robert Bryant and Keith Erich. Robert started and Goliath easily muscled him down before nailing him with a clothesline. Goliath slammed him and dropped a leg on him. Goliath slammed Robert and brought Bubba in. Erich tagged in as well and Bubba began chopping away. Bubba took him down with a clothesline and then slammed him. Bubba hit another clothesline and splashed him for the win at 1:32.

Russell headed to the interview set for a word with new Super Heavyweight champion Hillbilly Elmer. Elmer promised Goliath a rematch but told Russell that he wasn’t going to lose the title. Elmer mentioned that Eddie Marlin was getting calls for title matches and Elmer agreed to face anyone. Russell closed the segment by mentioning that all challengers needed to be over 300 pounds.

We came back from commercial to hear more about the Evansville show.

We headed back to the studio where Russell was joined by the Rock n Roll RPMs at the interview set. Davis said that the RPMs were the longest running team called Rock n Roll anything. Davis gave credit to Ricky Morton and Robert Gibson, but said they‘d been together longer. Russell mentioned the Fabulous Ones and Davis gave them credit before saying that the RPMs were here to stay. Davis then addressed Sato and Goto. Davis said they were willing to fight them whenever they got the opportunity. Lane agreed and they headed to the ring.

Jim Jameson and Mike Murphy were already waiting. Davis and Jameson started. Jameson went down and Lane tagged in. Lane slammed him and brought Davis back. The two hit a stereo kick to the gut and then Davis suplexed him down. Lane tagged in and took Jameson down with a headlock.

Murphy tagged in and tied up with Lane. Lane started working the arm and brought Davis back. Davis kept on the arm and brought Lane back. Lane dropped a leg on the arm and went back to the armbar. Davis tagged in again and started wringing the arm.

Jameson came back in and Davis traded with Lane. The two hit a double backbreaker and Lane covered for the win at 2:09.

Russell introduced Tojo at the interview set by bringing up Diamond’s win in the tar and feather match. Tojo was joined by the Ninja. Tojo swung the kendo stick at Russell and he revealed that he’d brought back Kabuki for a favor – destroy Paul Diamond. We saw footage of Kabuki twirling nun chucks as Tojo told Russell that Kabuki would put Diamond out of wrestling. Tojo called Kabuki the greatest wrestler in the world before changing gears. Tojo put over the Ninja’s training and then said that Tanaka would get his head shaved bald like Tojo’s, but Tanaka would be much uglier. Russell declared the interview over and we headed to the ring.

Tanaka raced to the ring and attacked Kabuki. Tanaka chopped Kabuki and took a side kick from him as Kabuki blew green mist onto his hands. Kabuki kicked Tanaka down and then chopped him in the throat. Tanaka got up and a side kick put him back down. Kabuki then started biting Tanaka. Kabuki sent Tanaka into the corner and hit a spinning side kick to plant Tanaka. Kabuki locked on a nerve hold and Tanaka fought to try and escape. Tanaka regained his feet and punched Kabuki in the stomach to escape. Kabuki chopped Tanaka’s shoulders and hit another chop to the throat before side kicking him into the cover. Another kick planted Tanaka and Kabuki got in a quick choke. Tanaka fought free and hit a kick of his own to stagger Kabuki. Tanaka hit a cross body to put Kabuki down and headed to the second rope. As Tanaka dove onto Kabuki, Kabuki sprayed green mist into Tanaka’s eyes for the DQ. Tojo pulled Kabuki back as referee Jerry Calhoun checked on Tanaka.

We came back from commercial to hear from Russell one more time. He was joined by Pat Tanaka. Tanaka said that Tojo may cheat but it would take more than the salt to beat him this time. Russell gave a rundown of the rest of the card and went to a video of Lawler.

Lawler said that he was the one to set up the two out of three falls – not Bubba. Lawler promised to win the match in two straight falls and he also promised to unmask Bubba.

We headed back to the studio to find Russell and Paul Diamond at the interview set. Diamond mentioned that Kabuki had put a lot of guys out and this just proved that Tojo wouldn’t stop to get revenge on him. Diamond said that he’d been out of wrestling for six weeks and he would survive Kabuki as well.

We then headed to the ring where Sato and Goto were set to face John Paul and Tony Parks in the main event. Paul and Goto started. Goto started working Paul’s arm before hitting his signature head butt. Goto hammered Paul in the corner and gained the advantage with a back body drop. Parks came in and took a head butt to stop his momentum. Goto threw Parks through the ropes and Tojo got in a shot or two with his kendo stick.

Goto stomped him and tagged Sato in. Parks fought back and finally slammed Sato, then landed an elbow drop. Paul tagged in and got Sato in a headlock. Paul took a shot at Goto and returned to the headlock. Sato escaped and caught him with a boot before tagging Goto back in.

Goto took a dropkick from Paul that earned a one count. Paul back dropped Goto and went back to the headlock before bringing Parks back in. Goto escaped with a backbreaker and tagged in Sato.

Sato started choking Parks repeatedly, breaking right before he was disqualified. Goto came in and battled Paul. Paul threw a few punches and Sato came in from behind. Sato rammed Paul into the corner and then hit a top rope knee drop. Sato kept Parks at bay while the ref made the three count.

We returned to a second fall. Paul and Goto started as Paul returned to a headlock. Goto put him down with a back elbow and stomped him before dropping an elbow. Paul fought back with right hands and back dropped Goto. Paul covered for a one count and went to an arm wringer.

Parks came in and dropped an axe handle on his arm only for Goto to regain the advantage and tag in Sato. Sato went after Park’s eyes, again only stopping before the DQ. Sato rammed Parks’s head into Goto’s and Goto came back in. Goto started biting and put Parks back down. Goto also went after Parks’s eyes before Parks tried to fight back again. Goto hit a head butt and chopped Parks down. Goto covered for a two. Goto kept chopping and took a right hand to the stomach.

Sato came back in and popped Parks in the face. Sato prevented a tag and went back to his eyes. Parks dodged a charge from Sato and brought Paul in. Paul back dropped Sato and caught Goto coming in as well. All four men began brawling as Calhoun tried to restore order. Paul took Goto down and covered him only for Tojo to start wearing him out with the kendo stick. Calhoun caught him and DQ’d the international champions.

Paul Diamond hit the ring and Tojo, Sato, and Goto cleared out. Sato threw in a chair that Diamond caught. Tojo threatened Diamond and the three of them headed to the back.

We returned to commentary where Brown gave us a quick recap of the day’s events. Russell complimented Paul and Parks on their draw with Sato and Goto before saying goodbye for another week.


Southern Tag Team titles
Loser of the fall must leave the area for one year
Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis © vs. the Sheepherders

Southern Heavyweight title
Two out of Three Falls
Jerry Lawler © vs. Big Bubba

Paul Diamond vs. the Great Kabuki

International Tag Team titles
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto © vs. Rock n Roll RPMs

Hair vs. Mask
Pat Tanaka vs. the Ninja

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