One Year in Memphis – December 6, 1986


Jeff Jarrett over Jonathan Boyd

Big Bubba over Jerry Lawler

Great Kabuki/Tojo Yamamoto over Paul Diamond/Pat Tanaka by DQ

Rock N Roll RPMs over Memphis Vice

Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis double DQ Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto

Tony Burton over John Paul

Boy Tony/Goliath over Tracy Smothers/David Haskins

Lance Russell and Dave Brown welcomed us to the show. Brown let us know that today we’d be seeing Big Bubba and Goliath in a 4 on 2 handicap match to start the show. We’d also see Akio Sato and Tarzan Goto with Tojo Yamamoto, the Rock n Roll RPMs, and Jerry Lawler, Jeff Jarrett, and Billy Travis would team to face Boy Tony and the Memphis Vice in the main event. Russell added that the Great Kabuki would also be in action today.

We came back to find Russell at the interview set. He was soon joined by the mask-wearing Big Bubba and Downtown Bruno. Russell poked fun at the mask, which infuriated Bubba. Lance then introduced a tape from the Mid-South Coliseum. Lawler blasted Bubba with a chair and covered to win the match. Following the win Lawler was handed electric clippers. Lawler pulled the unconscious Bubba up and started shaving his head. Finally Bubba woke up from the chair shot and realized he was now bald. Bubba threw a chair and we headed back to the studio.

Bubba was understandably upset as he pointed out that he’d beaten Lawler earlier in the match. Bruno chimed in and said that Bubba had won until Eddie Marlin restarted the match. Bruno added that Lawler’d only won because he hit Bubba with a chair. Russell pointed out that Bubba had used a mysterious rag that he’d gotten from Bruno.

Bruno and Bubba cried foul a little longer until Bruno promised that Lawler would soon be losing his hair.

Goliath joined Bubba as they headed to the ring to face Robert Bryant, Ed Mattox, Jim Jameson, and Mike Murphy. Goliath started against Bryant and Jameson. Goliath quickly muscled both men down. He dropped Jameson with a clothesline and then slammed both opponents. Bryant went for a tag and got slammed for his trouble.

Bubba came in and took down Mattox and Murphy, then slammed both opponents time after time. Goliath came back in and slammed them again, then pitched Mattox out of the ring. He slammed Murphy again and splashed him. Goliath tagged in Bubba, who splashed him again and covered for the win at 1:34.

We came back from commercial to find Russell backstage to talk about the Wednesday night show. Russell started off by promising unforgettable coming up momentarily in the studio. Bruno, Goliath, and Bubba joined Russell. Bubba talked about how Eddie Marlin was Lawler’s buddy, then promised that Bubba would destroy Lawler. Bubba added that he was only wearing the mask because of Marlin, then said it wouldn‘t take long for Marlin to throw in Lawler‘s towel.

We returned to the studio to Jonathan Boyd on his way over to commentary. Russell informed the fans that Bigfoot had lost the loser leave town match and was gone. Two stagehands brought out a box covered with the New Zealand flag.

Russell teased Boyd and Boyd said that he had lots of cousins, including his Cousin Luke. He admitted that they hadn’t been able to send Jeff Jarrett packing. Boyd then explained the New Zealand Death Box match – the box would be placed in the center of the ring. To win the match, one wrestler had to put his opponent inside and close the lid. Boyd gloated that Jarrett had agreed verbally to the match before calling Jarrett out to sign the contract.

That brought Jarrett out, who said that he’d already agreed to the match. Jarrett agreed he’d sign if Boyd would explain the match again. Boyd ran down the match again and Jarrett signed the contract. Russell confirmed that Jarrett had signed the contract. Boyd then asked if Jarrett read the contract and Jarrett said he’d signed it. Boyd pulled the flag off the box and opened it to reveal that the box contained a python. Russell and Brown ran for the hills as Boyd draped the snake on Jarrett. Jeff got free and ran as Boyd showed off the snake by laying it on the commentary table. That brought Eddie Marlin out. Marlin protested the inclusion of the snake and Boyd simply told him that Jeff had signed it already. Boyd kept egging Marlin on by telling Marlin that he couldn’t protect Jeff any more.

Stagehands took out the box as Sato and Goto made their way out to face Jerry Garmon and Benny Traylor. Goto started off against Traylor. Goto pounded down Traylor and hit a head butt before pitching him out of the ring. Sato got in a couple of cheap shots and sent him back into the ring. Goto chopped Traylor down and tagged in Sato.

Traylor fought back and put Sato down with a back elbow before tagging Garmon in. Garmon hit another back elbow and started working Sato’s arm. Sato escaped and put Garmon down with a chop and a knee to the gut.

Goto came back in and hit another head butt before slamming Garmon down and dropping an elbow. Traylor tagged back in and Goto attacked him as well. Goto chopped Traylor down and brought Sato back in.

Sato hit a chop from the second rope and stomped Traylor. Sato slammed him and brought Goto back in.

Goto hit a diving head butt and then kicked Traylor down. Goto kept throwing chops until he brought in Sato.

Sato went after Traylor’s eyes and followed with a choke. Sato hit a double palm strike and all four men started brawling. Garmon took down Goto and left the ring. The ref sent Goto out as Sato hit a suplex that earned the win at 3:54.

We came back from commercial to hear more about Wednesday night.

We returned to the studio to see the Great Kabuki and Tony Burton set to face Pat Tanaka and Paul Diamond. Brown advised that Burton was formerly known as the Ninja before he was unmasked.

Burton and Diamond started off as they tied up. Meanwhile, Tojo was at commentary while Burton and Diamond traded arm wringers. Tojo continued to verbally assault Diamond as Diamond took Burton down with a clothesline. Burton went down with a dropkick and tagged in Kabuki.

Diamond slugged away on Kabuki and tagged in Tanaka. The two countered move after move until Tanaka landed a back kick. Tanaka ran the ropes and Kabuki put him down with a super kick. Kabuki whipped Tanaka again and locked in a sleeper hold. Tanaka’s arm dropped once and he began fighting back to his feet. Tanaka hit an elbow to the gut to escape and Kabuki kicked him down.

Kabuki sent Tanaka into the corner and let Burton choke him before continuing to chop Tanaka. Kabuki locked in another sleeper and Tanaka fought free again. Burton tagged in and started punching away. Burton put Tanaka down with a back elbow and covered for a two.

Kabuki tagged in and threw strikes to Tanaka’s throat. Tanaka started throwing punches and Kabuki raked his eyes. Tanaka chopped Kabuki down and tagged in Diamond, who started punching away. Diamond hit a back drop and followed up with an uppercut. Burton slipped into the ring and attacked Diamond from behind which brought in Tanaka. Tojo then attacked Diamond while Sato and Goto attacked Tanaka. Burton and Kabuki then held Diamond still while Tojo poured corn syrup on Diamond and threw feathers onto him before Tojo and his allies cleared out.

Diamond told Tojo that he’d better finish him off because he was just going to keep coming and coming before he stormed out of the studio.

We came back from commercial for Russell to introduce a video featuring Stan Lane and Steve Keirn, the Fabulous Ones. As “The Boys are back in Town” played, we saw the Fabs battling foes like Jerry Blackwell and the Road Warriors. We also got clips of them doing the Fargo strut with Jackie Fargo. Footage was also included of fans swarming them as they tried to enter the studio.

We returned to the studio to see Russell at the interview set where he was soon joined by the Rock N Roll RPMs. Tommy Lane demanded to know why they were showing videos of two “idiots” like the Fabs. Davis then took credit for inspiring the Fabs, despite the fact that Russell said he’d found that they weren’t the first Rock N Roll team. Tracy Smothers then came out to tell the RPMs that he was trained by the Fabs and they didn’t need to copy anybody. Smothers told them that Jackie Fargo had started the Fabs and the RPMs didn’t hold a candle to them. Davis told Smothers that they had a message for the Fabs and they attacked Smothers. The RPMs took Smothers into the ring and started taking him apart. Lane slammed him and dropped a fist before Davis did the same. Tanaka, Jameson, Murphy, and Bryant soon came out to save Smothers. Lane and Davis headed to commentary and claimed they were the originals and headed to the back.

We came back to hear from Russell about Evansville one more time. Jerry Lawler and Eddie Marlin joined Russell to talk about the towel match. Lawler explained what had happened in the hair vs. hair match – Bruno had passed Bubba a chloroformed rag to Bubba which had enabled them to pin Lawler. Marlin saw it and demanded that the match restart. Lawler took advantage of the no DQ rules and clocked Bubba with a chair. Marlin promised he wouldn’t throw in the towel and Lawler promised that Bruno would have no choice but to throw in the towel.

We headed back to the studio to see Lawler, Jarrett, and Travis set to face Boy Tony and the Memphis Vice. Tony threw some soap into the crowd before climbing onto the apron and the fans threw it back.

Bryant and Travis started. The two locked up and Bryant got a headlock. Jarrett came in and hit a dropkick on Bryant, which prompted Bryant to tag in Lou Winston. Jarrett tagged in and Winston got a headlock. Winston got whipped and stopped before Travis could punch him only to eat a dropkick from Jarrett.

Lou took a moment on the outside to regroup and he went back to the headlock. Tony tagged in and got a headlock of his own, only for Jarrett to escape it and take him down into an armbar. Tony whipped Jarrett and went down to a shoulder block. A punch put Tony down again and he backed away for a moment.

Jarrett went into the corner and Tony swung at him and popped Bryant. The three of them argued as Jarrett tagged in Lawler. They locked up and Lawler got a headlock. Bryant dropped down and Lawler did the same.

Tony backed away and the two locked up again. Tony started working Lawler’s arm and a punch sent Tony flying.

Tony tagged in Bryant. They locked up and Bryant backed Lawler into his corner. Lou held Lawler and Bryant charged. Lawler dodged a cross body and the Memphis Vice fell to the studio floor. Bryant came back in and made a tag to Lou.

Lou started punching away on Lawler in the corner. Winston whipped Lawler and the King dropped Lou with a clothesline before tagging Travis in. Travis hit a back elbow for a one count and tagged in Jarrett. The two double-teamed and hit stereo back elbows to put Lou down. Jarrett started working his arm but Winston back Jarrett into his corner so the Vice could double team. Tony tagged back in and Jarrett punched away before tagging Travis back in. Jarrett hit a clothesline and Travis covered for a one. Travis slammed Tony and dropped an elbow for a one count.

Lawler tagged in and punched Tony down. Lawler flattened Tony with a dropkick but Lou broke up the pin. Lawler backed Tony into the corner and started hammering him with punches. Goliath, Bubba, and Bruno hit the ring and Bubba attacked Lawler. Bryant and Winston, irate that Bruno’s men had cost them another match, began fighting back against Goliath and Bubba before also attacking Boy Tony. The crowd went wild as Lawler and the Vice pulled Bubba’s mask off. We headed to commercial as Bryant and Winston shook Lawler’s hand.

We came back from the last commercial to see video of Boyd putting his python on Jarrett. Russell put over the death box match and said goodbye for another week.


New Zealand Death Box match
Jonathan Boyd vs. Jeff Jarrett

Throw in the Towel match
Southern Heavyweight title
Jerry Lawler © (with Eddie Marlin) vs. Big Bubba (with Downtown Bruno)

Title vs. Title
Akio Sato/Tarzan Goto vs. Jeff Jarrett/Billy Travis

Tag Team Elimination match
Pat Tanaka/Paul Diamond vs. Tojo Yamamoto/The Great Kabuki

Boy Tony/Goliath vs. Tracy Smothers/John Paul

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