Agent W Taking Over For Agent K In Next MIB Sequel?

A second Men In Black sequel is on the horizon and we already know that Will Smith is all set to reprise his role as Agent J, but it isn’t exactly certain if Tommy Lee Jones will come back as Agent K.

Jones is said to be on the fence so far as to whether he will come back for the role in a script that has been written Etan Cohen (Tropic Thunder). Barry Sonnenfeld is rumored to be heading back to direct as well.

If Jones does not return then there are a few rumors as to the direction the film could take. One would be a new actor stepping in to take over the role of Agent K, but playing him at a younger age. Not entirely sure how that will work but ok.

The second scenario has Agent K retiring and Agent J (Smith) needing a new partner which seems more logical. This new actor would end up being Josh Brolin (The Goonies, W). Hell, we could even see all three actors in Men In Black 3 under a totally different storyline. Who knows?

All I can say is that I truly enjoyed the first two films in the franchise and hope this one will continue the alien awesomeness. No word on a release date yet but filming is slated to start in early 2010.

Credit: LA Times

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